Thursday, May 15

Tribute to Eddie Arnold

Recently we lost one of the greatest Country and Western Entertainers of all time. A tribute to Eddie Arnold. This is a song that I remember from my childhood. I heard Eddie Arnold perform it on the radio many times.

Many greats performed at Arnold's funeral, including Vince Gill. This is a heart touching song.

Many of the great entertainers of the past are passing away. There will never be any others quite like them.


  1. He was a great singer! I remember my Dad listening to him and When I got older I did too.

  2. I loved Eddie Arnold too! I listened to him ever since I was young!
    I just read your post from yesterday, I sure hope every thing is ok now. Love and hugs Grams

  3. My momma said, when I was a little girl I would always sing the song called make the world go away by Eddie Arnold. Beautiful tribute my friend.

  4. He was one of a kind..... and I am not much on country music but he is one of the ones that I love listen to......... It was so nice of you to pay tribute.......

    Hugs sweetie.........

  5. I KNEW!! it was Cattle Call!! I just knew it....I could see from his mouth formation. brother used to sing this too...and did a DARNED good job.

    You know what Eddy Arnold means to me. One of his songs is mine and Buds!!

  6. Dear Mary, It is true that so many of the great entertainers are passing away. Eddie Arnold has such a soothing voice. I always loved that Cattle Call song. That song by Vince Gil is just beautiufl. A loving tribute.

    I posted about Reba Rambo having a sad Mother's Day, as she lost her mother, Dottie Rambo. Will see these believers in Heaven someday soon.

    Thanks for sharing about Eddie Arnold. We don't watch much on the tv and sometimes I miss these things.


  7. I was here for Show and Tell and this caught my eye. I grew up listening to Eddie Arnold and loved him and hadn't heard that he had passed away. One of my favorites of his was "That do make it nice!"

    Thanks for this. I'll have to go look on YouTube and see if I can find any more from him.

  8. Mary
    Thanks for the lovely tribute to our Gentleman. He was very unpretenious and like most country singers walk amoung other Nashvillian without being bothered and ate at the same resturants with us. The old legends will never die. Peace

  9. Mary,

    Yes, Eddie Arnold was one of the greats. I, too, remember hearing the song you posted when I was young. He will be missed!


  10. I became an instant Eddy Arnold fan when my mother brought home a 10" LP entitled "All-Time Hits from the Hills." It was also the record that converted my mother to being a country music fan. There was always an Eddy Arnold song near me throughout my life. I loved that man as a friend that I only knew through his music and later correspondence, and I will miss him.