Tuesday, November 20

My dear friend, Denise, at Shortybear's Place is celebrating her birthday today. Please drop over to her blog and wish her Happy Birthday.


  1. Mary, I have stopped by Denise's blog and wished her a happy birthday.
    If you do not mind could I please have your birthday to add to my blog? Thanks!
    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving ~Mary~ :-}

  2. Good Afternoon Mary,
    I got the Thanksgiving banner posted on my blog this morning. "THANK YOU" so much again for this. You are a great friend, and I am glad to have been able to meet you. I so enjoy this blogging. I will go over and wish Denise a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" after I finish posting here. Our cold weather is on the way. They say we could have some severe thunderstorms tomorrow as the cold front comes through. I don't like the weather being severe, but I have no control over that. I took my turkey out this morning and letting it thaw. Hubby will be home later today and we will put it in the slow cooker tonight. He loves it cooked in the slow cooker because it makes it more tender and falls off the bones. Well, take care my friend and have a great Tuesday. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.

  3. I just read isabellacloset asking for your birthday and I would like to know it too!! If you don't mind!

    My Girls thought your icon was so beautiful and loved it! Thanks again!
    Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  4. Hello Mary, thanks for the graphic. I sent your package off yesterday. You should start looking for it in 5-10 days. Enjoy!
    Mama Bear

  5. Thanks for thinking of me, I love you so much.

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  7. I just dropped over, Mary! Thank you for letting me know. :-)