Sunday, November 29

A Pleasant Weekend

On Saturday, the boys came over about noon to stay the weekend. We put up the Christmas village, played Uno, chess and video games and then after dinner, we watched Santa Buddies. They liked it well enough but hubby and I found that it was pretty much a repeat of all the other Christmas movies that have come out in recent years. However, the puppies give it a nice touch and it is a nice family movie. You know, no cussing, no sex and of course, good wins out over evil.

In other news, the roof is leaking and it is coming through the ceiling. Grrr! Just what we didn't need. That particular spot in the roof has been a sore spot for years. We get it repaired and it lasts about five years and then it starts leaking again. So tomorrow I will call the roofer to see if the 20 year warranty covers it. Please keep positive thoughts coming our way. It's not a great time of year to have something like this happen, but it is probably a blessing in disguise because I wouldn't want snow to melt and freeze and then have all that water running into the kitchen in the spring. So I'll bite the bullet and see what has to be done.
Other than that, it was a very pleasant weekend just having fun with the boys. We even went out for an hour of looking around the stores. Then we came back here, had lunch and played more games until 4 pm when it was time for them to head home.
Wishing all my friends and readers a great week.


  1. I am so glad to hear that the boys were at your house this weekend......... I am sure that they had a wonderful time.... Praying for that leaking roof my friend and all other things in your life.... I will get busy on that book swap and funny thing is she is the same one that I had last year..... How strange.......... She is a sweetie and I look forward to sending her something nice......

  2. oh cool! My two younger ones want to see that movie,it's on sky box office at the moment so we might book it! Sounds like the boys had a great time :-)

  3. Sounds like a nice calm weekend. Those are nice to have at times! Praying for good news on the roof.

  4. Y'know, you can't beat movies like this even tho they're the same, if you get my gist. And for youngsters, I feel anyway, this IS the kind of movie to watch. Never hurt US any when we'd see Disney-type movies. We grew up and still watch 'em. LOLOLOL

    Too bad about the roof leaking. Oh the trials a homeowner faces!!! I feel for you.

    I, as you know, have putting out Christmas stuff...I posted my 'newest' on my blog today. I was sooooo excited.

    Have a super Monday dear Mary.

  5. I simply MUST muster up some energy to start dragging stuff up from the basement. I don't know why I'm so lethargic this year so far. I'm enjoying all that Christmas music we're practicing for the concerts in two weeks, but that's as far as I've gotten. Before I can do anything, I have a day's worth of yucky work around this house - then a 3 hour rehearsal tonight. Then 20 extra fingers around here all day tomorrow, and rehearsal tomorrow night. Then Care Bear's Christmas program at school, then the girlies again - yikes it's gonna be Friday before I have a minute to decorate!

    Hope the leak is very very minor and covered with warranty!

  6. Sorry about your roof. Hope the warranty covers it. Sounds like you had a really awesome weekend with the grandsons. Have a blessed week!

  7. Positive thoughts coming your way Mary. Sammi and I have contacted eachother about the book swap.
    Thanks so much for hosting it once again. I meet the nicest people.

    God bless.

  8. No sex and no cussing??? What kind of movie is that?? hehe You know I'm just teasing, in this day and age it's such a delight when one can find a movie without all of that in it. I can well imagine how much the boys enjoyed it, especially considering it involved dogs:-)

    Oh dear, a leaky roof is certainly not something you want in the Winter time because as you say, come Spring and you'll really have a problem! I do hope you can get in touch with the roofer and that it's still covered until the warranty.

    Take care, dear Mary. xoxo

  9. I do hope the roof leak is covered under the warranty!! That is the pits! We have a leak too but not the roof. It's leaking from the master bath into the powder room on the main floor. Thankfully it was dripping in the little waste basket I have in there. Now we are waiting for the guy to come fix it.

    I love good clean movies. I guess that's why I like the Hallmark channel so much, for the most part their movies are family friendly, at least the ones I have seen anyway.

    Glad you had such a good weekend with your boys! xoxox