Thursday, January 31

It is a beautiful day here today, but yesterday was definitely a different story. The temperatures plummeted from spring like to -11 Celsius within hours and with the brisk 60 kg winds (higher at times) it was not a day to be outside.

The Skyway Bridge that is between Niagara Falls, ON and Toronto has terrible crosswinds. When a strong wind comes up the Skyway is to be closed. Well someone forgot to do that yesterday and the winds blew a tractor trailer onto its side. We saw the picture on TV and you would have thought that big rig was a toothpick the way it blew around on that bridge.

Other places the winds were as high as 122 kg per hr. Trees were blown down and houses were damaged. Electrical wires were blown down and many people throughout Ontario were without power. It was a bad day to not have any heat.

The visibility was zero in many places because of whiteouts and blowing snow and many roads were closed. My SIL was not able to get home from work. His company put him up in a Bed & Breakfast.

Today the sun is shining and it is -5C, but the wind is at 3kg, which is barely noticeable. It is a lovely winter day and a great day to be out and about. Thank goodness. I had errands to run and actually enjoyed being out. What a difference from yesterday.

Mary at Isabella's Closet is having a Valentine Banner Give-a-way. In case you didn't know, Mary made my Christmas banner as well as my current one. She is a very talented lady. This is what she has to say about her give-a-way.

I'm having a
Valentine banner give-a-way.
If you'd like to have this banner please leave a comment between now and Feb. 1.
I will pick a name at 7:00 AM est on Friday Feb. 1..
I will then add your blog name to this banner and email it to you..

Just follow the link I've created to join Mary's Give-a-way. She will personalize the above banner for your blog. Good luck!

Please keep Mary in your prayers. She is still dealing with some health issues. Thank you, Mary for having this Banner Give-a-way. The banner is beautiful.

Deena at Can I Be Pretty in Pink is having an Easter Banner Gift Away on her Tattered Works of Whimsy blog. She will be giving away the above banner that will be personalized for your blog. This is what Deena has to say.

I 'm Gifting an Easter Banner from
Mary , it is the one below, customized for the winner!!
Just leave me a post
about your favorite Easter outfit
as a child!! I so love such fond tales!!
Mine was white patent leather shoes, white patent
leather purse with a flower at the snap, white gloves,
a yellow bonnet and a sweet frilly yellow dress.
I'm going to try to find the black & white picture
of me in this little dress..I know I remember the outfit
because I remember the colors..I think I was THREE!!
I'll draw a winner on Friday February 15th!!
tell your friends..and if you post about my Gift away on
your blog, let me know..I'll add your name to separate drawing
for an Easter surprise from ME!!
Think Spring,

Be sure to stop by Tattered Works of Whimsy to enter and tell Deena about your favorite Easter outfit. It will be a lot of fun to read about the Easter outfits that we wore as children.

Be sure to keep Deena in your prayers. She is fighting breast cancer and was supposed to start chemo last Friday. Because her white blood count was high, she was given antibiotics and the chemo was rescheduled for this Friday. Today is pre-chemo day and she has to have blood tests and see her oncologist. She needs prayer to get through her journey.

That's about all the news for today. I wish each of you a blessed Thursday. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Wow, the weather really got rough there. I am glad you are ok, and happy that today is a better day. Thanks for sharing about the give aways, love you my friend.

  2. Hi Mary...."What a difference a day makes".....Boy, those temps make you feel cold, just reading about it. It's beautiful here, and sunny and windy. I should be on the beach, but things at home are calling me. I'm really ready for Spring. Our flowers are starting to bloom now as the temps rise, but I'm afraid that there'll be a cold snap and drain them of their growth and beauty.

    You take it easy...and yes, enjoy the beautiful day.

    [I'm glad I didn't see the video of the bridge and the tractor/trailer. That's another phobia of mine...bridges. LOL]

  3. Oh dear Mary, I think that we must have sent the winds your way. Stay safe and warm. The weather has changed here for the better after three days of wind and terribly cold temperatures. Today feels a whole lot better.

  4. Good Afternoon Mary,
    Wow, your weather sounds like what we had the other day. They did say on the news the next morning that it was Hurricane force winds. I'm sorry that your SIL wasn't able to make it home, but "THANKFUL" that he was able to stay in such a nice place and be safe. I will have to check out Mary Isabella's Giveaway. She does make beautiful banners. I haven't visited Deena yet, so I will have to visit her shortly as well. "THANK YOU" for letting us know about the Giveaways. I hope that truck driver wasn't hurt that was on that bridge. They let School out here this morning around 11:30a.m. We did see a little Snow, Sleet, and mostly rain. Nothing accumulating tho. It has been mostly rain all day. We are still under a Winter Storm Warning until Midnight. Take care my friend and have a great afternoon. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  5. It sounds like you have had some rough weather!! It was snowing here but a few miles away from me where my grand son Jacob goes to school at they had to closed the Hwy down for a while because of the snow! Love and hugs Carolyn

  6. Ohhh for the early arrival of spring. even though our winter hasn't been that bad this year, I still look forward for some spring time.

    Stay warm...

  7. OH Mary, I to have it soooo cold!! all I have to say is... I WANT SUMMER

    I think your really awesome, have a warm weekend:)

  8. It's been snowing, sleeting and freezing rain here today, but the little accumulation of ice was washed away by the rain. We had the high winds and plummeting temps on Tuesday!

    I'm in the minority here. I love Winter and dread the heat of Summer coming back. *Sigh.....*

    I'll stop by Deena's and leave her an encouraging comment.

    Hope all is well with you and yours, Mary. ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  9. I will add Mary to my prayer list.. she really does some wonderful banners.. I am thinking about changing my sewtheword blog to something more Victorian? What do you think.. I think in the next couple of months I will be able to get back to making some pretty things...... I am headed over to Deena's to see how she is doing......... Jean, my friend got bad news from her Petscan.. cancer is back in the pancreas.. and growing.. I feel that she is weary from the fight...... I go see her as often as I can....but I can always pray........ blessings to you my friend and know that I am praying.

  10. Miss Mary, Your posts are always so FULL! Thank you for the time you put into entertaining us blog-folk! Jennifer

  11. Mary,

    Isn't it incredible what a difference there can be in the weather from one day to the next? I'm glad you had a beautiful day and were able to get out to enjoy it! I can't wait for winter to be over - we are getting closer to spring! Hooray!!


  12. Mary,

    Isn't it incredible what a difference there can be in the weather from one day to the next? I'm glad you had a beautiful day and were able to get out to enjoy it! I can't wait for winter to be over - we are getting closer to spring! Hooray!!