Wednesday, January 6

A Bit of This and That

I had planned on posting photos of Tuesday morning in Washington, but blogger is not letting me upload photos, so plans changed.

I had some high blood sugar levels while away, but was hoping it was just because it's hard to get the food required in restaurants. However, the highs continued, so today I went to the doctor. The good news is that I have lost 4 lbs. The not so good news is that my evening insulin injection had to be increased, though the doctor wasn't too concerned. I would really like to keep my blood sugar levels below 10. Borderline for Canadians is approximately 7. We measure differently than the US. I have to try this out and have an appointment for a follow up on January 20th. We will see how it goes. I also phoned the Diabetic Education Center at he local hospital and have an appointment for March 17th for a one-on-one with a Diabetic Educator to make a meal plan.

I haven't talked to Jo Ann today, but she is now on antibiotics because a blood clot formed at the surgery site. Her face is still very swollen and they are afraid of infection, so please keep her in your prayers. She goes back to the surgeon on January 11th and will probably find out at that time when her radiation therapy will begin.

Not much other news here. It wasn't so bitterly cold today, but is supposed to be colder again tomorrow. We have a couple inches of snow but nothing to worry about. Many around us have been dumped on. We've been lucky this year.


  1. I've been thinking about your friend here, I pray she's on the mend. Wish I could send you all some of our heat, it's way too hot here. bring on autumn.

  2. Hi Mary, the new header looks great.
    I am a type 2 diabetic so I understand your difficulty, Im on medication only but it is hard to eat out and keep the BSL low. I always carry sweetener in my bag as lots of cafes only have sugar.
    Hope you feel better and best wishes for your friend!...x

  3. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your trip. It is so important to control your diabetes well. I am reminded of that every day when I work at the hospital. I wish you well as you persevere!

  4. My poor sister-in-law is struggling with an infection that is keeping her from completing her chemo treatments. Please keep her in your prayers also. It is so difficult to see our loved ones go through all this suffering.

  5. I came by to see more photos, but I'm glad in a way Blogger is being stubborn for you to upload any----that way all your blogging friends got an update on you and your friend!!

    Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

    It's drizzling rain this morning...the cold front that'll drop the temps below freezing is supposed to move in late this morning or early'll be icy if not snowy here.....EWWWWWW! [and we're having plumbing problems on top of it all. Dang!]

  6. Praying hard for you and your friend.

  7. Good for you for losing the 4 pounds but I know how worrisome it is for you to not have control over your blood sugar. At Christmas time, Ross' sugar level was at 12 which is not good and here's mom pushing more dessert at him...she just doesn't get it:-( Making an appointment with a Diabetic Educator was a great idea!!

    My prayers continue for your friend Jo Ann. It's amazing how much a body can take and yet still keep on going. She has a great caring friend in you, dear Mary. xoxo

  8. Great job with the four pounds!
    Sorry that you are still having problems with the insulin..but glad the doctor still thinks things are under control.
    And good for you for seeking help with menu development. I know it was the hardest thing to manage with Paw Paw. He had a sweet tooth that would not stop....I finally had to start hiding Keith's junk food. :) He couldn't see..but he could sure find the sugar. LOL
    Praying for your friend. Mine just finished up her radiation.....she has a pretty bad burn from the month she went through. Now we are just waiting for her to heal so that she can start the next phase. Keep us up to date.

  9. Mary,
    I have found the diabetes education classes to be very helpful, in fact, I went to one on Tuesday for a brush up...even after 40 years with diabetes I have new things to learn! Glad you are getting things under control, it's hard not to get discouraged but it takes a long time to get things figured out for your body and your lifestyle. Hang in there! Thinking of you...jj

  10. Ah ... it's frustrating when Blogger doesn't cooperate isn't it but flexibility is a gift. I continue to pray for your friend. Congratulations on your weight loss and hope the adjustment in meds helps you.

    I got carried away while sharing 'tamale-making' at Sacred Ruminations yesterday afternoon and evening ... so this morning I'm hoping to catch up on blog visits before the day actually begins ... just a couple of blessings of this retired life ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,