Monday, November 30

What a Day!

What a day it's been around here. First of all, hubby went to the bank with my bank card to withdraw the mortgage money. He used the machine and it released the card and the receipt, but no money. He knew he absolutely had to report it before he left the bank, so went inside to do so. The customer service lady looked at the card and saw my name on it. That's when the problems took a turn for the worst.

The woman phoned me and she is someone that I happen to know. I have dealt at that bank for years and when I first went there, she was a teller. She told me that she would have to start an investigation and that it would take eight to ten days. Sorry, not acceptable. I told her that I needed the money today, as the mortgage payment was due. She emailed someone and he happen to be able to check on the computer to find out what happened. I got a call from the bank manager just after lunch saying it was an ABM error. However, he said that he would mail me out a new card and we could then withdraw the funds. Nope! I told him I was sending hubby to the bank with a note, signed by me, and he needed to give him both the mortgage money and the debit card. He accepted this only because the note had my signature on it and he could compare it. A sigh of relief went up when he agreed to it and all things financial were able to be put in order.

In my previous post, I mentioned that the roof was leaking and water was coming through the ceiling. I called the roofing company first thing this morning. I got voice mail. They didn't return my call, so I phoned them again just after lunch. The secretary answered and said she would text the owner. By 4pm, I hadn't heard anything from her. In the meantime a big piece of the ceiling came crashing down. I phoned back and left a message saying she had until 10am Tuesday to respond or I was hiring another company and sending them the bill. We'll see what happens.

Hubby took the van in last Wed to have the hinges on the driver's door replaced. The van was there two days and on Thursday afternoon he phoned to see when it would be done. The man told him that the part hadn't come in and that it would be there Friday. Since we had some work that needed to be done on it at a service station instead of a body shop, we picked it up. We were told to return it Monday morning at 8am.

This morning hubby got up and took the van in, feeling confident that it would have new hinges by the afternoon. At 5:30 pm, I called to see if we could pick it up. The man told me that the parts hadn't come in. I had to bite my tongue to keep from erupting. He told me it might be done tomorrow IF the hinges came in.

I wonder where the hinges are coming from. I told hubby maybe they were waiting for them to get here from China.

What a day! I have full confidence that tomorrow will be better. I hope all of my friends and readers had a better day than I did.


  1. Aaagh! What a bunch of frustrating things! Glad the money situation is fixed at least!

  2. I pray that you will have a better day tomorrow.

  3. I'm so sorry your day went so badly! Looking on the bright side...tomorrow can only be better!

  4. LOl,

    I don't like machines.

    Once I was visiting my friends, I mean sleeping there for two weeks. Their house was armed. They gave me the alarm pin number, but because I was nervous, I tapped on the wrong keys. My goodness!!!! the alarm was so loud. I was thinking those prisoners who were tortured by lot piercing sound.

    Hope you leaking get fixed.

  5. What a day indeed! I'm having a little run in with my bank too, and they closed my account due to suspicious activity, last of yet, I cannot use it. That's too long to go without access to my money!!! Hope you have a better day too..;(

  6. No pun on words here [because of the ceiling] but....when it rains it pours!

    Today can't be's just gotta be better!!!

    I'm thinking they all needed to melt the steel and make the hinges.

    On a lighter side, I posted my finished "Believe". Come see if you can find time in your busy day.

  7. Oh Mary-what a mess. If it makes you feel any better-my life has been going along the same lines-one mess after another-so you're not alone. Maybe were getting it all out of the way at once-and the coming year will be free of headaches!

  8. Things didn't exactly go right yesterday, did they?

  9. Dear frayed Mary,
    I will soon be sixty and I never ever have trusted one of those machines. I even hate those credit card machines that eats your credit card and after the purchase is made, it spits it back out. I like to keep my card in my hand and slide it through. Just me. The van and the roof are two things that did not need to be a problem during this time of year. I can understand your flustration. I hope December has a beter start and finish than the eleventh month. Peace be with you and yours.

  10. I just hate it when that happens. But I do remember Mother telling me that difficulties come in 3s. She has been proven right many times.
    Mama Bear

  11. I hope things are better. I was going to say the same thing as Hootin Annie - when it rains it pours.

  12. I started reading this thinking it was a joke and awaited the punchline. Whoa! What a day. Hope December has started out better.

  13. My goodness, Mary, what a day indeed! Seems what could go wrong...did!!!! I'm glad you stuck to your guns about wanting the mortgage money NOW and not in 12 days or so. I just hate it when it's their mistake and yet we're made to pay for it. As for the roofing company, what a way to run their business:-( Fingers crossed that they finally returned your call. xoxo

  14. you knew it was a full moon??

    I had a terrible night at work that night!