Saturday, August 28

Update on Mom

This is a photo of Mom when she was about 16 years old. In September, she will turn 83. Where do all the years go? I can remember when she was in her 30s and now I'm a 60 year old grandmother.

As my regular readers will know from my previous post, Mom had a stroke yesterday and they sent her home from the hospital around 6pm. I was horrified. They didn't do a swallowing evaluation nor did they check her out completely. Last night her speech was very slurred and she had a terrible headache from the new meds they put her on, which was a blood thinner.

This morning I called her and she was still slurring her words. She said she was feeling good but I was still concerned. As the day progressed, it seemed her speech regressed. My niece came from out of town and we decided to take her there for another assessment. We went in about 3:30 and she finally saw a doctor, who ordered a urine test, blood tests and more.

The results were not good. Stroke...and four previous ones...we knew only about two and urinary tract infection. Mom was in hospital for 3 weeks this spring for urinary problems and we thought they had them all cleared up. However, we found out differently. So, they are keeping her for at least a couple of days and she's not happy. She was very emotional and angry at us for taking her, but she is where she will be taken care of.

Please keep Mom in your thoughts and prayers. She is going through a difficult time right now. This has been quite a year for the entire family.


  1. I'm so glad that she is back in the hospital being monitored. After having a stroke, you are at high risk for another one, and as I mentioned before there are other things that need to be checked.
    A change in mood or behavior is common following a stroke, so don't take her anger personally. You are doing the best thing for her. Praying for all of you!

  2. It has been a rough year for you and your family! I hope they get things sorted out and you don't have to do so much to get things done properly!

  3. Strokes are frightening. I hope she recovers.

  4. Mary Mother said there would be years like the one you are having. Mother was in the hospital more than she was at home the last 3 years of her life. You can do it as you are a strong woman with a deep belief in God. Peace

  5. I feel you Mary... I kept my mom from Jan. to March this year... stroke... thank the LORD she recovered enough to go back home to her regular life. We just got home yesterday from a 12 day hospital visit for my husband who had triple bypass on Tues. He seems to be doing well. Lots of company tired him out today...Life always changing.. Thank GOD HE's there helping us all the way...

  6. That is good to know she is being taken care of this time....hope they don't rush releasing her!! She needs tests to have everyone have a peace of mind for what is going on with her body and functions!!!

    Keep us posted.
    And remember for yourself...take time to breathe!!!

  7. Just checking in - how is your Mom?

  8. Hello dear Mary:-)

    I've been so out of the blogging loop due to a very busy and crazy summer but things seem to be settling down now so I have more time for the computer. I'm so sorry to hear that your mom has had a stroke, as you say, it's been quite the year for you and your family. I'm glad that you were able to convince her to go back to the hospital, it's terrible that they even let her go home in the first place!!! With Ross having passed away at the start of August, I've been busy with mom, being her taxi and making sure she's all right.

    We certainly are overdue for a chat on the phone!! E is on days next week so call anytime during the day...or let me know when a good time would be for me to call you:-)

    Prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. xoxo