Monday, November 12

Just A Reminder

Just a brief reminder from Sharon and I.
If you are planning on joining us for-- Be A Blessing This Christmas,Let Your Light Shine-don't forget to get your post up on Monday morning. We want to see what you have planned and then you will have till the 10th of December to be a blessing.

Sharon will have a Mr. Linky on her site where you can add your name. I'm having some difficulty adding Mr. Linky here but will keep working on it. If not, please go to Sit With Me Awhile to add your name.

Sharon and I look forward to all of the suggestions and will give you until December 10th to allow you to Be A Blessing This Christmas, Let Your Light Shine. At that time, we will ask you to post information and photos on the blessing that you gave this year and how it affected each person that took part.

My ideas:

1. Give new or gently used children's books to the local Christmas Baskets (or whatever it is called in your area) program. I will be doing this. It's something I do every year.

2. Send a Christmas card to a recovering soldier. Here is the address:
According to a decision made by then Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Transportation Policy in 2001, all mail addressed to A Wounded or Recovering soldier will be destroyed. This is to keep the American men and women in uniform safe. I apologize for the improper information.

In lieu of sending the card, please consider joining Angels in Camouflage and adopt a soldier in order to send cards and/or a care parcel.

3. Fill a bag with Christmas goodies for the local food bank.

4. Give a coat or blanket to a local organization that provides necessities for street people.

5. Bless a child in New York City by donating a pair or two of mittens. Send mittens to:

Lynn Brundage
78 Grove Avenue
Lockport, NY
USA 14094

Lynn collected mittens for children last year and if I remember correctly, there were 800 pairs given to children who might otherwise have not had a pair.

6. If you live in Ontario (and possibly all of Canada) Tim Hortons is distributing brown paper bags to be filled with non-perishable food items, which can be dropped off at one of their locations. The food is donated to the local food bank. Be sure to remember to drop in some candy canes or a bag of non-perishable Christmas candy.
7. I loaned $25 to a man in Mexico through Kiva so he could build an addition on his kitchen. The family lives in a very little shack. He needed $800 and between some other generous people and myself, he received his loan.
Update: While surfing around to different blogs, I followed a link that took me to a site where you can send cards to the troops. Please click on the link to Let's Say Thanks in Support of our Troops. You can either chose one of the greetings already there, or choose Other and write a more personal greeting. Let's support our men and women in uniform. Send a message today.


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  2. Just saw it. Marvelous. I added my name.

  3. Mary, I sent out the Recovering Soldier information to a lot of people on my email list. I got a link back from several of them from Snopes. They said that any letter sent to an unamed soldier must be thrown away. They give some legitimate ways to send a letter though. Just thought you'd like to know.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog often.

  4. Wonderful ideas my dear friend, love you.

  5. Good ideas Mary.
    I am sure there are so many more things out there that people are doing in our area. I am not involved in the community too much. I guess I need to change that.
    Giving is not hard and so many are blessed.

  6. I have the update info on my post for the Soldiers cards... Small packages can be sent through the Red Cross... Hugs!

  7. Hi, I got the word from you and Kathleen Marie and I went over to her blog and copied and pasted the new information over on my blog!
    I will go back and read all the updates on your blog and see if this is something Nancy and I can do to be a blessing!! Thanks for letting me know. Love and Hugs Carolyn

  8. I have visited your blog many times before I figured our what a "sticky" was. (Is this a technical term). As a result, I missed reading a couple of your posts.