Monday, April 14

Autism Facts

As many of you know, April is Autism Awareness Month. Educating people about autism is one of my goals. The more we learn about it, the more the people suffering with autism will be accepted in today's society. Here are a few facts about autism that you may or may not know.

* Autism affects 1 in 150 children.
* Autism is a life-long disability that is 4 to 5 times more prevelent in boys. One in 94 boys is on the autism spectrum.
* There is no cure for autism but treatment is available.
* Those affected by autism have a normal life span.
*Research has proven that people who have autism learn best in a structured environment.
* Autism affects those in all walks of life and in every country in the world.
* Autism is not caused by the way a child is raised. It is often present at birth or within the first 30 months of a child's life.
* Early intervention is the key for helping those on the autism spectrum.
* Autism affects 400,000 people in the US alone.
* Autism is the 3rd most common developmental disability.
* Autism research receives only 5% of that of other diseases and disorders.
* Effective treatment for autism includes vitamin and mineral supplements, special diet and medical intervention, though all of these things are experimental.
* It is believe that Omega 3 oils help those affected by autism.
* Autism treatment is often excluded by insurance companies.
* 67 children are diagnosed with autism every day.
* New cases of autism are diagnosed at the rate of approximately one every 20 minutes.
* Autism costs the US over $90 billion annually.
* The rate of autism that is diagnosed increases every year.
* More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with Aids, cancer and diabetes combined.

These are just a few facts about autism that might interested you. Please take note that when we put Brandon on Cod Liver Oil and Flaxseed Oil, we noticed an improvement in his behavior within six weeks. We cannot prove that this had any specific bearing on his Asperger's, but we believe that it did.

I went out into the garden today and my snowdrops are still blooming, my hyacinths are in bud, though I think the squirrels feasted on most of the bulbs this past winter because I can only find two and I had dozens. Grrr! My tulips are about 4 inches high and my poppies are growing their greenery. I saw several robins today and the red-winged blackbirds are gathering around the canal. Marshes areas and wetlands are their natural habitat. I'm so glad that signs of spring are popping up in our area. I enjoyed some outdoor time today and was alert to the sights and sounds of spring.

I wish all of my friends and readers a great day. Enjoy the harbingers of spring. It's been a long winter. ~Blessings, Mary~

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  1. I need to call my friend and tell her about your blog. I am convinced that even if she knows all that you have posted already, she will be moved by your heart.

  2. You say: "It is believe that Omega 3 oils help those affected by autism" I'm wondering just how. Not that it's odd, I'm just curious as to how. Thank GAWD for research, huh? Some great stuff again Mary.

    And I bet your outdoor adventure was a thrill. By now with the snows and such, I'd certainly have cabin fever and want to be outdoors as much as possible. And red-winged 'em!!!

  3. I find it very hard to believe that Autism is not covered by insurance...what a rip off. Just with all you state that should be enough for insurance to take a closer look. I am glad spring is finally getting where you are, it HAS been a very long winter. Enjoy!!

  4. Unfortunaly there is a lot of things that the insurance companies donot want to cover.that is one reason I stayed at a job that I dispised,I was looking to change jobs and actually was ooking the the companies insurancs when I found out that the insurence would not cover my wife's diabetics supplies,and that she would have to wait for hre doctor visits be covered due to a preesisting condition prior to joing the companies insurance provider.So I satyed where I was at,her medicine and all the treatment she needed was already being covered.

  5.'s li'l ol' me again...I just replied to your email and I sent the other reply from the other day to you again as a 'forward' from my sent folder.

    Hope you get them both. I haven't checked into it yet tho, so give me some time, I'm just not sure about international on my contract.

  6. interesting post and thank your for informing us about Autism.

  7. As I was reading your facts I was wondering in areas where immunizations are not given-- how many are diagnosed with Autism. I guess because of the lack of medical research in these area we will never know.
    I'll have to ask my friend if she has tried the cod liver oil or the Omega 3.
    THere was something else that hit me but I can't remember what it was.:) Can I blame it on my age?
    Thanks for this.

  8. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. Maybe some day Insurance Company's will cover it. Peace be with you.

  9. Thanks for sharing this information with us sweetie, love you.

  10. Mary, thanks for being so faithful in your autism awareness. It helps so many to understand. I think we need more understanding in this world. It is too often that we judge others without even trying to imagine what it feels like to be in their shoes. I just love your blog! Debi

  11. I worked in the insurance part of a clinic in Tulsa for years..... so I so understand the insurance companies..... I saw people put in terrible circumstances because of the insurance policies... and as usual you have written some very enlightening information......... I love that you got out in the garden and got to witness spring......... I love tulips but I do not have one in my yard........ We have been here three years and I think that this will be the year that I get to do some work in my yard and I am soooooooooo excited........ I bought some of those poppies the other day that you had on your blog.......... I hope they look good like yours!!!!!!!

  12. Mary,

    Thank you for the valuable information about Autism. You have educated me about Autism. Mariah works with children who have autism. She has been taking courses about it, too. Thanks to you, we can discuss what she is learning. If not for you, I would not have a clue about what Mariah is talking about.

    I am delighted to hear that Brandon is having good results with the Omega 3 oils and the Flaxseed oil. I wish the medical world would seriously study what they call alternative treatments. After all, the medicines they make originate with plants!!