Wednesday, June 11

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Brandon. He is having a difficult time at school again. It seems that he is being bullied by the same two boys that were bullying him and Jordan a while back.

Three weeks ago two boys confronted our boys a couple of doors down from their home. My regular readers may remember that Jordan was thrown up against a parked car, Brandon was punched in the face and then Jordan was thrown into the street. Their Dad saw part of the incident and went out and confronted the boys that had attacked them. He then called the father of the boy who had thrown Jordan.

The boy's father was glad that Barry called as his son is on probation. Things got very quiet for a couple of weeks but this week it's all started again.

We have been to the principal, vice principal, superintendent of the boys' school and the director of the Board of Education, all to no avail. Things get better for a bit and then they go back to the same old, same old.

Tonight Brandon was having a meltdown, something he hasn't had for some time. He was very upset, sad and depressed. I took him for animal therapy and he didn't even want to see the baby fawn. He allowed me to put my arms around him and hug him and pat his back right there in the driveway. This tells me that something was seriously wrong because he is old enough that he doesn't like demonstrations of affection in public.

Brandon talked to the lady who owns the farm and told her all his troubles. She recommended that he not return to the school for the remainder of the school year - approximately two weeks. She said he is at the "edge." Michelle and I talked about it and she is keeping him home tomorrow to see how he is doing. We don't want to learn Brandon he can run away from his problems, but it seems that no one cares about what he is going through. We are at our wits end.

After I came home, I was upset at all that has been going on. I called our police department and talked to the Desk Sargeant. He told me, "This is not our department." He went on to say that we had to go to the principal, the superintendent of schools and the school board. When I told him we had done this kazillions of times, he didn't know what to suggest.

Why isn't this a police problem? My grandson was assaulted, thrown up against a parked car and thrown into the street. Isn't this assault?

We do not know where to turn for help. Brandon is so depressed that I fear something terrible is going to happen. Bullycide is suicide that relates to bullying. The child is fearful of going to school or going out into his community. Things become so hopeless that he/she commits suicide. This has happened to way too many children and I don't want my grandson to become a statistic. Please pray for Brandon and our situation.

Another prayer request is for Grams at Talk to Grams. She is going through a tough time at present.

Be sure to remember Denise at Shortybear's Place. She is mourning the loss of her brother.

I'm sure there are many others who need prayer. If you would like to be added to my prayer list, please email me or leave a comment. I will be glad to pray for you and your family or any other request that you have. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about this bullying yet again. In our schools they have an intervention specialist who (when needed) acts as an mediator between the administration and the parents. You might check to see if there is someone like that available.
    My prayers are with you..

  2. My heart goes out to Brandon. Having been bullied a time or two, I know how it feels. I can understand your frustration too. You may have to go to the Captain if the Sergeant couldn't (perhaps wouldn't) help you. Have you considered Martial Arts? It builds confidence. Of course, there's always self-defence too. I know its frightening for Brandon and I know what this may do to his "self-esteem" so to speak. It does reap a havoc on one's sense of security, that's for sure. I'm really sorry that he is going through this. It's just plain wrong!

  3. Another bullying instance? Oh my!! I was so hoping it was all in the past....poor Brandon.

    This is just horrifying to hear this. I wish there was something all of bloggers could do to help out. If I were you, I'd get Brandon's parents on the ball, and get them out there in public and make sure the police, the school district and anyone and anywhere...let it be known!

    This has got to stop before someone calls for help and it's ignored, or something drastic happens!

    My thoughts and prayers Mary.

  4. Mary
    My heart and prayers go out to Brandon. Being a poor kid in rural Tn. made me and my brother targets of bullies BUT WHEN WE FOUGHT BACK it stopped. I think Edge of design has a good idea as I was thinking on the same lines. Send both boys to a martial arts class. They will then know how to take care of themselves which they will need all throughout life as their parents and grandparents will not always be there.
    Bullies usually have problems themselves, otherwise they would not need to bully. Case in point; when Puppy was in the first grade he came home from school and a boy in his class had been taking his lunch on a daily bases. I went to the school and told the principal that the child was hungry and taking my sons lunch. His parents were to proud to ask for help so God sent my son and me so the little boy would not be hungry.
    Maybe those Bullies need help besides being slapped up side the head and God has sent you. Peace

  5. I am sorry to hear Brandon is having trouble again. My prayers go out for him and the rest of the family.
    xo bj

  6. That is just stupid!! Someone should be able to help you guys!! I have no idea but i am so sorry to hear this. Bullying should not be allowed!! People that bully are just scared little people inside!! Keep us informed on what you do. Sandy

  7. I am so sorry this is happening to Brandon - and too all of you. It makes me angry to hear about it and I can't imagine what it does to you. I'll be praying for Brandon It sure seems like someone could do something about this situation.

  8. Oh this makes me so mad! The school, principal, superintendent, and school board should be held responsible for handling the bullying and if they can't they should all be fired and the police should take over. When school officials are asking parents to do something-we don't have any other choice. Unfortunately when you ask them to do something-many times they will not try to help.
    I'll say a prayer for the boys. Kids have enough worries without adding bodily harm to the list.

  9. Sorry to hear about Brandon going through this again. You would think that the schools would do something..I do not understand why it takes something terrible to make them wake up.. The parents need to get up there and raise ..ll!!

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  10. Mary,

    I'm stunned that something like this is allowed to go on in Brandon's school. Poor, Brandon. How bad he must feel. And who can blame him. My heart goes out to him and Jordan and you, and my prayers are with all of you. I hope something can be done to stop it. No kid should have to live in fear of going to school.

    Take care, dear Mary, and God bless you all.



  11. I came over from Grams blog. I am so sorry to hear of this. Bless their hearts. I was bullied in high school, it was the worse three years of my life. It left scars that are still there today. I will pray that you can find an answer for your grandsons.


  12. My heart goes out to this dear grandson of yours! There is nothing any worse then bullying and it just shouldn't be tolerated in any form!! I don't understand why the police won't help as this was an assault. I will put Brandon on my prayer list starting tonight!!!!!

  13. Dear Mary, Thank so much for asking people to pray!! How kind you are!! I sure could feel their prayers today!!For the first time in 5 years I didn't have pain in my knee today!! Prayer and the cortisone together were wonderful!!

    You sent me a deal a few days ago about Honey and Cinnamon and it is suppose to help clogged artery's and I tried it today and will continue to do so.

    Nancy's Dr appointment went really well today.

    I am SO sorry to hear Brandon has been under attack again. This is so upsetting to him and everyone in the family. Bless his heart!

    I know when someone says bad stuff to Nancy which isn't like what happen to your Grandson, But she has come home from her job at the work shop and had some real doozy of a meltdown.

    BUT, I just called the supervisor at the workshop and they found out what it was all about and worked things out.
    I think this is so hard for everyone, that the school people won't take care of this! I will be praying for Brandon. Love and hugs Grams

  14. Mary,

    It breaks my heart to learn that Brandon is being bullied again. You are right, the police should step in because it is an assault. The school should step in. Every child has the right to feel safe at school. It sounds like the school and the police department have their heads buried in the sand. How can they not know the serious consequences of bullying???

    I agree with edge of design. If the sergeant won't help, call the captain. If the principal won't help, call the superintendent of schools. I also think the martial arts class is a good idea - not necessarily so that Brandon and Jordan will fight, but because a good one, run by a good teacher is a great confidence builder. I think a kid's condfidence really suffers when they are bullied.

    My heart and prayers are with Brandon and Jordan.

    Love & Hugs,