Friday, May 30

A Wildlife Surprise at the Farm

As soon as Jordan got home from school on Thursday, he phoned to see if we were going to the farm. It was a beautiful spring day with clear, sunny skies. The perfect opportunity to get away for a while and enjoy the outdoors.

When we arrived, Jordan went and knocked on the door to let the owners know that we were there and to ask if there were any new animals. He came back to the van and told us yes, there was a new animal but it was in the house.

I was talking to one of the ladies who work there and told the boys to go ahead and I would be right there. The next thing I knew I heard a bleating sound and lo and behold look at the photo below to see what was coming down the walk.

I'd like to introduce you to Bambi. She is between one and two weeks old. One of the women who work at the farm saw that a doe had been hit by a car and killed not far from where the boys live. She knew that this doe had just had a new fawn and went looking for it. She found it tucked away in cover at the top of a hill not far from where its mother was killed.
Here are Brandon and Jordan petting Bambi. They were quite delighted that they could touch a fawn. Last year they got to pet a baby tiger. If you missed that post, you can read about it HERE. What lucky boys they are.
Bambi is a doe and the owner of the farm is not sure what is going to happen to her. For the time being they are keeping her in the house. She has her own bed and a kennel. The woman who found her contacted the SPCA and the Ministry of Natural Resources but neither would take Bambi. They couldn't tell her who to call for help in this situation. So she phoned the farm and the owner told her that Bambi could live there for now.

Bambi's future concerns me. If she gets used to humans and the dogs at the farm I doubt she will ever be able to be released into the wild. I did a little research and fawns are seldom seen in the wild when they are this young because the mother keeps them well hidden. At this age they have no scent, which is nature's way of protecting them.

After the boys visited with Bambi, they went out back to play on the trampoline. I followed to keep an eye on them. At the back of the house, the Hawthorne tree was in bloom. It looks lovely.
And here are the blooms in a closeup. They are beautiful, yet the thorns are dangerous. I showed them to the boys and explained how thorns very similar to these were braided into a crown that was placed on Jesus' head before he was crucified. The boys touched the thorns and couldn't believe that anyone could be so cruel as to shove these into someone's head. A good lesson for them to learn.

After the trampoline and the lesson on thorns, we went back to the front of the house and visited with Bambi a little before heading home. It was a fun day and the boys really enjoyed seeing the fawn. A beautiful experience for all of us. We never know what blessing God is going to send our way next. Take care and have a great weekend. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh that is too cute and I would love to take it home with me..... I am like you and wonder what will happen to her latter down the road..... but what a treat for the boys......... I am glad that you got out and was able to enjoy the beautiful day....... I pray that you have a peaceful Friday and I pray that your Aunt will have a beautiful revelation of the Savior

  2. Bambi is gorgeous!Simply lovely!!What a neat post.I am a huge fan of deer and this one's a beauty.Blessings from Oregon~Sharon

  3. That is so sweet! What a treat for the boys to see such a young fawn. I hope things turn out okay for her.

  4. That is such a precious treat for the boys. Bambi is so darling, I love it. I am praying for your aunt, never stopping.

  5. A Bambi!! A real live Bambi! Wow, what an experience for the boys. It's so darned cute! I just can't find words this morning to actually tell you what I think of's just way cool.

    From what I read here, you ALL had a wonderful time. Another great experience for them, and for Grandma too.

    You're tops Mary! Those boys KNOW that already, but it's always good to hear it from an 'outside source' too.

  6. Ah, fawns are so sweet. Most whitetails have twins and we see them out following their Mothers on the farm. One year under the beech trees near the drive a newborn was curled up. It never moved until this human left the area. I am sure the Mother was watching nearby. I did have the camera and took pictures but did not touch the fawn as it would have been rejected. Our wildlife management takes little ones like that and put them in a larged fenced in area so they are in their natural settings but protected. I am so glad the boys and you had such a treat. Peace

  7. Oh what a day , what a wonderful day. I sure wish I could have gone with you too

    Bambi is DARLING and it's true .I've never seen a babe that small in the woods..
    she needs protected..and seems she 's found a good place for now.

    The Hawthorne looks lovely..but oh those thorns..tis good you told the boys about the crown of thorns Jesus wore , being mocked..Such a great gramma and
    you are blessed with the boys..

    love and hugs..Deena
    praying for you all..

  8. Mary,

    What a wonderful surprise! It's easy to see how taken the boys were with Bambi.

    I share your concern over Bambi's future. I hope something can be worked out. It was so kind of that woman to find her and bring her to the farm.

    I hope you have a great weekend!


  9. Omigosh, a real live Bambi! How adorable she is!!! I would have so loved to pet her also but as you say, it could be so dangerous for her to get too used to humans and other animals! I can well imagine how the boys (and you!) enjoyed seeing her, it's not something you see every day:-) I'm glad you were able to tell the boys about the thorns in the Hawthorne tree...just an example of the pain Jesus went through for us.

    When you have a chance, come by my blog to enter my giveaway:-) xoxo

  10. Oh My! Bambi is adorable! What a thrill for the boys to be able to pet him. The Hawthorne tree is so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing this with us. Love and hugs Grams

  11. Mary,

    How lucky for the boys to see a real, live fawn. I do hope Bambi will be okay. I haven't seen any new fawns yet around here. but it should be soon. Love the pictures and your report on Bambi and the farm visit. It's always a delight to read about these outings.

    I'm glad Brandon had such a nice 13th birthday. Sorry I missed it.

    Take care, and have a nice weekend.


  12. Very neat!! That was so special, I hope all goes well for the fawn.

  13. Bambi is adorable, and what a fun learning experience for the boys. I share your concern over her future. Let us know what transpires..

  14. I was under the impression it is illegal in Ontario to keep wildlife. I am surprised the MNR was not more helpful by directing you to a rehabilitation centre. Around here young bears and moose of often orphaned and there are places they are raised to be released into the wild.
    Sadly, this is not a possibility for your fawn which will spend too much time with people. A private zoo will probably be its fate.

    It is very cute.

  15. what a wonderful experience for the boys to get to pet Bambi and enjoy her up close...and what wonderful chance you had for a bible lesson with the boys...
    the farm is such a great place for you to be able to spend time there..

  16. Chiming in to say how sweet little Bambi is. What a treat for the boys to get to see and pet her.