Monday, April 14

A Pay it Forward

Let's have a bit of fun. I've just finished reading the book, Where Willows Grow, and it was a terrific read. Because I enjoyed it so much, I'm going to offer it as a Pay it Forward. All you have to do to enter to win this book is commit to Paying it Forward when you are finished reading it.

This book is Christian fiction and is one that I enjoyed thoroughly. I had never read Kim Vogel Sawyer before, but she does a great job with this book.

Harley and his wife, Anna Mae, live on a farm near Spencer, Kansas in 1936. Like all families during the Great Depression, the couple are having trouble making ends meet. Harley and Anna Mae have two young daughters to provide for. When Anna Mae tells Harley she is expecting another child, he doesn't take it well.

Anna Mae firmly believes that the Lord will provide all of their needs. Harley is not a believer. Their relationship becomes strained due to their financial problems. For two years Kansas has experienced a drought and the farm that Anna Mae's father left to the couple is just not producing, so Harley sells the team of mules and informs his wife that he is leaving for Lindsborg to apply for the Works Progress Administration. He's heard they're building a castle and are looking for men to take part in its construction. This causes a huge argument between the two and Harley leaves before they come to terms with it.

Anna Mae is left to look after her children and work the farm. A neighbor who had at one time wished to wed Anna Mae offers to lend a helping hand. Feeling she has little choice, Anna Mae accepts his offer. She feels this man is an old friend and that she can trust him. Little does she know that he is up to no good.

Anna Mae writes to Harley on a regular basis and waits for the checks he promised to send to arrive in the mail. When nothing comes, Anna Mae feels that Harley has deserted his wife and children. In the meantime, Harley becomes deeply depressed because he hasn't heard from Anna Mae.

Anna Mae becomes frantic when the taxes come due and no checks have arrived. She knows she will lose the farm and wonders what she and the girls will do then. However, she continues to keep the faith.

Where did Anna Mae's and Harley's letters go? Will Anna Mae lose the farm or will God intervene? Will Harley come home? All these questions are answered in the book.

Where Willows Grow is a great read that focuses on the history of the Great Depression - how families struggled to survive and the hardships they faced.

Please leave a comment if you would like your name entered into the Pay it Forward draw. Enteries will be taken until Wednesday at 12:01 AM my time. The name of the winner will be announced Thursday. Thanks for participating and be sure to let your friends know.

A very special gentleman in blogland has honored me by presenting me with an award. Mike from Rambling Stuff has presented me with the Wings Beneath My Wings Award. Here, in part, is what Mike had to say about the award: Phyllis over at Scrappy and Happy has the wind Beneath My wings for any one that wants to thank someone for helping you here in blogland.

Mike, I would be happy to give you a hand anytime I can, and thank you so much for this beautiful award. You made my day.

Now there's been some people who have helped me in blogland as well and I'm going to pass this beautiful Wings Beneath My Wings Award on to them:

Anni at Hootin' Anni's - Thank you for helping me with things you are knowledgeable about whenever I ask.

Pea at Pea's Corner - Thank you for lending me a hand with HTML whenever I'm stumped.

Deena at Can I Be Pretty in Pink - Deena has also helped out when I had questions.

Diane at Diane's Place - Diane helped me when I first began blogging here in the fall of 2007.

Denise at Samaritan Women - Denise thanks for all the help you've given me when I had questions.

Mary at Isabella's Closet - Mary has made me many headers for my blog, including the present one. She made it from a card that my grandmother gave to me when I was a child.

If I have forgotten anyone who has helped me with anything, I apologize. Feel free to take a copy of the award. Thanks to all of you who have helped me. Please accept this award in the spirit in which it is given.

And to Mike, who is a giving and generous person and who made my day by giving me this beautiful award. Mike... I present you with the Blogger with a Heart Award. Enjoy and thanks for just being yourself.

