Thursday, April 17

A Little This and That

First of all I want to thank Anni at Hootin' Anni's for creating my beautiful header. Anni made this for me some time ago but I just never got it put up. I love it! I is elegant and looks old fashioned. The graphics she used go great with the name of my blog. Thanks, Anni. You're such a talented lady.

Well, it seems that blogger won't upload my photos. Mmm! My plans for my post just went down the drain because Show and Tell Friday needs photos for the "Show" part of it.

Well, it was a beautiful spring day here - warm and sunny, though the wind was still a bit chilly. Meeko and I went for a walk along the canal. Yesterday the birds were singing and flitting about everywhere. Today we didn't see any birds except sparrows. I was hoping to see the red-winged blackbirds that live there. They are usually plentiful, but they must have been up to other business today. Usually as Meeko and I approach, they scold us for disturbing them. As we advance they fly a little further along the path and continue their scolding. Meeko pays no attention. He just prances along with his tail up and totally ignores them. It is hilarious.

I had an appointment with the eye specialist this morning and I'm not too happy with the result. It was to get my pressures checked as I have glaucoma. Well, the pressure in my left eye was 21 while in my right eye it was only 14. The left eye is the one that got infected when I had my laser treatment for glaucoma a few years ago. The pressure tends to stay higher in that eye, but usually only about 17. I have to be very careful because I also have diabetes, which can cause blindness. So I have a double whammy to deal with here. If there's one thing I do not want to do, it's to go blind. Right now my eyesight is pretty good and my periphial vision is good. I want it to stay that way. So please pray that my pressures will return to the lower reading. The doctor is now reviewing my file. I'm hoping he doesn't come up with any brilliant ideas like laser treatment again. I had such a difficult time with that and said I would never have it again. As it stands now, I still feel the same way.

Not much else for news. It's to be 23 C tomorrow and I'm hoping to get out in the garden and get things cleaned up a bit. Enjoy the nice weather and have a wonderful Friday.


  1. I am so sorry about your eye diagnosis. It really would be sad to not be able to see the beauty around us, and to read and write!

    We had some lovely days, then cold ones, and nice is supposed to return.

    I LOVE the header Anni created for you - just beautiful.

    Have you ever tried for uploading and downloading pictures? I used it exclusively until Blogger started working better. Now I interchange which ones I use. Give it a try sometime. It has never failed me.

  2. I just love your new header! It really fits you and your blog. Enjoy the nice weather tomorrow!

  3. I will pray for those precious eyes my friend..... I will find a scripture that applies to your eyes and I will speak that word over you........ I sent you an email last night and not sure if you got it..... seems that you said something about you having trouble with your email....... I will email you again tonight..... I am glad that you were out and about with Meeko.......... I love going for a walk....... but cannot do that right now............. and!!!!!!!!!! I love the new banner............ It is you!!!!!!

  4. Mary,you are in my prayers. My Wife Celestine is a type 1 diabetic and has been for about 40 years.She has had clacoma surgery in both eyes.

  5. Mary
    I will ask and hope you receive. I hope you enjoyed your day outside. I have been working in the yard for three days straight and tomorrow I must rest or the old back will lay me low.

  6. Do take care of your eyes. I hope the review comes out good.

  7. I am so sorry . I have those same problems as I have type 1 diabetics. I want to wish you a very beautiful weekend...mary

  8. Dear Mary,
    I love your new header, too...

    And I will be saying a prayer for your eye sight. Don't let the news discourage you too much...God is able!


  9. 23C and I'm glad you didn't put a - in front of it. Nice! I am waiting to hear back from my friend so I can direct her to your site.

  10. Anni is a very talented lady!! For sure!!
    I am so sorry to hear about your eye. That is a big worry. I know it would really worry me for sure!! I think that going blind would be the worst for me.
    We are having beautiful days down here in South East Georgia.
    Blessings to you Mary,

  11. Mary,

    I will keep good thoughts and prayers that the pressure in your eye comes back down to a good spot.

    Your new header is beautiful!! Anni did a great job. As you said, she is a very talented lady!

    I'm glad to hear about your lovely weather! Being able to go for walks again is one of the blessings of spring time, especially with a good buddy. I can just imagine Meeko "prancing" along. Oscar and I have finally been able to walk around the yard. The weather was very nice, but a bit chilly until yesterday. Of course, being a dachshund, Oscar doesn't prance. He keeps his nose to the ground. LOL

    I hope the red-winged blackbirds come back soon. They are very territorial, aren't they?!?!? LOL I love to see them perched high the trees with the sun shining on them - their red bars stand out beautifully.

    Enjoy the lovely weather!
    Love and hugs,

  12. I am crazy about your new header, suits you perfectly.

    We are getting some colder weather coming our way out here. Maybe even {{gasp}} snow. Oh well we definitely need the moisture any way we can get it.

    God bless.

  13. Hey girl---I had a little problem with blogger this morning too. Hey maybe all the pictures I was uploading caused blogger to have a fit.:)
    You should try again--I am finished posting. :)
    We took a field trip yesterday--I think maybe you will like the pictures.
    I will pray about your eye. I know these things are nothing to play around with. I pray that God gives your doctor wisdom.
    Enjoy your yard work!
    And yes, I thought the header fit your blog perfectly too.

  14. Hi Mary....earlier this morning before we went out to do "Bud's thing" for his birthday, I sent you an email. Did you get it this time?

    Sorry to hear 'bout the eye test results. I know my mother had the same thing happen to her and they considered it had a lot to do with her extreme blood pressure. Dunno just how 'correct' that assumption is was a long time ago.

    Hope it returns to 'normal' in your normal range, soon!!

    I've found out that when Blogger is being BOOGER instead or Blogger, I stop and do just one photo upload at a time. It usually takes then, but yes, it can be a P I T A!

    Okay, we're just about ready to go back out, I'm taking Bud out for a steak dinner for him and just a salad for me. We had to come back home and unload the car, take care of "The Ho" and Winston, then shower change clothes and go out.

    Hope your day is treating you well.

  15. Oh and....glad you like your header. :o)

  16. Sweetie, you are very much in my thoughts and prayers. Your eyes are precious, I know how upset you must be. Asking God to lower the pressure, please take care. I love you.

  17. hey girl....never got an email but my server is a mess today... things are better and Dad is better thank goodness..... Had me a bit worried last night.... His temp was 103. when I got over there... Just a touch of the flu I guess.... I just pray that Mom does not follow suit.


  18. Mary, My prayers are with you, that your eytes will be healed.. God Bless you..Have a good weekend..