Sunday, January 3

Let's Spread Some Love and Pray

There is a family in desperate need. The daughter of my friend, Mary, at Daisy Bouquet lost everything in a fire. Mary has posted about it. The family lost everything, including the oldest daughter's eyeglasses. It's a blessing that everyone got out of the house unscathed. Their guardian angels were working overtime.

The family left the house in their pajamas and coats. All of their clothing and everything else was lost. They are thanking God that no one was injured. They have been put up in a hotel by ARC for three days but after that, their lives are up in the air. They had no tenant insurance on the contents of their home.

Here is how we can help. We can send clothes, linens, household goods or anything else that a family who is starting out could use. Books and toys for the children can also be sent.

I asked Mary's permission to post this and she graciously gave it. Here is what she had to say on her last blog post.

EVERYTHING as everything was lost. The childrens sizes are Boys size 8 pants shirts 10-12 and girls size 7-8 pants and 10-12 shirts and little boys size 6. my daughter wears large pants and xlarge shirts. There was insurance for the owners but no renters insurance for our Daughter. Thanks so much

Since postage is expensive, I suggest sending gift cards to places like Walmart or Target so the family can buy the things they need. Please also send cards and notes wishing the family well. Food gift cards would also be a big help.

Anything you can do for this family will be greatly appreciated. Please remember them in their prayers, as the mother has many decisions to make in the upcoming days.

Please send notes, cards and gift cards to:

Mary Boisseau
PO Box 541 Guthrie, Ky.
USA 42234

Please drop over to Mary's blog and leave well wishes. Just a few minutes of our time can make a HUGE difference in this family's life.

Thank you in advance for helping this family get back on its feet and for praying for them. I will post more photos of our trip tomorrow.

Another note from Mary.

Mary thank-you so much. The shoes sizes are boy 3 and 11 This ia a childs 11 and girls size 2 if this helps with the socks.


  1. the family is in my prayers.This is the best that I can do for the's not that I'm being cheap,I am on a fixed income and our health care costs have gone making thing tight again.every darn time they raise my benifits they take more money away by raising my health care and of course uncle sam gets his cut.

  2. Thank- you so much for all of your caring help....Hugs and Blessings...m.

  3. Thanks for posting this and for your concern.

  4. That is a shame...especially when the cost of everything has skyrocketed to the point even a family can't afford to care for their own....I do hope that they that can afford to help in any way will be willing to see fit!!

    How sad this is. My prayers!!

  5. Bless their hearts.. I remember our fire.. lost everything and it is so overwhelming to even know where to begin...... I am sending a package tomorrow........ Not much but every little bit will help..


  6. So sad that they didn't insure their personal belongings. Bless you, Mary for doing this.
    Mama Bear

  7. Mary,

    This is so sad. My thoughts and prayers are with them. Thank you for posting this.


  8. My heart really goes out to them, such a tragic way to start a new year but as Mary said, how thankful that no one was hurt!! Mary, if I buy a walmart gift card from here, can they use it in the States? I just wanted to make sure before I send them one! My prayers are with the whole family. xoxo