Please remember to do a random act of kindness for someone. It could be a smile or lending a helping hand. We all need to know we are appreciated. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Aww, thank you, Mary! No special thanks were necessary, but are appreciated just the same, my friend. Many people have and do lend me a helping hand and I try to pay it forward when I can.

    Hope your new week is a great one! ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  2. I'm glad you made it over toe Show and Tell! Sounds like a good book!

    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Oh you are a special lady. Thank you for that award... and yes put my name in that pot for that book... that is such a good idea on the Pay it Forward with books.. I have a lot of books....... I need to get my act together and do that....... That story sounds wonderful... I love Christian fiction........ I love Frank Peretti and I think I have read all his books ......Have you read any of his books?

    Hugs x0x0x0x0

  4. Congrats on your award dear, love you.

  5. Pay it Forward is such a good idea..sign me up. Did you watch the movie, "Pay it forward"? i thought it was excellent. Sandy

  6. Mary,
    Congratulations on your award...very deserving...

    Yes, I would very much like to read the book and pass it on....

    Thanks for visiting with me...Betty

  7. You have been busy blessing people! How fun! You have a wonderful God-filled week!

  8. Thank you, love you
    your very tired friend.

  9. Dearest Mary,

    Congratulations on receiving the award from Mike and thank you so much for passing it along to me...I love to help whenever I can:-) That's what friends are for!!

    I haven't read a book in so all stems from when I had chronic anxiety with the agoraphobia, I couldn't concentrate on reading at all. I use to read 2 books a day before that!! Such a wonderful idea to have the book as a Pay It Forward:-) xoxo

  10. I believe I read this book. Our daughter shared it with me when she was done. It sure sounds familiar tho...Anyway, I think the 'book trade' Pay it Forward is a terrific idea Mary...but, leaving a comment for you doesn't mean I need this one, okay?


    I am nearly speechless again dear friend!!! I see this Wind Beneath My Wings Award that you presented to me!! I'll get this up on my blog in the a.m.! Truly, this is sooooooo beautiful. It's a fantastic award, and I feel very blessed. Thank you, thank you. [it's one of my favorite songs too!!]

    Hope your day is been treating you well. I'm on a short lunch break, and need to get back to getting some stuff done around the house. it's that FOUR LETTER word we don't like to speak......I R O N [I have one long sleeve cotton western cut shirt of Buds and two linen blouses of mine to do that four letter thing to. rofl]

    Happy Monday...
    Thanks again.

  11. Mary,thank you for the award that you have given me.When I gave you the wind Beneath My wings award I did that to acknowledge those that have helped me in the journey of blogland.

  12. I love the idea of pay it forward.A gentilman long ago taught me the same thing,when I was in the USAF,my mustang stalled when I hit a large puddle, it was raining heavly.He stopped to help.after we got the car restarted and running I aske what I owed him for his help,He said help the next person that needs it that's how you repay me.

  13. Mary, if anyone deserves this award it is you. I know that your posts have helped many people.

  14. Good night my friend... long day today... but the Central H/A is finished finally........ I am not doing too good with my legs.. I do appreciate your prayers... I will take the day off and just stay in my comfie chair.. so I will get to do a lot of blogging tomorrow.


  15. Sounds like such a good read. Reading is my favorite thing to do. I would like to be entered. I love your idea of paying it forward with books......Have a beautiful tomorrow

  16. Thank you for more facts about autism. This all helps us understand something that many of us have no idea what it's all about.

    That book sounds very good, throw my hat in the ring for the Pay It Forward. I should start doing that with some of my books, great idea!

    We're supposed to get up in the 60's tomorrow! Yippee! I am so ready for some warn weather to get out in and dig around in my gardens.

  17. Congrats: on your lovely award! You are a big help to many of us!!!
    I haven't been over here for a day or two!

    I would love for you to enter me in this drawing!!

    We have to take Nancy for a chest ex-ray this afternoon over to Blue Springs at St Mary's hospital. She had her test yesterday. Love and hugs Grams

  18. Mary,

    Thank you for the excellent book review!

    Congratulations on your well deserved award! :-)