Monday, June 22

Brandon's Graduation

Tonight was a big night for Brandon. It was his grade 8 graduation. He decided this afternoon that he didn't want to go. Mom told him he had to and I explained that all the graduates were having a case of nerves, just as he was.

Here he is all spruced up in his shirt and tie waiting to go. Mom is chuckling because he didn't want his picture taken and Jordan is looking on in amusement because Brandon had to dress up. Jordan forgets that in two years he will be doing the exact same thing.
I've deliberately cropped this photo of Brandon making his entrance to remove the name of his school.

This one is of him with diploma in hand...also cropped to remove the school name. Look at that smile. It wasn't as bad as he thought and he's quite proud of himself.

The proud parents in the hall outside the gym just before the ceremony started.

The gym was very hot. Wouldn't you know that the air conditioner would quit working and since a part had to be ordered, the gym was as hot as blazes.

I had other photos posted, but realized Brandon's diploma showed the school name, so removed them. Can't be too careful about protecting our youth.

Back home. Mom has her shoes off and you can see Brandon heading for the house. He enjoyed it, I know, but since he's not a really social person, he was glad it was over. He also can't take the heat. He did a great job and everyone was very proud of him. He's a young man now and will be heading to high school in the fall. Another milestone passed. Where does the time go?


  1. yay congrats to Brandon - that's awesome! btw yes I agree with you about protecting privacy, I don't use my childrens names over the internet either.

  2. Congratulations to Brandon!

    Nice hearing from you again! We have been on vacation and I'm very behind catching up on blogs!


  3. Congratulations Brandon!! I can see what a proud grandma you are Mary! Take care and thanks for stopping by.

  4. Congratulations to Brandon - and his whole supportive family too!

  5. Congratulations Brandon. I'm glad you went to your ceremony. I hope you are too. Your Grandma is very proud of you that's for sure. I'm sure she has every reason to be too.

  6. All our girls found graduation ceremonies to be very stressful.But is is good to celebrate success. Way to go Brandon!

  7. Yes, it's a milestone. Congratulations.

  8. Congratulations to Brandon...I know you are very proud of him...
    and he can well be proud of himself...
    now on to bigger and better...

  9. If Brandon will take it from me [I know how boys are tho], my dear Grannie, give him a congratulatory hug from ME in proxy!!!

    Wow...a milestone indeed.

    And then....Michelle is my kinda gal. Take the shoes off and go barefooted. Yep, me through and through.

    Happy day to you Mary.

  10. Huge congrats to Brandon!Another milestone in his life!Blessings~Sharon

  11. He looks so handsome in his "good" clothes and his aversion to social situations remind me of my wonder boy. I'm glad you were able to talk him into going.
    Mama Bear

  12. I have NO IDEA where the time goes but it does and in a flash most of the time too...Now he is in high

  13. Mary
    Congratulation to Brandon. I bet he was quick to lose the tie and shirt when he got home. Your garden looks great. You must not have any hungry wildlife around. That was a beautiful tribute to your Dad. Peace

  14. Congratulations to Brandon, I'm so proud of him and so glad that he did go to his graduation and handled it so well:-) Loved seeing all the pictures and your daughter does like I do, takes her shoes off after an event like that! lol I remember my boys' graduation and the heat in the gym...NOT very comfortable!! Brandon can now enjoy his summer vacation before going to high school:-) xoxo

  15. Good for Brandon, wish him well on his journey. I know what you mean about time going so fast. Hard to believe that my youngest is almost 30!!

  16. I often wonder where time does go. Maybe it real does fly by.
    It only seem like a short time that I brought my boys home from the hospital.
    Now there out on there own. Well Bart here part of the time.
    He still trying to get settle in place down by college in Courd" Alene Idaho.

    Best wishes to Brandon for his future.

    Coffee is on.

  17. Congratulations to Mr. Brandon! Good job young man!! I would have been glad when it was all over too especially if it was hot in the auditorium, doesn't it always seem to be at graduations, I don't think I have been to one yet that it was cool!

    Nice pictures Mary and I know what you mean about protecting our youth. I always crop out town and school names too. I posted pictures of one of my horses x-rays and noticed it showed my name and had to block that out. (my last name)

    You are a very dedicated, hands on Grammie and I applaud you for it! xoxox

  18. Congratulations to Brandon! Why is it that the gym' s AC always breaks down before graduation!! I don't blame Brandon for wanting to get in the house!! When Kelly graduted from HS it was hot like that too!!! Whew we will never forget that afternoon in the gym!! Hugs Grams

  19. You are a smart gal to crop those pictures and not show the name of the school...... but how wonderful for Brandon...... I so remember my son's 8th graduation....... so many years ago...... His life will change so much as he goes into high school.....