Tuesday, May 27

Happy Birthday, Brandon!

Brandon, I hope you have a very Happy 13th Birthday today. You are turning into a fine young man. Over the last few years I have seen you grow both physically and mentally. You're doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work and remember to be honest, respectful of others and to do your best at all times. I love you and am very proud of you. Love, Grandma.

On Sunday, some family members gathered to have a little party with Brandon for his birthday. We had it early since his birthday falls on a school day this year. Here are a few photos of his big day.
Here Brandon is showing everyone his PSP (Play Station Portable.) He had no idea he was getting this. When we went to Zellers on Friday night he told me he'd really like to have it. I said, "Sorry, Grandma already has your birthday gift." LOL I knew he was getting it but didn't let on. As it happened, his parents had bought him the exact one that he wanted. The graphics on this game are awesome. He can also watch movies on it. This is the big fad for kids right now.

He got money from his other grandparents and this is what he likes to get from them. Some other people also gave him money. Brandon likes to have his own money to spend, as all kids do.

This year Brandon read every card as he opened it. In the past he would lay them aside so he could get to the presents right away. He is maturing. However, he has entered his teens and is showing a bit of a tendency to talk back. I put him straight about that when he tried it with me and his mother did as well.

Brandon has always loved Lego and this year was no exception. He got two Lego sets. One was a robot and the other was Lego City which will go with all of his other Lego. He has tons of it from when he was very small. Grandpa and I gave him the robot.

Brandon likes to play cribbage and has been wanting his own crib board for a long time. I searched high and low for one that he would be able to have for a keepsake and I found the one in the photo above online. It has a picture of a cougar on it and it's very pretty. He told me he'd never seen a crib board like that one in his entire life. LOL

Brandon was more interested in the Lego that he was in eating his cake. He just couldn't wait to get that robot together.

He had a fantastic time and he was really happy that Melissa and Griffyn could come. Griffyn has been sick with a cold and we weren't sure if he was going to be well enough to attend. I will post some photos of Griffyn sometime this week.

If you have children or grandchildren, remember to give them words of encouragement. They need to build confidence and self-esteem. Have a great week. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Happy Birthday Brandon! What a nice young man he is! It looks like he had a great day! I hope you had a happy three day weekend Mary!

    Hugs, Sharon

  2. Happy Birthday Brandon! It looks like he had a great time.

  3. Happy Birthday to dear Brandon, may he be blessed always.

  4. Happy Birthday, Brandon! :-)

    Mary, thank you for posting all about Brandon's birthday celebration. He is growing up, that's for sure, into a fine young man!

    Love & Hugs,

  5. Happy Birthday Brandon!!!!!! What a day you must have had........ You are blessed to have such a wonderful wonderful grandmother....

    Have a great day.........

  6. Happy Birthday Brandon! Maybe your grandma could take a picture of your robot when it's finished so we can all see it.

    Mary, I really liked the picture Jordan took in your previous post.

  7. It seems liked a memorable birthday. Happy Birthday, lad!

    You can never have enough lego!

  8. Happy Birthday! Brandon

    My grandson, Jodan is 10 today. I sent him a card. When I was there last, I hid money so in the card I gave a few hints where to find it. I'll call soon and see how he did. I enjoyed seeing the photos. I have always thought Lego was the best toy a child could have and this grandmother enjoys playing with it too.
    Mama Bear

  9. Happy Birthday Brandon.
    I too like to play crib.

  10. Hi Mary,
    Please tell Brandon Happy Birthday from me. He's now starting his teen years! Your wise words about encouraging our grandchildren are so true.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON!! Looks like you had a super weekend celebration!!

    A teenager now....wait'll the girls hear that. They'll be knocking down the door!!

    Sending hugs to your grandmother Mary too.

  12. Mary,here is a happy birthday wish for Brandon. may you always see good health,have a lot of friends.

  13. Happy Birthday Brandon.

    Great photos Mary.

    and I love what you said at the end - children remember harsh words and take them into their heart. encouragement and acceptance and love make all the difference.

    sounds like Brandon is a lucky young man.

  14. A very happy birthday to Brandon! I can tell you have such a great love for your grandchildren...
    Looks like he had a great day! :)

  15. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Brandon
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu!!!

    Wow, look at all those awesome birthday presents he received!! It truly does sound and look like he's had a terrific day:-) My boys loved getting Legos for their b'days and Christmas!! As for money...well now that's the best! hehe xoxo

  16. Happy Birthday Brandon!! I hope you had a wonderful day!! It looks like he got a lot of great gifts he will really enjoy in the weeks and months to come! My kids and Grandkids loved legos too! Love and hugs Grams

    Mary, too funny I just posted something on my granddaughters B-day.
    Great minds think a like yes?

  18. Happy Birthdya Brandon and many more. Looks like number 13 was a great one. Peace