Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

I'd like to wish all my friends and readers a very Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy this time with that special someone and if you are alone, treat yourself to a box of chocolates or a similar treat. Another idea is to take a friend to lunch or dinner.

Now, everyone's been wondering about the Valentines I've been making for the boys. These are very simple to make but I know the boys will love them. I made them so they could hang on the wall in their bedrooms and they could enjoy them. I will also give them a package of Stick-E-Tak so they can put them up without damaging the walls. If you have never used Stick-E-Tak, try it. It has a variety of uses and is fantastic.

Below is Brandon's Valentine. In the upper right hand corner is a 1950s Valentine with a Panda. I was given this Valentine by someone when I went to elementary school. Brandon loves Pandas and this was perfect for him. On the upper left is a photo of Brandon and I at his birthday last year and at the bottom is a photo of the boys, Grandpa and I that was taken at Sea World. I have written on the back "Brandon, with love from Grandma Mary 2008.

Jordan's Valentine is exactly the same size and shape as Brandon's. It has a 1950s vintage Valentine in the upper right corner - another that was given to me in elementary school. On the upper left is a photo of Jordan and I at his birthday last year and at the bottom, the same Sea World photo that I put on Brandon's. Jordan loves all animals, so he will love the cool cats.

These are very easily made. First I cut out a heart from a cardboard box and covered it with red Bristol board. I used the glue gun to attach the cotton lace around the edge. Once that was dry, I used scrapbook sticky picture tabs to fasten everything to the Valentine.

When Pea at Pea's Corner was selling her Beanie Babies on ebay, I saw these two little precious bears. They are Cracker Barrel bears and since the boys love Cracker Barrel, I thought they were perfect. The boys take very good care of their things, so Pea, these fellows will have a new loving home where they will be well cared for. Thank you so much!
Besides that, I will buy (don't have time to bake) the boys some Valentine cupcakes or another treat that the entire family can enjoy. (Yes, I know they're spoiled.) I've made their Mom and Dad a card and of course you saw the fan that I made for my mother. That is it for Valentine's Day this year. Hubby and I aren't exchanging gifts or doing anything for that matter. We've decided to instead put the money toward sprucing the place up a bit. We are badly in need of new windows and this house has 14 of them that need to be replaced. We replaced the other two last year. So, we will just get a kiss and a Happy Valentine Day wish, which is quite acceptable.

In honor of Black History Month, I have written about Harriet Tubman on my Treasures to Me blog. I do hope you will stop over and find out where in Ontario, Canada Harriet Tubman had a home. She is an interesting woman of history and I'm sure you will enjoy learning more about her.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and please remember to do an act of kindness for someone today. Kindness gives hope. ~Blessings, Mary~

PS. Don't forget to enter my Valentine giveaway below. The deadline is midnight EST tonight. I will announce the winner tomorrow.


  1. Good Evening Mary,
    "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY" to you and yours. The Valentine's Cards you made your Grandson's are so precious and I know they will treasure them always. You did a great job in making them and they sound so easy to make. I am one of those who will be alone without my Valentine today. He will be home sometime Friday and we can celebrate then. We won't be buying things for each other either, but just being together is good enough for me. I have something for you on my Thursday's post as well. It's not up just yet, as I have to wait until in the morning so I can give my morning temperature here. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  2. Hey girl.............. You have a Valentines Day FULL of love and little red hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love YA!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I haven't done anything for Valentine's Day yet - shame on me. Since Kev's birthday is the
    13th, Valentine's Day always kind of got pushed back. It's especially bad since I live in the Valentine Capital of the World!

  4. Lovely Valentines, and a Happy Valentine's Day to you, Mary. Hope it's a good one for you.

    Love and hugs,


  5. Happy Valentines Day my dear friend. I love the cards you made for your grandsons, they are so cute. Those bears are precious. I love you.

  6. Happy Valentine's Day Mary as you spread your special love around cyberspace and to your family too.

  7. Oh Mary What beautiful gifts for the grandsons. Everyone needs a Grandma like you.
    Have a wonderful day. Peace

  8. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

    I like your homemade Valentines!


  9. It looks like you’ve made this Valentine’s Day quite special for your grandsons and all of your readers here. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope your family did special things for you too!
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Lovely post, Mary, as always. I love the Valentine's you made for the boys! How sweet! There's nothing like a homemade gift made from the heart with love and that special touch, especially when it comes from Grandma. :-)

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  11. Mary,

    You are very creative! I bet the boys loved the Valentines you made. They are beautiful. And the bears you bought are adorable. Sounds like a fun Valentines day.

    Love & Hugs,