Friday, November 16

Show and Tell Friday

Well, it's time for Show and Tell Friday again. Where has the week gone? I'm a little late with my Show and Tell , butI have good reason. I had to wait until I had everything done and the photos taken. Here is what has been going on at my house today.

I made some chocolate cupcakes, iced them and added some sprinkles. The grandsons love chocolate cupcakes and so does my husband. The boys like them with white icing and sprinkles, so I obliged them and made them just like they like them.

By this time the baking bug had hit me and I decided to make some date squares. The boys had never tried them until this summer because they thought from the name that they wouldn't like them. We were out and about with my mother one day and I bought a date square but didn't tell them what it was. I gave them each a piece and told them to try it and let me know if they liked it. They both said it was delicious. That is when I told them it was a date square. They've been after me ever since to bake them and requested them for my Mom's 80th birthday party.

While I was in the baking mood, I figured I might as well make a batch of icebox cookies. This is from my grandmother's recipe and when she made them, they were called icebox cookies because everyone had an icebox. After refrigerators became popular, the name was changed by some people to refrigerator cookies, but our family still call them icebox cookies.

I haven't baked this much for some time. We don't eat a lot of baked goods. I do make lots around Christmas and give treats away to family and friends. This year will be no exception.

When I went to see the boys tonight, I took them some of each. They were delighted. I hope they enjoy them. That's the best part about baking - knowing that others enjoy what you make.

Many thanks to Kelli at There's No Place Like Home for hosting Show and Tell Friday. If you'd like to join in the fun, just click on the name of her website to find out how.


  1. OK...I just gained 5 lb per picture...NO Fair!!

  2. Yummy Yummy. I could eat that whole plate of icebox cookies. Think of me wasting away while they melt in your mouth.

    I agree about baking, cooking or canning for that matter. I love to watch other enjoy what I have made. Sometimes I think that is the best part.

    Peace my friend

  3. Can you come over here now with some samples?! Yum thanks for sharing..
    Have a marvelous week...

  4. Oh Yum!!! It all looks so good! I could eat all the date squares all by my self!!

  5. I hated date squares as a child, but now I love them. My favourite type is date-cranberry squares, but plain date is fine too.

  6. Ladies,

    I'm glad you all enjoyed the sweets. Unfortunately I am only looking at the photos, the same as you. I had no Splenda and had to make everything with sugar. That means no treats for me. LOL

    The grandsons were sooo excited when I took them their treats and their Mom said on the phone, "Bring a date square for me." She forgot to say please, but I took her one anyway.

    Thanks for all of the comments. You each brightened my day and brought a smile to my face.

    Blessings to each of you.

  7. Those do look delish! I love to bake, but if I bake it we eat it!!
    Thank goodness my daughter's family loves baked goods and I can take most of it to them.

  8. Hello dear Mary:-) Great minds think alike, we both baked cupcakes! lol I so love date square and you had me drooling over yours. I don't bake as much anymore now that the boys are moved away from home but like you, still do bake a lot for Christmas. Whatever cupcakes are left I'm sending home with Corey when he leaves on Sunday...if they stay here I'll eat them all! lol xoxo

  9. Oh, your cookies look delicious! You have been busy in the kitchen!

  10. Mary,

    Your baked goods look scrumptious. I used to bake a lot, but no longer do, since I can't eat to many sweets. I will be baking a couple of special things this weekend, though. And baked goods make wonderful gifts!



  11. Yummy in the tummy, love you my friend.

  12. Oooo...I think I need to come to your house for a little sampling! Yum!!!

  13. Wow! Can I come visit and have some??? :0) They look great, you look like a wonderful baker and wonderful grandma!!

    :0) Sharon

  14. Good for you. The baking bug need to bite me, but it hasn't!!!

  15. Those all look soooo good! I'll take a cupcake please. ;-)

  16. Thank you for your comments. I wish I could offer you all tea and baked goods.

    Blessings to each of you. You all light up my life.


  17. Yum! I wish I lived near you on your baking days! I'm hungry just looking at the photos!

    (who is late with replies, trying to catch up!)

  18. Mary,

    My mouth is watering looking at the cupcakes, date squares, and icebox cookies!! I bet the boys enjoyed them!

    I think it's a nice idea to continue calling the last cookies, "icebox cookies." I see it as a way to preserve the heritage and pass it down. By the time Brandon and Jordan have children, it will definitely be a part of family history to share, which is wonderful!