Thursday, February 14

Easter Give-away

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I'm having an Easter giveaway. I'm hoping that you will all enjoy participating in this one. I've been making Easter cards and want to giveaway three of my cards.

The are three designs below and you will be able to have these personalized.

This one is nice for a mother, sister, daughter, niece or any other little or grown up girl.

This little basket of ducks could be for a child or a grown up. Ducks and flowers are a definite sign of Easter and springtime.

This one is so cute. A little bunny with a rose. It could be given to almost anyone.

If you don't like any of these, be sure to check out my ebay store, The Old and New Shop or these from my post of February 7th. Any of these cards are also available to be personalized. The winner of the giveaway will have a choice of the cards they receive. You can choose three the same or three different ones.

In order to win this giveaway, I ask you to comment on this post and tell me about your most memorable Easter as a child. This will be a lot of fun and I look forward to your stories. Be sure to enter your comment before midnight Eastern Standard Time on February 14th. Comments after that time will not be considered. The winner will be chosen at random on February 15th. This will give me lots of time to print your cards and get them out to you in time for you to send them for Easter.

Also, please pass the word about my giveaway on your blog. Thanks and good luck!


  1. Wow, such a very lovely giveaway my friend. My most memorable Easter was in 2006, it was on April 16 that year. Eddie spent the day with his parents, and I stayed home to watch over my momma. She was dying, and she was feeling so tired. I spent the day, laying in her hospital bed with her, all snuggled up. I told her how very much I loved her, and she told me how much she loved me. I thanked her for all the wonderful Easters we had spent together. It was such a precious mother-daughter day. She passed away five days later, but I will never forget our Easter Sunday that God blessed me with.

  2. I'm not sure what years but my mom and I would have use to have matching outfits

  3. The bunny with rose captured my heart! I cannot think of a particular Easter that is special to me because they all are..a day we as family get dressedup and head out for Easter bruch!hugs NG

  4. Mary, so sweet of you to have such a lovely give a way. they are all beautiful!! Hey, sooo you rode a motorcycle?? We need to talk! love ya:)

  5. Dearest Mary, leave it to you to be so generous as to have an Easter giveaway:-) One of my Easter memories was going to mass on Easter morning...I remember wearing a white dress made with frills and lace, little gloves, black patent shoes, mom had my hair in two braids and had put flowers in church she happened to look at me and noticed...I had chocolate all over my face from stuffing an chocolate bunny in my mouth just before leaving! lol xoxo

  6. I didn't know you were an artist. So lovely.
    When we were small and my maternal grandparents lived in Georgia, we would go there for Easter sometimes. Mother had an aunt with only one child and no grandchildren yet. That aunt always bought my sister and me the most elaborate Easter baskets. They were very special. Mother always made my sister and me dresses alike and we would get new white shoes to wear. One year the store where we bought the shoes gave away baby chicks that had been dyed. We kept them until they were grown and mother killed and canned the meat along with other chickens. We wouldn't eat any chicken until all of those cans were used up. We called the chickens Pete and Repete.
    Mama Bear

  7. What a wonderful Easter giveaway by a wonderful blogger. My most memorable Easter was in 2001. My dad had just passed away weeks earlier and we took my mom with us to an Easter morning brunch to celebrate the holiday with Hubby's family. Seeing her smile after such a grief-filled few weeks was the most wonderful Easter gift I could ever receive.

  8. I had to think about this---because our family never really got into all the fancy dress (because of money) and Mom and Dad did not do the Easter bunny stuff either.
    I do remember one year with a little pink purse-it was my favorite.
    And one year we were visiting with a family during Easter and they bout us a basket.
    Oh and I have always loved the story of the Mommy Rabbit who was asked to deliver eggs on Easter. She did not think she was up to the job and she thought that one of the strong jack rabbits should have been given the job. But there was a sick little girl up on the mountain and she gave it her all to get the beautiful egg to the little girl.
    It was a beautiful book. I may have to look for it-I have not seen it in years.
    And that brings to mind the sugar eggs with the scenes inside. I always thought they were special.

  9. What wonderful cards.!!! I heart them!!! All of my Easter's growing up were so special. My Dad would take us into town and buy us new clothes. My Mom and Grandmother would cook a ham, deviled eggs green beans and potato salad and always a dessert. We would go to Mass and then we were taken out to breakfast and later in the day we would have a big meal. We always dyed eggs on Saturday night,then we took aour baths and layed out our new clothes. Each child recieved a basket filled with Easter goodies. Thank you for allowing me to walk down memory alne...Smiles...Mary

  10. What a nice giveaway, are such a sweetie!
    When I was little, we ALWAYS went to the Sunrise Service that the Veterans put on each year. My daddy and uncles would get all dressed in their uniforms, my mom and I would ALWAYS have a special "outfit" that she had made for us. We would watch the service and I always cried when "Jesus" was "nailed" to the cross. Afterwards, the Veterans and their wives would cook a hugh breakfast for everyone. It was such special times for a young girl and I will always have the memories in my heart.
    Hugs, bj

  11. Mary,
    What sweet cards...My favorite Easter story: I had two nephews and two nieces who lived with us for awhile..we were given chocolate Easter bunnies...someone took a bite off the ears....we were all lined up....the biter had a space between their front teeth.....guess what? we all had spaces....I never knew who the biter was......

