Friday, May 16

Show and Tell Friday

It's time for Show and Tell Friday. If you would like to participate, drop over to Kelli's at There's No Place Like Home.

My regular readers will know that I love all types of birds. I especially like those that have bright colors and beautiful songs. Birds are natures music and they always bring a splash of color into our yards. There's nothing like waking up in the morning to bird song outside your window.

When I turned 50, my mother gave me a birthday party. It is not something that I would have planned for myself, as I dislike being in the limelight. However, Mom felt that I had missed out as we never had birthday parties when we were kids. She'd thrown a party for my brother three years before when he turned 50 and so she did the same for me.

Even though Mom told everyone "Well wishes only," I got quite a few gifts. One of these was music box.

This was given to my by Aunt May. She is Mom's sister and my favorite aunt. The birds are beautiful, as are the porcelain flowers.
I took a photo from the end so you can see the beautiful flowers. Every petal is perfect.

This basket of flowers with the birds is a music box and it plays the song, Everything is Beautiful. Aunt May was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. In April 2007, she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Since that time the cancer has spread to her head. She never was well, as she has the same rare blood condition that Grandma had, but now she is battling for her life. Please keep her in your prayers.

No matter what happens, I will always have this beautiful music box that Aunt May gave me when I turned 50. It will be passed down in the family as a treasured heirloom.

Have a great weekend and if the opportunity arises, do a random act of kindness. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Hey girl...... I am so sorry about your precious Aunt...... and the music box is beautiful.... What a treasure you have to keep in your heart........ I have not been here much and I do miss you...... I think by the first of the week I will be caught up and finished with a lot of things that have had me a bit overwhelmed....... Love you lots and I will email you latter tonight or tomorrow.......

    hugs !!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful music box, and it will always be a lovely memory of your Aunt May!

    I'm real far behind with my replies, will catch up soon!

  3. Your birds are beautiful. I will keep your Aunt May in my prayers. What a lovely way to be reminded of her daily.


  4. What a precious gift from your precious aunt. I'm so sorry to hear of her cancer battle. Thanks for sharing your treasure.

  5. Such a very beautiful music box. I will be praying for your dear aunt May.

  6. The basket of flowers and birds is just beautiful!...Kathy

  7. Mary....a true treasure. Funny, I was just looking at porcelain birds [particularly blue jays] yesterday at Ross's store here in town. Almost bought it...but then, I opted to buy two huge soup bowl/cups that have roosters on it. Yep, me....roosters. Who'da thunk it!!?!!

    Your Auntie "M" will be in my thoughts. As will your family...this is a trying time in one's life that certainly puts a wrinkle in our style and way of best to you as always.

  8. Dear Mary, What a pretty music box from your dear Aunt May. I'm so sorry she fighting cancer. I hate that dreaded disease. I will pray for your Aunt May right now.

    Your mother is so sweet to throw you a 50th birthday party. I think it's sweet that she wanted to make up for lost years of missed parties. Your mother sounds like she's full of love for her children.

    Have a nice Friday, Kathi

  9. Good Morning! Your music box is very pretty. My grandmother collects music boxes as well.



  10. What an absolutely gorgeous music box!! And what a sweet lady. I am sorry about her health problems.

  11. First off, a prayer offered up on your precious Aunt's behalf. What a lovely music box from obviously, a lovely lady!

  12. Mary
    Beautiful music box and a wonderful keepsake from your loving Aunt May. Peace be with her and all her family.

  13. I love music boxes. I haven't seen one quite like yours. It's very pretty.
    I sorry to hear about your aunt.

  14. Hi Mary,
    How wonderful that your Mom gave you a 50th birthday party :) You have such a wonderful remembrance of your dear Aunt May in that lovely music box.
    I'll keep her in my prayers.

  15. Thanks for sharing these precious memories! Me too, I love birds and you are more than welcome to pass by my blog and have at the little birdies in my garden.

    Blessings, Anita

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  17. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. I'll say a prayer for her right now.

    I love sculptures made from porcelain, especially with ornate flowers. Beautiful!

  18. I like your little birdies! It is so hard to watch a loved get so sick. My granny has alzhimers she has her days, but most days she doesnt even know who we are. She knows she should and that we are speacial to us, but doesn't know our names. Any way you have a good weekend to!

  19. I love birds too,I have a wall full of birds,yours is really beautiful`.
    thanks so much for your nice words in my blog;)

  20. This is beautiful and such a treasured keepsake. I pray that your Aunt finds peace in these difficult days.
    Mama Bear

  21. Little reminders like this are so very important to pass to the next generation. I am glad that you have this sweet little gift from your aunt. I am sorry she is having to go through this....I pray that she is not in pain.
    Thanks for sharing this with us Mary.

  22. Oh...I'm so sorry to hear about your dear aunt. I will indeed pray for her!

    I love this treasure you have from her and just reading that your mom gave you and your brother a birthday party at age 50 because she felt you had missed out on them as kids just tugged at my very sweet.

    I had meant to finally participate in Show and Tell once again today but ran out of time...hopefully next Friday!

    Have a good weekend, dear Mary!

  23. This is a very pretty music box
    from your Aunt May, thanks for stopping by and commenting on
    my birds. Hugs to you and prayers
    for your dear Aunt May.

  24. Those Bird are sure beautiful. Lot of the morning I just set and listen to the song birds.

    I think or know I would be uncomfortable having a birthday party when I turn 50 and that is in two years.

  25. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt and will pray for her. The music box she gave you is lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

  26. You are my berry berry best friend in the whole world....... Your ugly shirt will be a few days late as there is something coming with it...........:) and someone would have to drag me kicking and screaming away from my blog friends!!!!!!!!!! I am here till the trumpet sounds!!!!!!!

  27. Mary, your sweet bird music box is a very special and beautiful treasure! What a lovely reminder of your Aunt.

  28. Thanks for sharing your beautiful music box (I haven't seen music box like this) and the very special story of your aunt.

    I’m working in Oncological clinic and every day see, how hard it is to be an oncological patient or patient’s relative.


  29. I love birds too. Their songs are so beautiful. Your music box is so pretty also. I am always drawn to pretty things with birds. It kind of brings the outdoors in. We will all say a prayer for your Aunt.

  30. What a beautiful and treasured keepsake you dear Aunt May gave you, Mary. I will be remembering her in my prayers as well.

    Take care!


    PS. I love the new look of your blog!

  31. Mary,

    I am sorry about your Aunt's illness. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

    How wonderful of your Mom to throw the 50th birthday party for you! I think that is so sweet and what fun. I love the birds and the basket of flowers figure that your Aunt gave you. It is beautiful - a lovely keepsake to cherish.