Sunday, June 8

Green Thumb Sunday and Apartment Update

It's Green Thumb Sunday, hosted by Tricia at As the Garden Grows. If you'd like to participate, just click on the link to find out how.

Deena at Can I Be Pretty in Pink is having a garden tour on June 15th. Please follow the link to join in and show us all the beautiful blooms in your garden. Deena is fighting breast cancer and is asking participants to add the button for free mammograms to their blogs. What a great cause.

This week I have some new blooms to show you. Many of my perennials have bloomed and though I haven't had time to work in the garden much this year, I will show you a few of my favorites.

Above you can see my mini carnations. I'm hoping by next week this garden has more flowers in it. It's pretty bare right now.
My neighbor gave me the flowers above about five years ago. I'm don't know what they are. She called them Hungarian geraniums. If anyone knows for sure, please let me know. They are pretty but each year they spread and I have to thin them. I give them away to anyone who wants them. Last year I gave some to my neighbor and this year she has them blooming in a big patch.
One of my very favorites. My red Oriental poppies. I wait for this each spring. They don't last long though and I'm always sad to see them go. These were a gift from a little bird. It dropped the seeds in a deposit about eight or nine years ago. That was a wonderful gift.

That is all the blooms I'm going to show you this week. I'm saving the rest for Deena's garden tour. Please join in. It's going to be wonderful seeing everyone's garden beauties.
In other news, the apartment is coming along. We took a break yesterday, as we were both exhausted and we needed to do other household chores. Since Sunday is a day of rest we aren't going to work on it today either. We will begin again on Monday.

This is what the bathroom looks like now. It is pretty much gutted down to the joists.

This is the small second bedroom in the apartment. I phoned for a bin and they told me it would be $400. I told my hubby that it would be but he didn't think so. Another score for me. LOL Anyway then I phoned 1-800-Got-J*unk and they told me to put it all in one room and they would send two men out to take it all down and haul it away. Approximate cost $215. That sounds good to me. I dreaded the thoughts of carrying this down the stairs. We will wait until we have all the garbage together and then phone them.
That's about it for now. I did take a relaxing walk with Meeko and I will post those photos and some of Griffyn later in the week.
Have a great Sunday and take time to enjoy the beauty of nature and spend some time with your family. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Hi Mary,
    I love the gorgeous red of your poppy. Such a lasting gift from our bird friends! Your renovations are coming right along. I'm sure you're eager to have that all done with.

  2. Very nice flowers. A great idea to have a garden tour. Let me check that out.

  3. Such lovely flowers, I really like the colors.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, the red poppy is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

    Wow, y'all got a lot done over the few days you've been working on the redesign. Amazing!! No wonder you're both tired and sore! Hope you're taking a day of rest today two deserve it!!

  5. PS....I'm thinking the other flower is "Ice Plant". We had some in Arizona, but it's more like a ground cover when we had it.

  6. I have the same purple geranium growing at my house. But it doesn't spread much-must really like your garden conditions.

    I love seeing the latheing where you've tore down the walls. Not many houses here were built with the plaster/lathe walls. I always think its so neat.

  7. Good morning dear Mary:-)

    Your flowers are blooming ahead of poppies have just started coming out of the ground! lol I was very excited, though, to see that I have lots of buds on all the rose bushes I planted in my faerie garden!! Your flowers look beautiful and I can't wait to see the rest of them.

    Goodness, you sure have had to gut out that apartment...I can't get over the condition that tenant had left it in. Makes you wonder what they do to get it to be like that!!!

    It's been so hot and humid here the last couple of days, I haven't spent much time in the house. The air conditioner hasn't been put in yet so the house is like a sauna! "E" doesn't seem to be in any hurry to put it in...ugh! lol xoxo

  8. Beautiful flowers...the garden tour should be just fabulous!
    Looks as if there's LOTS of work going on there...glad you are taking a rest today.
    hugs, bj

  9. What an amazing poppy! I'd wait for that each spring, too, if I had one in my garden.

  10. Now that you are down to the joists, you can add some insulation before the walls go up. We actually built a house once so I've done most of that stuff. When my Dad died and we were going through things, I called about a bin. They wanted a huge deposit, a rental fee, then there would be a transportation fee for hauling it off. It was outrageous. I'm glad you found someone to do it for that price. We ended up digging a pit and burning what we could. Since it was in the country there was no law against this.
    I was wondering how you were getting the tub out.
    Be careful, take your time, rest often.
    We're going to be installing vinyl siding on our chimney soon.
    Mama Bear

  11. I just love carnations and your's are lovely! In fact all the flowers are beautiful!!

    Wow! You have every thing down to the bare bones of the apt! This was quite an undertaking!!!

    You all need a a few days of rest!!!
    Love and hugs Grams

  12. Wow, you have made a lot of progress - what a pile! I am looking forward to the progress.

    Lovely flowers!

  13. My goodness Mary, you are sure doing a great many renovations. Reminds me of our house a few years ago.

    I love your flowers. I am still waiting for mine to start to bloom.

    God bless.

  14. I need to read and get caught up.... You have been so busy! Looks like things are coming along... I have planted some Poppies and I so hope they come up and bloom, yours is so beautiful... I am glad that you took some time after that hard work to take a walk with Meeko.... got to stop and smell the poppies sometimes........

    We are having much rain today (Monday) but we sure needed it.....

  15. Mary,

    What beautiful flowers! I don't know what the Hungarian geranium is, but it sure is pretty.

    You and hubby have been busy. You've done so much! I'm glad you were able to find a way to get rid of the junk for less money. I'm especially glad you don't have to lug it!

    Take care,

  16. Mary,

    The flowers are lovely. Don't feel bad, I haven't had much time to work in the yard this year either. I'm going to keep my eye out for how this bathroom/apartment turns out...

  17. Hello Mary! Thank you for visiting!
    Ah... nothing like gutting a room. What a mess! We had to rent dumpsters, then we threw all of the debris out of the window, even on the second floor, lol!
    Best wishes, can't wait to see the results.