Friday, August 27

And So It Continues...

This has been quite a year for us. My regular readers will know that it's been tough ever since March. For those unfamiliar with these events here is a quick run-down...

March - My nephew, Josh, was in a car accident and suffered brain damage. He is still in the hospital's rehab unit. He was able to spend a night last weekend with his father and tonight he's staying with his mother. They're hoping to get him in a group home by September and are thinking about allowing him to spend the Labour Day weekend at his Dad's.

April - I had a heart attack and within a week was in hospital for quadruple bypass surgery.
A week after I came home, Mom went into the hospital and was in there 3 weeks. Since then she has been getting stronger and finally getting back into her daily routine, with a lot of coaxing and reassurance from us that she CAN do it.

June - My friend of 36 years found out that the cancer in her jaw that was surgically removed in December '09, had spread to her lungs.

July - On the 14th of July, my friend passed away from the fast growing squamous lung cancer.

August 26th - Remembering Dad who died 29 years ago.

August 27th - Mom had a stroke this morning and was taken to hospital. They released her at 6pm but they shouldn't have. She still can't talk properly and may never do so again. All of her speech is slurred, as if her tongue was swollen. The ride side of her face droops. She should have been in hospital under observation for 48 hours, but told us we had to take her home. She can't be left alone until Monday.

And so it continues. It seems the entire year has been one thing after another. And life goes on...


  1. sounds like you have had your shar and than some.Hugs.

  2. Oh my Mary. I am so sorry that it just seems to be a continuous struggle for you and your loved ones. Big hugs and many prayers coming your way. take care, stay strong.

  3. I am so sorry! Just when she seemed to be doing better. I can't believe they sent her home either. She should be checked for her swallowing ability and have some therapy.

  4. Praying for you Mary! You've had such a difficult year...keep trusting, the Lord will bring you through.

  5. They sent her home already? Without any workup or followup for her? She should have been given someone to help her with speech therapy and meds...and well, she should remain in the hospital for at least a week if you want my opinion!!!

    Good lord have mercy. I don't think much of the Canadian medical from what I hear from you and others.

    My heart is with you and your family. Don't worry 'bout emailing me...only when things settle down for you. I can only imagine the strife all this puts on you and your loved ones. Keep us posted when you can. In the meantime, do take care of YOU too.

  6. Me again, I was just listening to 'He's My All In All'...the song I wrote based on your notes you sent me. I have it posted at Songs Of Faith:
    I wasn't sure if you'd heard it with the music. I hope you find some encouragement in it.

  7. Oh My, Mary! That's such a shame -and such a big worry then too about your Mom and the stroke. But hospitals don't seem to want to bother with patients if there's any way they can ship them out and home. A cousin of mine had abdominal surgery almost a week after I did too and they only kept her in the hospital for TWO days! I was totally shocked and amazed that they sent her home that quickly. So far though, she's doing quite well. She begins her chemo treatments next Wednesday (the 1st) and mine begin a week later on the 8th of September so we plan on comparing notes ya know. Take care and will be keeping your Mom -and you too -in prayer again (or is that still?)

  8. Oh dear, on top of all else, that latest one must be very difficult to deal with. Doesn't seem right.

  9. Mary, What a beautiful photo of your Mom! She is in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Hugs, Tina

  10. There are no words for how I'm feeling about your hospital!!

    None. At. All.
    And is it me or did you leave out your hubbys illness?