Thursday, March 12

The Circle Journal 2009

In 2008, Sammie from Bears in Exile started a Circle Journal. I signed up for it and was the first after Sammie to write in it. It then made the rounds to several other particpants. It went from Tennessee to Ontario, then on to Tennessee, Oklahoma, Australia, Saskatchewan and Oregon. From there it made its way back to Sammie, she read it and has sent it back to me so I can read everyone's enteries. I've had it a long time and have enjoyed reading it a few times. Now I need to send it on to the next person.

In January, Sammie asked who would like to join the Circle Journal for this year. It was so much fun last year that I immediately signed up. There are more participants this year and it's going to be that much more fun. The Circle Journal arrived here today and I have already made an entry. When I've had it for a while, it will be passed on to Oklahoma. Many of last year's participants have joined, as has ladies from Pennsylvania, New Zealand and California. By the end of the year, all posts will have been made and then it will make its rounds so all of the participants can read the enteries.

If you have never taken part in a Circle Journal, be sure to watch Sammie's blog so you can sign up for 2010. I'm already looking forward to reading what the other participants write.

I haven't been around for a few days. I wasn't that busy, but couldn't think of anything interesting to blog about. I think I'm just tired out from all the pain that I've had in my knees for so long. I haven't been doing much writing either. I don't seem to have the inspiration that I need.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be with Brandon and Jordan part of the day. They started Spring Break and will be enjoying themselves at home until they head back to school the 23rd. So, possibly we will be doing a few things that will give me something interesting to blog about. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Sounds like it is headed my way? If you have been reading my blog you know that we are a sick bunch of people.... Dad got home today from the hospital and Mom and I went back to the Dr. I got better and then relapsed.... We have someone staying with Mom and Dad till Sunday which will give me some time to rest.... I am hoping to shake this thing in the next few days..... I have been too sick to blog........

    I will be back out and about soon and will catch up on my reading..... sorry you are having so much trouble with your knees..

    I will chat latter.... hugs

  2. Enjoy your time with Brandon and Jordan. Hope your knees get better.

  3. I did a Circle Journal with a friend in TN before the became "cool". LOL It was just me and her exchanging and it was in a kit that I picked up at a bookstore. It came with the envelopes to mail it in and everything. I still have it. I love it. I love this idea. We still write letters to each other. We met on a Cross Stitching Pen Pal board in 1998 and neither of us stitch anymore but are still great friends. She even came to visit me one year.

    I hope you have a great time with Brandon and Jordan and I hope your knees feel much better soon. Pain is no fun at all.

  4. Good Morning Mary,
    I bet aht Circle of Friens Journal is so much fun and intersting to read. I may join next year. What do you put in the jounalbefoe you pass it on? I'm sorry you have been in so much pain with your knees. I'll pray for your knees to start feeling better. Have you ever tried putting any muscle rub on them or having the doctor to give you a cortizone shot to help with the pain? You might checkint into those 2 ideas? I know what you mean when you don't have much to vblo about. I usually wait a couple of days and lt things build up before I post. I know I hve missed yours posts. I hope you can get the inspiraation you need to start back writing. You ar esuch a wonderufl writer and I enjoy reading what you write. Take caer my friend and have a gerat day/weeken. May GOD Bless youi and yours.
    Karen H>

  5. Have a super time with the boys. I'm sure they'll enjoy being with Grandma.

    I do hope that soon the pain will subside....arthritis is affected by the cold all the time around our joints. Maybe when it warms up it might improve for you? Let's just hope.

  6. Have a great time with the boys. I hope the weather is good during their break!

  7. The journal thing sounds neat! I hope you and the boys enjoy their spring break.

  8. The journal idea sounds great...I just wish I had time to participate, but, as it is, I barely have time to blog these days. Work has been so busy with summer tourists booking and even taking bookingsa for the Christmas holidays already, too! To tell you the truth, it keeps me busier than I'd like. But it's my job, and I really do love talking to people from all over.

    Sorry you're having such problems with your knees. I took cortisone injections in my one knee many times, and each time, if they get it in the right spot, the next day my knee felt like a brand new pain at all! I could have danced all night! LOL Those shots really DO work. I, too, have arthritis, so I know the pain you are having. I do hope you get to feeling better soon.

    You are so fortunate to have those two great boys to spend time with, Mary. I know you all will find something fun and interesting to do while they are on break. I am looking forward to a post about them now!

    I am still stripping wallpaper in my guest bathroom! Had a plumber here to take the commode up yesterday, so I can start the ceramic tile whenever I get the wallpaper all off and get the walls painted, hopefully this weekend! I can't wait til I get it done now! It's been a BIG job for me to tackle alone! But then I want to do the same to my bath when I get this one finished. I enjoy doing rooms over like that, and I just got tired of that wallpaper. I still love that paper, but just tired of it. Do you ever get that way about something or is it just me? LOL

    Well, you have a great weekend with the boys now!

    ((( HUGS )))

  9. oh I signed up for it but haven't received it yet at my end, hmm I wonder what happened?

  10. The circle journal sounds like fun... sorry your knees are still hurting...when it warms up your knees will probably feel better.. Have fun playing with the boys!

  11. When I had penpals we had something like a circle journal going around where everyone made an entry and it was so much fun to get it back home and read what everyone had written and decorated their pages:-) I will have to keep an eye out to join Sammie's next year!!

    Steve is off next week and wants us to go somewhere...I've been looking to see what we can do but so many places are closed until at least May! May end up in NF just to walk around!! lol

    I'm sure you and the boys will have a great time together, you always do:-)

    You poor dear, with all that pain in your knees:-( Please know that I have you in my prayers, dear friend. Hate to see any of my friends suffering like that. Love you! xoxo

  12. Your Circle journal sound like fun.

    At time my mind goes blank but I think all bloggers have a lot to share.

    Coffee is on.

  13. I know it takes patience to wait on the journal to come back your way when you haven't seen it in a while but it will arrive. That is for those who haven't had their turn yet.
    Enjoy the 2009 one while you have it, Mary.
    Mama Bear

  14. The circle journal sounds like a really cool thing. I bet it is interesting reading all of the entries into the journal.