Sunday, June 21

As the Garden Grows

Things are changing in the garden each day. The last week we've had quite a bit of rain and warmer temperatures. The days when the sun was out have promoted a lot of growth.

The clematis that we had to dig up earlier this year when the plumber dug up the flower bed is doing very well. There are lots of flowers on it and many buds. I was afraid we might lose it after it being here the past seventeen years, but a bit of Mirac*le Grow in the hole before we replaced it did the trick.
I have tried growing hollyhocks several times, to no avail. I think they are so pretty and this year I was successful. Just goes to show you practice makes perfect. They look very pretty beside the fountain.

And the vegetable garden that the boys helped me plant is doing very well. Each of the boys have had some of the lettuce and I'll give them some to take home this week. I have also given some to Mom and the neighbor. There's a lot there and we will never eat it all on our own.

The poppies are done for the year and the seed pods are drying. It will soon be time to harvest them.

Cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and onions are doing very well. We've already pulled some of the onions. The tomatoes have blossoms and a couple have baby tomatoes. I can hardly wait for them to grow and ripen.

I pulled more rhubarb today and cooked it up. It was delicious. I'm hoping to get enough for a rhubarb pie before it's done for the year.

Even though it seems like it's done nothing but rain the entire spring, it sure has brought us some pretty flowers and some good eating, as well as more to come.

After it cooled off tonight, I went out with the clippers and took all of the spent flowers off my peonies and iris. This allows all of the nutrients to go to the bulbs so we will have more spring beauties next year.

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend.


  1. Your garden and flowers are just lovely! I love the clematis. We can't get them to grow here for some reason.

  2. Yes, we might complain about the rain, but it sure beats drought for growing wonderful things!

    The flowers and veggies are looking so healthy. Today DC and Feisty pulled up some radishes - she was so excited to clean them up and give them away, not interested in eating them herself.

  3. MMmmm, rhubarb! I wish we could grow it where I live. The veggie garden looks great!

  4. It's growing so fast!

    Hope all is well

    Love, Jess

  5. Lovely flowers, Mary. Hope your ground cover is doing well by the stepping stones too.

    Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

    It's to be 100F+ every day this next week, actual temperatures. Heat index (humidex) is to be much higher! Ugh! I hate the hottest part of Summer, and this is just the first day of Summer.

    Have a great new week, my friend.

    Love and hugs,


  6. I want some of that lettuce. It looks so good!!! Everything is so pretty...m.

  7. Wonderful all looks so nice. And plentiful. Great photos. Poppy seed harvest? Oh goodie. Don't forget me. LOLOLOL

  8. Looks like you need to invite the rabbits over for lunch to share your lettuce with. The clematis is lovely and your garden looks great.

  9. Your gardens are beautiful Mary. I love hollyhocks too. I have a mental picture of my mother's friends garden and yards from when I was a child. As you came though the gate to her yard each side of the gate was guarded by hollyhocks. Her yard could be compared to the yards and gardens of an English cottage. I have tried to grow them several times myself and not been successful. You have inspired me. I will be sure to try again next year.

  10. the garden looks great.I have an award for you on my site.

  11. Your garden is looking very good.
    We had a big harvest of cucumbers this weekend and ate them with a bunch of meals. Something is eating the okra up so I'm not sure we'll have any harvest there.
    Mama Bear

  12. I love your garden and flowers.

  13. Your garden is doing so nicely, great. I love going out and picking fresh lettace leaves for my salads and sandwiches. Tomaotes plants are still small as is everything else. What is ready to pick are the strawberries, they are huge and smell so good.
    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Having just seen your garden in person, I can tell how much it's grown:-) Oh wow, you managed to get some Hollyhocks blooming...I've tried with those too quite a few times with no luck. My clematis hasn't started to bud yet but it's growing by leaps and bounds so it should just be a matter of time now. Glad to see how well yours is doing:-)

    It was 31c here today and tomorrow it's supposed to be 34c...I'm just about ready to lie down in front of the air conditioner and stay there! lol

    Have a wonderful week my friend. xoxo