    Please enter me and thanks for visiting with me...Betty

  12. I remember my mother always making sure us kids had beautiful Easter outfits. She always dressed us girls so darling with matching hats, purses and shoes....the whole works. My brother always had a nice dapper outfit on. My mother always dressed to the nines (whatever that phrase means). Anyway, I just have good memories of her doing that for us. Often times she made our outfits in fact one year she made us girls darling plaid skirts with matching ponchos, I felt sooooo cool!

    Hugs, Sharon

  13. Good Evening Mary,
    Well, here I am. All of the Easter's with our girls are memorable. But I do guess the one that I most remember is one year both the girls were small, and I can't remember what year it was tho, and we went to Church. The girls had dresses just alike and little hats to go with them. My MIL had taken a picture of all 4 of us outside the Church and my DH had on a Suit Jacket. Now he is not the type to wear things like that, but he did on this particular Easter. I have a picture of us somewhere and when I can find it, I will put it on my blog to show you. After Church Services that morning, we went to my Parent's house. It had been raining and was wet outside. We had dinner and after dinner, my Mom and Sister hid the Easter Eggs in their house in the front room. They girls had a blast looking for them and our youngest daughter would crack the eggs when she found them. LOL. It was so funny and you had to be there to see it. That is the most memorable Easter that comes to my mind right now. "THANK YOU" for letting me tell this one. I do appreciate it and appreciate you very much. I will post about your Easter Giveaway in the morning when I do my post. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  14. Easter is my very favorite - when we were kids, we didn't have much money, but we always managed to have something special for Easter Sunday.

    I love sunrise service, no matter that I have to get up in the dark and head over to the park. It is such a joy to see the sun rise over the horizon and sink "UP from the grave HE arose!"

    I love the card. They are wonderful.

  15. Mary, Thank you for stopping by and sharing about church with your Grandmother. What a wonderful memory to have of her! If you get a chance, as you are out and about blogging today, drop back by and read the message to my commenters on the post I KNOW WHERE I AM GOING. Just a thank you note, of sorts! Have a lovely day...Jen

  16. My most memorable Easter was when I was a little girl. I lived with my grandparents, and after church, we went out to dinner. I was wearing a beautiful dress and black patent leather shoes. When we came out of the restaurant, there were three or four inches or snow on the ground-in April. My grandpa had to carry me to the car. I certainly loved that! Wonderful giveaway, Mary!

  17. Hi Mary, I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and your prayers for my grandson Carson. The power of prayer has worked miracles. He is home and will be going back to school tomorrow with restrictions. My daughter Nicole delivered Caramia on Saturday as planned. They will be going home today.

    I had to smile when I read this about a memorable Easter.

    Carson, my first grandchild, was born on Easter Sunday, April 8th. His middle name is Pascalino, which in Italian is "son born on Easter". His Papoo was also born on an Easter Sunday.

    Again, thank you for your prayers.

  18. Mary, All my childhhod Easter were made special cause my Mom and Dad always made sure I looked like a doll! I remember all the wonderful pastel coats and dresses. I loved the hats and gloves too! Most of all I loved Easter Sunday mass and all the ladies who were dresses to the nines and our church was full of the most fragrant Spring blooms. Back then we had Easter processons too! And the girls would carry lillies to the Virgin Mary in church! Thanks for pulling up great memories for me today! Love, Lori

  19. Hi Mary! I wanted to email you, but I didn't have your email address anymore. I hope your daughter is okay. How are your grandsons? Remember me from Suite 101? I wrote lots of puzzles back then. I am still doing lots of fun stuff.

  20. Max! I do remember you. I am so glad that you've contacted me. I will enter you in the Easter giveaway. If you go to my blog profile, my email addy is there.


  21. Mary,

    This is a wonderful contest. Your cards are beautiful! I've enjoyed reading the memories of your posters. Such a great mix of happy and poignant memories. I don't envy you the task of choosing a winner!! :-)


  22. Did I miss the deadline? LOL I kept forgetting to come in here and 'sign up'.

    This is a great idea. And your cards, I know personally, are terrific!!!

  23. My favorite Easter memory is singing "Christ Arose" in church. I love how it starts out slow and then burst into joyous "Up from the grave he AROSE!" It gives me chills every time I sing it and it brings tears to my eyes! Oh and on a more silly point, always having to have a new easter dress! I just broke that habit!

  24. What a sweet giveaway. My most memorable Easter was the year that my dog Teddy ate all our Easter candy while we were at church!

  25. Lovely! Please enter me.

    Let's see. I think when I was a little girl and I got a new outfit with a hat, gloves, and a wonderful Easter basket. I lived on an Air Base then and my Mother was awarded the Mother of the Year Award. Happy thoughts!

  26. Denise,I'm sorry that you lost your Mom,but I rejoyce with you on haveing a great Easter sunday with your Mom.
    I fell the same with my Dad he passed away in aug 1984.the last Fathers day we spent together will always be special to me.
    Mary,I just had to comment on what Denise said.your giveaway is neet.came to visit you from Tina's blogspot(tinasoddandends.)I truely hope that you have a great day.Mike

  27. I didn't think I was going to get to enter this because of the computer being out of order! I am so happy the girls got me a key board for the wii.
    I was thinking about my best Easter and it would have to be 1967 when Karen was born two days later! She was an Easter baby! She has been a wonderful help to me down through the years! After the divorce she helped me with Kelly and then with Nancy! I have had more great Easters but you can't beat a new baby to make you remember what a great one we had that year! Love Grams

  28. It is 12:05 EST. The Contest is now CLOSED. Thanks to everyone for entering. I loved all of your Easter memories.

    Blessings and good luck. I will be using the random number generator and announcing the winner on tomorrow's post.


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