Tuesday, February 12

Good morning to all my friends and readers. It's Tuesday and it's just a week until my daughter, Michelle has her surgery. She had to go to pre-op yesterday and they told her that instead of being in hospital overnight that she will be staying for four days. This didn't make her happy, but made me feel better. After all, she shouldn't be coming home the day after having a hysterectomy. If I remember correctly, they kept me for five days when I had mine. Though I dislike being in the hospital, the same as she does, it is the place to be after major surgery.

I just found out that SIL is taking the entire week off to make sure that the boys are taken care of. I will go Tuesday morning to watch them while he takes Michelle to the hospital and I'll pick them up from school so he can stay with Michelle for a while. She will sleep after she comes back to her room and he will come home to get them dinner and put them to bed. Then I will pick them up from school so he can visit with her the following day. All in all, we will work it out.

I worked on the boys' Valentines last night and they're just about finished. I will try to take some photos when I am done so I can share my idea. They're very simple, but the boys will love them.

And now, with it being so close to Valentine's Day, I will share one of the Valentine postcards with you from my collection. You are welcome to take a copy if you wish.

In historical news February 12th was Abraham Lincoln's birthday. I always found Lincoln very interesting. Have you ever researched the similarities between him and Kennedy? Interesting reading.

Take care and be sure to give someone special a hug today and tell them you love them. We never know what tomorrow will bring. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Good Afternoon Mary,
    I'm so glad your SIL will be taking the week off to help with Michelle after her surgery. I will be praying for her and her recovery. That will be so nice of you to pick the boys up from School each day. I know Michelle and her hubby will appreciate it so much. "THANK YOU" for being there for your daughter and able to help her out. "THANK YOU" for the Valentine's Card. I will acknowledge it tomorrow. I was late in posting this morning because I had one of my bad headaches last night. I just woke back up and I'm feeling much better. I took those Awards you gave out yesterday and mentioned your name as well on my yesterday's post. It has been a dreary day here. It rained all night with thunder and lightening. We had been under a Winter Storm Warning earlier, but it has since been lifted. I have no idea why tho. It has dropped to 30 degrees now. The US will be having President's Day weekend here this weekend. I do believe next Monday is President's Day. The Post Offices and Banks are usually closed on that day. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  2. I'm glad Michelles surgery will soon be done - it's great that your SIL and you are able to help her out. I'm sure it is a big relief for her.
    I have read about the similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy - very interesting.

  3. I know Michelle will be relieved when the surgery is over and done. She should feel much better. I know I did!

    We have freezing rain right now, but so far the ice isn't too thick and we haven't lost power, thank God!

    Hope you have a good evening, Mary. ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  4. I read those spooky things about Kennedy and Lincoln.

    I hope Michelle takes it easy. I know so many women who felt so much better after the surgery that they started to do too much too soon.

  5. Hello dear Mary:-)

    I've spent the last two days in bed feeling like I've been run over by a truck but now I'm starting to feel bored so I'm guessing I'm on my way to recovery! lol Just wanted to do a few visits tonight, miss you all so very much!!! I'll be thinking of Michelle when she has her surgery...I'm glad they'll be keeping her in the hospital for a few days, as you say, that's the best place to be after major surgery. It was -28c when I got up this morning...now it's -16c...sure looking forward to when the temps start heating up!!! xoxo

  6. Praying for michelles surgery to go well, and that she will recover quickly.

  7. Mary,
    Gosh, times have changed....in 1985 I had exploratory surgery plus hysterectomy and I was in the hospital 9 days.....

    Wishing Michelle a speedy recovery....

    Drop by for dessert....Betty

  8. I will add Michelle to our prayer list. Surgery is always a litle scary.It is a godsend to have those who can help with the children and daily chores. Blessings!

  9. Good wishes flying through the air to your daughter for a speedy recovery. Blessings to your family...

  10. Praying for Michelle's surgery to go perfectly and she will have a quick and full recovery. Your cards are so very pretty!

    Blessings ~ Sharon

  11. I’m happy to know your SIL will be able to help out with the boys while your daughter is in the hospital. I’m praying for all of you!
    Hugs and blessings,

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