Wednesday, May 28

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It's been a while since I posted a prayer request, but we have a grave situation in our family.

Some of you may have noticed that on my sidebar is a ribbon in honor of my Aunt May struggling through bone cancer. She had a masectomy three years ago. In the beginning of 2007, she was having terrible pain in her right leg. She asked the doctor about it many times and he kept telling her it was sciatica.

One day as she was going into the kitchen to start dinner, the telephone rang. She turned to go back to answer and right there in the kitchen doorway, her leg broke. Her husband and son were able to lift her in a chair and get her to the hospital. When they did the x-rays and further tests, they discovered that she had bone cancer.

Aunt May was in hospital from late April until the end of August. They had to place rods in both legs and eventually the surgeon rebuilt her hip. He described it as building a bridge with wire and steel.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to her and she told me that there is a spot of cancer in her brain. She explained that she had to have further tests so the doctors could determine how much cancer was in her body.

Aunt May was told she couldn't take chemotherapy because she has a rare blood disorder. They did give her a chemo pill, but it wasn't putting the cancer into remission. Last Friday when she went for tests, her doctor told her she had to have chemo while she was there. When she explained about the rare blood disorder he told her that she could take her chances with the chemo and maybe live two months or go home and die within two weeks. She took the chemo. So far she hasn't had any negative repercussions. She has to go for another round of chemo this Friday.

I am worried that because of the blood condition that the chemo could kill her, which is possible. She had been warned never to take it. But what choice does she have with the prognosis she was given. On Friday they also found she has cancer in her spine.

Please pray for God's will in Aunt May's situation. If God is going to call her home, I would like her passing to be pain free. If He has more for her to do here on earth, I hope that the cancer will go into remission and she will be pain free.

My request is simply, "May God's will be done." I do appreciate your prayers. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I'm sorry Mary - I'll pray.

  2. Mary,I'm sotrry to hear this news.of course I will keep her in my prayers.and as I usually do I will be posting a link to you from my site.

  3. Oh Mary, I am so sorry to read this sad news on your aunts condition. This darned old cancer is just so rampant it seems. I will be praying for strength, comfort and the Lord's will be done for your dear aunt.

  4. Mary,as promised your request is up on my site as well.I hope that the LORD gives you comfort as well as your Aunt May. Hugs and blessing your way as you deal with this bad news.

  5. Yes Mary, I will be praying also.

  6. Dear Mary,
    "Thy will be done" for your Aunt May.
    I remember the pain of those days when Grandpa was so ill and praying that same line over and over.
    May God be with both of you.

  7. Mary..... I am so sorry.... In situations like this it is so hard to know what to ask the Father.. We always want to pray for healing for I believe that is His will most of the time, but then there are times that He is going to call her home and our prayers change...... We are never without hope because with Christ there is always hope. I will pray His will in her life and if He is going to call her home then I pray that He call her quickly and without pain and suffering.. I pray that she lay down and go to sleep in the Lord... I hate this demon of cancer and I will rejoice and dance for joy when all of that is throw into the lake of fire....

    I will pray for your sweet aunt and for you.... I know you are close to her..... I pray God's grace in her life and in your life and His love and tender touch to hold her close as she makes her way home......

    Hugs x0x0x0x0

  8. My prayers are with you and your aunt and may God's will be done.

  9. Will be remembering you and your Aunt with prayers. May His Peace be with you as you move on this rocky road ahead and provide a light for your way.

  10. I am so very sorry to hear this news my sweet friend. I will be praying for your dear aunt, may God have His way and will. I am asking Him to please let her be pain free, and if He takes her, to let it be a sweet peaceful journey. I love you with all of my heart.

  11. Mary....I am chilled to the bone here! This is such a tragic way to live a life, and try to be optimistic! But it's not in the hands of anyone but the good lord above. He will answer our prayers!!

    Giant, comforting hugs dear Mary!! And my love goes out to ALL your family.

  12. My Aunt Carolyn, my Mother's sister had the same series of events and I will put Aunt May in my prayers. Peace

  13. I'm so sorry Mary. Of course we'll keep your Aunt May in our prayers. We do know prayer works.

    Love and {{Hugs}}

  14. Oh, Mary, I'm so sorry to hear this. I'll definitely add Aunt May to my prayer list, and you and the rest of the family as well.

    On a lighter note, Happy 'Belated' Birthday to Brandon! And, I love your new design! I haven't visited in a while, so it was a nice surprise. I thought I 'opened the door to the wrong virtual home'! :-)

    *hugs, prayers, and smiles*

  15. I am so sorry for this news. I prayed before I typed and will continue to do so...Mary

  16. So very sad. Especially when she tried to get help long before they found it. She'll be on my list!

  17. I am so sorry to hear this sad news Mary. I will pray for your Aunt May. I pray that God will give you a peace and comfort about this too.

    Blessings, Sharon

  18. Mary,

    I am so sorry. Yes, I will keep your Aunt May in my thoughts and prayers that she will go into remission and be pain free.

    Love & hugs,

  19. Mary,I know the pain that you are going thru,I went thru it with my Mom in Sept.2003 when she was dianosed with Lung Cancer.We put in a hospice she died after being there a week.

  20. Oh, Mary, I am so sorry about this news. Prayers for your Aunt, and for you. His will be done! Amen.

    Take care and God bess!


    Happy Belated birthday to Brandon!