Saturday, January 9

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Jordan had requested to go to the Museum of Natural History, so on Wednesday morning that's where we headed.

Black bear and her cub.
Plains Bison, also known as a buffalo.

Grizzly bear.


Polar bear. This guy sat on a shelf high above the room. He certainly looked real.

The sign in the museum near this display said, "Prepare to meet your ancestors," or something very similar.



Tree kangaroo. I never knew these existed until we went to the Zoo on Tuesday. Odd, hearing about them twice in two days.

Lioness' making a kill. The boys found this quite interesting.

Can't remember what this represented. A Senior Moment.

The Hope Diamond. There was quite a crowd around this display but everyone gave way for those who wanted to take photos.

A quartz crystal and a gigantic one at that.

Woodpeckers of North America. I enjoyed this display. They were all beautiful.

Pheasant, quail, partridge. It was very interesting to read about them all.
Tomorrow I will post more photos of what we saw at the Museum of Natural History. It was awesome.


  1. Mary,Thank you for taking me to the museum via your photos.

  2. Wow - it looks like a huge place. The leopard is interesting. His coat looks much darker than usual. Beautiful animals!

  3. Fascinating photos Mary, this looks like our museum in Akld. looks like a great family place to check out :-)

  4. I think I lost a comment. I was speculating that some think that orangutans may be our closest cousins.

  5. Excellent!!

    Now, I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but while walking through this area of the Smithsonian, isn't the Hope Diamond on display with all the guards around it? Or am I lost in another world? LOL

    Love the polar bear..

  6. Okay....NOW the photo of yours with the hope diamond loaded. Took a while. Isn't it awesome?

  7. We have 5 of those Woodpeckers coming to our feeder.
    I know you and the boys loved touring this museum.
    Mama Bear

  8. Thanks for sharing the hope diamond and the rock photo. Peace

  9. Loved the tour especially meeting my ancestor.

  10. Hmmm...would love to have that Hope Diamond on my finger! lol I know, kinda big though! hehe More wonderful pictures from your DC trip, I had never heard of tree kangaroos either! No doubt you were all fascinated with all of these animal displays:-) That orangutan looks like he's really swinging around, I love that species, I think they're so cool. xoxo

  11. meet your ancestors huh??


    cool pics

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