Sunday, March 8

A Great Movie for the Entire Family

On Thursday I took Brandon and Jordan to the video store so they could rent games and I saw this movie. I rented it and invited the boys over to watch it today. They arrived about 1pm and them and hubby had a game of Mario Baseball. Then we put in the movie.

This is an adorable tail of a mother polar bear and her twins. It starts with her and her male companion, who advises her he will be moving north without her. Though somewhat disappointed that she can't go, she moves inland to wait for the birth of her cubs.

This story, though animated and cute, tells the story of how global warming is making it more difficult for polar bears to survive. The ice caps are melting and there is some excellent footage of large walls of ice falling into the ocean.

Mama polar bear travels with her cubs back to the sea in hopes of catching seals to feed her and her babies. However, when they get there, the ice is gone.

I won't tell you anymore about the bear's adventures, as it would spoil the story. However, I highly recommend this movie for those who have children and those who love animals. It was a hit here.

In other news, Jordan read the story that I'm writing for assignment two of the writing course. I told him to be very honest with me and let me know exactly what he thought of it and not to take into consideration that the author was his grandma. He sat in the computer room, reading and I left him on his own to do so. Keep in mind, this is a short story, about 800 words, which is four double spaced printed pages. He was done in about 10 minutes and called me when he was through.

What he said amazed me. He said the story was fast paced, interesting and full of adventure. I told him that I hoped my tutor agreed and he asked me to let him know what she said about it. Then we talked about writing stories and he asked me to give him three words and he would tell me a story. This is a game we used to play when the boys were younger.

So I gave him "whisper," "slippery" and "pond." He told me a story about Slippery, the frog and his friends who lived in a pond in a clearing in the forest. A builder had purchased the land and was going to destroy the pond to build condominiums. But Slippery and his friends banded together to defeat the contractor and their home was saved. Not a bad story for a boy who is only 11. So, now he's going to elaborate on paper and write a 500 word story about Slippery. I hope he does. It's great that he has an interest in storytelling.

That's about all the news from here. The Pennsaid is working and the excruciating pain is only a dull ache. What a difference. In the meantime I'm going to take a friend's advice, see my own doctor and ask him to make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to see what can be done to make my quality of life a little better.

Take care. Enjoy your week and do a random act of kindness to make someone else's world a little brighter. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. It sounds like Jordan may be following n his Grandmothers footsteps. I'm intrigued by his story!

  2. wow - he did very well- I could never do that and just the fact he used one of the words as a name-!!! tell him we need the rest of the story now
    hugs from Meme

  3. I'm going to put that movie on my list. Sounds like one we would really like.
    I love your three word story game, and think that Brandon came up with a great story line. I'm sure his finished story will be wonderful.

  4. I want to take my two younger ones to see this when it comes here it sounds awesome!
    yes and Brandon did very well :-)

  5. Bless his heart....having such an interest in writing himself is key to being such a successful grandma, I think, Mary.

  6. That is so wonderful he has a good imagination and way with words. Good that he has you to encourage him. I like the idea of online schooling and maybe next winter I will get the name of the school from you. I have had encouragment from you and others and now believe I might be able to write.

  7. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for stopping by. I have most of my stories in my head, but when I finally get something written dow I would love for you to read it.

    As to the gardening, try container gardening. One tomato plant will yield a lot, lettace can be grown in a pot and as you are only picking a few leaves at a time it can go far. Just keep adding some new seeds every few weeks and you will have some all season long. Peppers, cucumbers all can growing in containers. Google container gardening for more suggestions. You can also mix herbs in with your flowers.

  8. I like the three words, to start a story. Sometimes it is hard to come up with something to write.
    You have a awsome Grandson!

  9. Mary,
    It's always a pleasure to see that you've been by...

    Your grandson is quite talented...must have rubbed of from his grandmother...


  10. I know I would love this movie.

  11. So neat that your passing your love of writing on to Jordan! Glad the medicine is helping you :)

  12. I will look for that movie. I love stories about bears and the ones on Nature and National Geographic. We watched Arctic Tale recently. It is an antimated movie also.
    Down here in Houston, many of the trees have lots of green leaves aready and the azeilias are blooming. I'm looking out the window and see school children walking down the street with their backpacks on. It is already warm enough for short sleeves. I'm really enjoying the difference.
    Mama Bear

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  14. It sounds like Jordan could become an author like his grandma!!! He has a great imagination for story telling! With your encouragement, maybe one day you will be reading one of his published stories!!!

    The polar bear movie sounds like one I would love! I may just have to get that one to watch myself! Thanks for the intro of it!

    ((( HUGS )))

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