Thursday, December 3

The Holiday* Trai*n

On Wednesday afternoon about 4:30, hubby and I picked up Brandon and Jordan, then drove across the city to pick up Mom. We drove about 40 minutes to the northwest to see the Holiday* Train, better know by this gal as the Christmas Train. LOL It has been running since 1999, but I'd never heard of it until last year when Pea from Pea's Corner posted photos.

The Christmas train pulled in right on schedule at 6pm. I had just bought the boys a hotdog and everyone hot chocolate. It was delicious.

The doors opened and Santa entertained the crowd by singing. Everyone loved it. I didn't get good photos because it was raining and there were hundreds of people there.

The kids were loving this and the boys enjoyed seeing the train all decorated for Christmas.

I got a photo of Santa himself and just after I took this, he gave me a handful of candy canes and a CD of last year's show. It all lasted about a half hour. When the rain began to pour down, we headed to the van where we could still hear the entire program. Many other people went to their cars as well.

If you would like to see better photos of the Christmas Train and enjoy a video of the show, drop by Pea's Corner. She went to meet the Christmas Train when it arrived in her community.


  1. What a fun thing to do! And again, you blessed the boys by taking them along.
    PS - how is the roof?

  2. What a fun time. Too bad it was so wet. A light snow would have been more fitting!
    I have a great grandson who loves trains. I wish we had something like this where we live.

  3. I'm soooo glad that you were able to go see this train:-) I had no doubts that you and the boys would enjoy it! Steve had texted me when it was going by his area and I told him he should have hopped on to come here. lol Wasn't that Santa way too the kids didn't know Santa could sing and dance like that! hehe What a shame it was raining your way, though, here we had a gorgeous night for it. Last year we were knee deep in snow but none this year. What we got the other day is all melted. Loved seeing your pictures, Mary, and no doubt this will become a yearly tradition for you as well:-) xoxo

  4. Oh wow..that looks like so much fun! Great pictures too! I've never heard of it either but I'll certainly be looking into that!

    Great girls would love it!


  5. Wow, a singing Santa. I bet the boys enjoyed it. Too bad the rain couldn't have been snow. By the way, I just have a short story in the "Christmas Traditions" anthology. The book is full of wonderful short stories about people's traditions they have at Christmas time...
    Janet Smart

  6. I love trains. When I was growing up I got tio ride trains alot as my Dad worked for a railroad line. It was so much fun...m.

  7. How wonderful!!!! Good ol' Santa...he's a jolly ol' elf. But then again, I've always had a thing with big fat white guys.

    I bet it was a fun excursion for the boys and y'all....even if it WAS raining!!!!

  8. What great memories you are making with your grandsons!
    Sorry about the bad it wasn't snow. :)
    Speaking of which we haven't had any so far this year....but maybe 2 to 4 inches tomorrow!
    We shall see.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  9. The holiday train came through here our first two years in Eastern Ontario. My next Christmas template will feature the train.

  10. This looks like so much fun. I bet the boys really enjoyed it. When we lived in Cody, Wyoming, they decorated the town Trolley with Christmas lights and did Christmas light tours of the town. We took Riff's Grandma one year and she just loved it. They sing carols on the tour and serve hot chocolate and cookies. So much fun!