Friday, March 13

Lunch and Shopping

Today the boys were home from school and their parents had to work. Michelle left about 11:15am and I arrived about 12pm. They boys were fine for the short while by themselves and it teaches them a bit of responsibility.

We left their house about 12:30 and went to the pizza place and had a slice and a drink. That's the first time the boys and I have had lunch together in a long time, so it was nice to just sit and chat while we ate. Then, we headed out to browse the stores.

The boys are growing up. They actually waited while I tried on a pair of jeans that were on sale. I don't usually shop for clothes when they're with me, as I have trouble finding things that fit. Today was my lucky day. I took two pair of jeans into the dressing room and the second pair fit perfectly. Then we browsed the shoe department, electronics and toys. They both found Le*go that they'd like to have. Brandon is a Le*go nut. He's loved it for years and has a lot of it, but he still enjoys building it. However, now that he is almost 14, the Le*go he wants to build is expensive. So, no Le*go, but he did ask me to buy him a shoe horn, which I did.

After that, we went to the mall, but it was crowded. It seemed every kid in the city was there so our visit was very short lived. We headed home. It was time because the boys had chores to do before their Dad got home.

When we arrived, the boys took the dog for a walk, swept the living room and kitchen floors and then it was time for them to relax. By this time my left knee was killing me. The hardest thing I can do, other than go down stairs, is walk on cement floors. I think it should be compulsory that all stores install cork flooring. It is cushioned and easy on the legs and feet. This would also be a plus for the staff.

We had a pleasant day and made plans to do some other things in the coming weeks. We may go to the sugar bush next week if it's nice and it is tradition that we attend. It's a nice outing.

The first weekend of April is the Rock and Gem show. I didn't go last year, but since Michelle is having surgery on April 3rd, it doesn't look like she will be able to attend. The boys always enjoy the Rock and Gem Show and so does she. It's fun and admission, up to this point, has always been $2.00. One way or the other, the boys will get to go. It's another tradition we have practised since the boys were small, although their parents most always take them. Some years I meet them there.

Do you have traditions for Spring Break? I would love to hear about the activities you do with your children or grandchildren, or even the traditions that you do without kids.

Enjoy your weekend. It's to be nice here and I plan on getting out of the house. Cabin fever is setting in. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Nothing is tradition around here... some years we do one thing... some years something else...spring break has sometimes brought some of my grandchildren back to my house to meet up with friends and go to the beach or fishing ... I just provide a place for their things and sleeping and showering...and food if they happen to be around at meal time...grandmas house is cheaper than a motel..LOL

  2. You Guys always have such sweet times together. I so like hearing about all of them11 Have a great weekend my friend...m..

  3. Sounds like you all had fun, that's great to be able to get out with the boys, my boys love le*go too :-)

  4. rare is the boy who likes to shop and you have two of them.

    It is Spring Break here this coming week. I think the Princess wants to come over and spend the night one night. I don't know about Wonder Boy.
    Mama Bear

  5. Sounds like a nice day and getting jeans is a big bonus!
    We always took a day to do something fun on Spring Break, not anything specific, just whatever we thought of that year.

  6. Good Morning Mary,
    Sounds like you had a busy day and enjoyable day with the boys yesterday. Glad yall was able to hae some lunch together. Sound like you are also going to be busy with them in the coming weeks as well and it all sounds fun. In years past, my Parents and Sister have always taken our girls somwhre on Spring Break. This year me and DH are going with them to Branson, MO, and I"m really looking forward to it. I don't know if it will become atradition every year going up there or not but it's thr first time we will be going on a vacation with our girls. Your grandson's sound so grown up and very responsile already. I'm sure they have had a very good teacher -YOU. I hope you got some rest last night and our knee is feeling better today . Take care my friend and have a great weekend. May GOD Bless you and yours.
    Karen H.

  7. ....around here? Do we have a tradition or what?-------yes!! And that is staying away from town for the week! We have thousands and thousands of college kids horn down on us and the beaches, messing up all the beauty with their trash left behind. I hate Spring Break. LOLOLOL

    I have to buy the stretch denim for jeans any more. They're the most comfortable.

    And funny....I'm working on a small post about Lego™ for Fun Monday.

    Have a super Saturday.

  8. blessed you are to make such beautiful memories! I work at a Garden Center, so everyday is Spring Break!

  9. Hope that you have a great weekend. Glad that you had a nice time with the boys.

  10. Hi Mary,
    Your grandsons sound like good shoppers! Ours like to shop too, and our good about not asking for tons of things.
    Sorry to hear your knee is still so painful. The concrete floors are hard on legs, knees, feet and backs!
    Our grandsons don't get spring break until after Easter but we're going to try for a camping trip if the weather is decent..
    Have a good weekend..