Thursday, August 26

What's Happening

Not much has been happening around here and I'm finding it very difficult to find something to blog about. There has been a little news of Josh. He has been allowed to leave the hospital on a day pass to spend time with his Dad (my brother.) He is still having a lot of issues and will continue to spend time in the brain rehabilitation unit at the hospital. They are working with him daily and are hoping that, if he adjusts to being with his father, that he will be able to get a pass for the Labor Day weekend. That is good news.

They are also talking about transferring him to a group home in mid-September. There he will learn to live on his own, possibly. They are not sure how long it will take him to master that, but here's hoping he will be able to eventually.

The boys are doing great and Brandon is looking forward to returning to high school. He will be in grade 10 and will be taking more academic subjects first term. That doesn't excite him but we've explained if he does it, then it will be over for this year. He understands that but really likes the hands-on experience of the shops much better. He aced out on his advanced math with a grade of B. He got 79 and B+ is 80. He was a bit disappointed but we told him B is a decent grade.

Jordan on the other hand is going into his last year of elementary school. He isn't at all excited. I told him just do his work to the best of his ability and then next year he will be in high school and he will like it much better.

Mom is doing great. I've actually coaxed her into sewing a few things. She told me she didn't think she could do it and I assured her she could if she took it a little at a time. Now she has made herself two new pheasant cushions for her living room for the fall season. Yay! for Mom. She will be 83 in September. We thought she had given up, but she's getting her independence back and is driving again, taking herself wherever she wants to go.

The weather was hot & humid last week, but has been nice this week. We had rain over the weekend & Monday but the last three days have been beautiful with no humidity and a cool breeze.

Hope everyone is doing great. I'm gearing up for Christmas shopping season on Etsy. It will be an interesting fall.


  1. I hope that you are having a great week.Hugs and God's blessings

  2. Thank you for the updates - and for your Joyous outlook :D much love and hugs♥ and prayers

  3. I hope the boys have a good year in school. The girls already have a week under their belts. Tonight is Back to School night, so that should be fun.

    We're having cool, crisp fall-like mornings and pretty warm afternoons. We've only had 2 really hot weeks, and I missed one of those when I was in Minnesota, where it was amazingly nice. No humidity here to speak of.

    Well, Mary, I'd take a "nothing's going on" kind of blog any day over all the trauma and drama around here!

    Have a great week-end!

  4. Glad to hear an update on your family. Great news on your Mom - she is really something. Won't be long and the boys will be back in that school routine.

  5. The update is great!! If you have time, email me. I'd love hearing from you.

    Today, I finally posted what I've been working on for a little over two weeks.

    My link for you... WIZARD OF OZ
    Do come by to say hello if you have time!

  6. I haven't been blogging much either.
    Mama Bear