Monday, June 9

Tornado Warning and Storm

Sunday night on the news, they issued a tornado warning for our area at about 5:30 pm. That is unusual here. We don't often get tornados and usually they are only small ones. Last summer a small tornado whipped through the center of town and took out a lot of old trees in a park.

Hubby called me outside to look at a oddly shaped cloud. It wasn't a funnel, but yet looked a little like one. I've seen tornado funnels. However within about five minutes, it began to thunder and then a ferocious wind picked up and torrential rains came down. We couldn't even see across the street. The sky was black.

I came back into the house not too concerned about the storm. The next thing I know hubby came into the house and told me that a large branch off the old tree at the end of our driveway was across the road. I went out and this is what I saw.

Yes, the branch was down and not far from our driveway either. It's a good thing it fell toward the street. Otherwise, we would have had two damaged vehicles.

This is the mess that was just on the other side of the van. In the top of the photo you can see the tree branch across the sidewalk. I'm glad no one was walking there when the branch fell.

The neighbor thought he was going to come out and move that tree branch. He broke a small branch off but of course he couldn't budge it. It probably weighs 500 pounds or more.

This is the area in the huge maple where the branch blew off. It was hollow and that is why it broke. As I looked up and focused my camera, I saw a little raccoon looking down at me. He is high up in the tree and can't be seen in this photo, but I bet he was wondering where his home went.

The photo above is zoomed. That is the top of my car that is in the foreground. I must say we were blessed that no one or anything was hurt or damaged. There are several trees down in the area.

Yes, a little excitement in this neck of the woods. Stay safe! ~Blessings, Mary~

PS. Please keep Denise at Shortybear's Place in your prayers. Her brother passed away suddenly and she is mourning his loss. Please drop by and leave her a message of condolence. It's just two years since she lost her dear mother. She is going through a difficult time.


  1. wow I'm glad that nothing was damanged.just a limb comming down.
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have you been to visit the new site yet? I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off to remember if you visited. if not

  2. I am so glad that you are ok. For some reason we have a tornado watch here as well today (Sunday). So far nothing, but the sky is very strange and the temperatures are fluctuating like crazy. We usually don't get tornado sightings until later in the summer.

    Stay safe my friend.

    God bless.

  3. Wow - I'm so glad you are all okay. We've had wild weather here too - including tornado warnings. No trees down in our area though.

  4. Great pictures Mary,glad there was no damage,but feel sorry for the Raccoon.....yep
    I will keep shorty bear in my prayers
    God bless

  5. I'm glad you're safe and your property wasn't damaged any worse than it was.

    No storms here, just hotter than blue blazes!

    Y'all stay safe, Mary, and have a great new week.

    Love and hugs,


  6. Mary,

    Thank the Lord your house and car weren't damaged! It has been a very tornadic spring in the States, this year, with so much damage and even loss of life. My area has been spared, except the earlier flooding. But it is extremely hot now.

    I am so sorry Denise lost her brother. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Take care and stay safe!


  7. Tornadoes are the SCARIEST things. I have been in and see enough for the rest of my life..Believe me.
    Yes, I know about Denise. I wish that I knew her address to send her a card. She is a special young woman with a lot of her own problems. Sandy

  8. Oh dear...I'll go over to Shortybears place as soon as I type my comment here.

    Mary!!! Wow. As you say, it's a good thing there was nothing in its way to create damage or harm other than the tree itself. What next? Huh? First your huge bathroom project, now this?

    It must have been one hellacious wind!! It's good to know that you and Mr. Mary are okay tho!!!

    Take care!! Hope your Monday will be a good one.

  9. Mary, yep we had the storms and warnings in IN to, but the Northern part of the state went through it all safely! I want to express my deepest gratitude for the wonderful tag for Marc! I loved your verse you chose and the American as well as Canadian flags! Your a gem!! Much love,Lori

  10. that was certainly too close for comfort...I am so happy that you did not have any more damage...

    I am very sorry that Denise lost her brother...I will drop by her place and let her know that I am praying for her family...
    blessings to your family,

  11. Well girl friend, that looks like my yard a few weeks back..... so glad it missed the cars and the buildings...... I do not ever remember Canada having many tornadoes.? We are right in the tornado alley as they call it..... wonderful!! We have had hotter than normal weather so I am not surprised when the big storms roll in.......... but, glad you are ok and no property damage..........


  12. Mary,

    Oh wow - I didn't realize you got tornado warnings in your area. We get them, but very rarely. On those occasions when the damage looked to be caused by a tornado, it turned out to be wind sheer. That can do a lot of damage, but doesn't cover the area or have the intensity of a tornado.

    I'm so glad no one was hurt. These are excellent photos, Mary. Fascinating to see.

    Take care!

  13. Wow Mary!! I am so glad you all are OK!! This could have been a lot worse. I am surprised you all had tornado warnings up there! I live where this is the norm!!

    I am so sorry about Denise and her lost. I have already been to her blog. She has been through so much.
    Please take care and don't over do this week!!! Love and hugs, Grams

  14. that was awfully close to your car!

    glad everyone is OK

    terrible storms this year. here we're having a heat wave. it's 100 today.

  15. The storms have been all around us. We had a few minutes of rain with distant thunder last night...that's all.

  16. It just goes to show you the hand of God and His protection over you. I'm glad to hear you're alright!

  17. So glad no one or no car was hurt.

    So sorry for the lady who lost her brother.