Tuesday, October 16

A Beautiful Award from Ruth

Ruth at Me, My Life, My Garden is presenting this award to "Quite simply it is those that have a generous and giving nature. Those who care about others. Those who have a kind word to say or a broad shoulder to lean on in the times that others need that. Those who display the "Spirit of Christmas". Thank you, Ruth.

The award originated at Santa's Community Blog. I am honored. It's beautiful.

If you display the "Spirit of Christmas" you are more than welcome to take a copy of the award. The code can be picked up here.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and congratulations on the award...I was recently awarded and honored to give this out to a few special bloggers!

    Have a great day!

  2. Tammy,

    Glad that you dropped by and thanks for the congratulations.


  3. Congrats on the award my friend.

  4. Visit my blog, I have an award for you sweetie.

  5. Denise,

    Thank you for the congratulations and the beautiful blogger award. I'm touched.

    Bless you, my friend.

  6. Ho! Ho! Ho! Everyone.

    I'm glad you like the award. It gives me so much happiness to travel around and see who has been presented next. It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many wonderful people out here in Blog world that we never get to meet and this is my way of doing that. Congratulations ! ☺

    Santa ô¿ô

  7. Thank you, Santa for the visit. I am honored.

  8. Mary,

    What a beautiful award! If anyone I know displays the spirit of Christmas all year long, it's you!
    Congratulations. :-)