Sunday, May 11

A Tribute to My Mother

Mom as a Baby. Taken in 1928
Mom and Brandon. Taken 2007
Mom and Jordan. Taken 2007
Mom, Michelle and Brandon. Taken September 2007.
Mom, my brother and his family. Taken September 2007

Since I was a little girl, you have always been there for me. When I was small, you bandaged scraped knees and kissed away tears.As I grew into a young woman, you gave wise words of advice, which were often ignored, yet you never interfered. Now that I am a Grandmother, you are still there to offer advice, gentle words of support and most of all, love. If God had given me a choice of mothers, I couldn't have picked a better one. In all of His infinite wisdom, He chose you to be my Mother. I thank Him for that. You are the best Mom anyone could ask for.Besides all of these things, you taught me to respect my fellowman, to be honest and to love nature. You also passed down some very special writing talents. I want you to know that as well as being my Mother, I consider you my friend. I appreciate all you have done and all you still do for me. I love you with all of my heart. You are the wind beneath my wings.
Your Loving Daughter

Happy Mother's Day to all of my blogging friends. I wish you much sunshine, the fragrance of roses and all of the beautiful pearls that life can hold.


  1. Oh Mary, what a lovely tribute to your mom. My mom died of cancer 22yrs ago, I was only 29, divorced with 2 small girls. I miss her. But I know that my dad and her are so happy with our Lord:) Life does go on:)Enjoy your time together and you my friend have a Blessed Mothers Day:)

  2. What a nice tribute to your Mom. My Mom passed away 5 years ago and I cherish the time we had. I love the pictures too! Happy Mothers Day!

  3. That was a beautiful tribute to our Mom.......... I pray that the two of you have lots of laughs tomorrow........ and that you make lots more memories.............

    I posted some pictures of my mom a few minutes ago........ if you get a min. go and see..........

  4. Mary,thank you for the tribute to your warms my heart as I think of mine while reading this.

  5. Such a beautiful letter to your mom. It got me thinking about my mum. Happy Mothers Day to all!

  6. Mary!!! This brought tears to my eyes ---that was beautiful. We little girls have a special place in our hearts for our mothers, don't we? I loved your tribute, the writing was very, VERY heart warming. You did ONE PERFECT job. And, she's beautiful.

    Happy Mother's Day to you. Yep, I'm online until Bud wakes up. Then, the day begins. Thanks so much for the sweet gift. I picked it up and will go put this on my Sunday's blog entry I had scheduled to be posted if I didn't get online... it's an addiction I tellya.

    Enjoy celebrating Mother's Day!!
    Hugs sent your way------

  7. Good Morning Mary,
    "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY"!!!! This is such a wonderful tribute to your Mother. "THANK YOU" for sharing such a wonderful story and the pictures with us. I think it is so wonderful that you still have your Mother with you. I know there are some that don't and they do miss their Mother's especially on this Mother's Day. I am "THANKFUL" I still have my Mother as well. My Sister is cooking for me and our Mom today, so I will be going down there after Church today. I hope you and your Mother and the rest of your Family have a wonderful and special time together today. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.
    P.S. "THANK YOU" for the lovely card you sent me. I do appreciate it very much. I don't check my emails everyday anymore like I used to. I did get it the other day and it was lovely. I appreciate you thinking of me.

  8. Mary
    Very beautiful and you are one of the lucky ones, those who still have their Mother here to share the day. Peace and have a Happy Mothers Day too.

  9. What a beautiful post this is to your sweet Mother. I have to tell you that she looks quite a lot like my Grandmother. I had to do a double-take when the pictures came up. LOL!

  10. That was very sweet...I am sure that your Mom felt very special when she read it.
    I hope that you have a beautiful day.
    You are a very special woman also-may your "children" rise and call you blessed.
    Love the pictures.

  11. Such a precious tribute to your mom. Happy Mothers Day my dear friend. I love you.

  12. What a lovely tribute to your sweet mother! You are a great mother and grandmother too! Have a wonderful Mother's day!

    :0) Sharon

  13. A very special post indeed. Happy Mother's Day, Mary.

  14. That is a beautiful letter to your MOM!

    I was just wondering: Where is the journal going next?
    Mama Bear

  15. Happy Mother's Day to you too, dear Mary! I do hope your day has been a wonderful one so far. You wrote such a loving and heartfelt tribute to your mom, I'm sure she loved it!! She's beautiful, Mary:-) I'm so sorry I haven't been by the last couple of days...was so busy with the yard sale and getting ready for it, I didn't spend much time at the computer. This week should be more relaxing for me:-) xoxo

  16. Hi Mary,
    Lovely post for Mother's Day. Your Mom looks just wonderful.
    You're blessed to still have here with you to share in your Mother's Day celebration.

  17. What a beautiful post!

    The wee picture for me is so sweet of you!! Thanks!

    Happy Mother's day to you Miz Mary!♥

  18. A beautiful Mothers Day to you...

  19. Happy Mother's Day Mary! I hope you enjoyed your day. It sounds like you have a very good relationship with your mom.

  20. She was such a cute, little serious looking baby! I'm glad you still have her, as I do mine.

  21. Your mother and mine are almost exactly the same age, Mary...

    This was such a sweet tribute to your dear mom! Just like you, I apprecaite every year my children and I still have with her!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  22. How lovely to still have a mother present to turn to for advice or historical recollections occasionally.

  23. This is a wonderful tribute to your Mother! I loved reading it!It was so sweet!
    I had a nice Mother's day!! Love and hugs Grams

  24. Just to let you know...I sent you an ecard this past hour. :o)

  25. Your mother is a beautiful woman and she raised an amazing daughter.

    God bless.

  26. What a lovely post.
    I hope your Mum's Day was

  27. Mary,
    this was a beautiful tribute to your is wonderful that she is still here with you.
    I hope that you were able to be with her on mothers day...
    blessings my friend,

  28. Mary,

    Your mother is a beautiful lady and this is a beautiful tribute to her! I hope both you and she had a wonderful Mother's Day!

    Love & Hugs,