Wednesday, June 24

More Graduation Photos

I had a lot of photos I didn't post on Tuesday because they showed too much information. However, Michelle got hers uploaded and I borrowed a few of them to show you.

Here is Brandon relaxing before heading out to graduation. He had never worn a white shirt and tie before. He's trying to stop me from taking his photo and Michelle got one from the side.
This is Brandon's Learning Resource Teacher (female) and Brandon's teacher from this year. Both of these people should be commended. They did their best to ensure that Brandon had a successful year.

Brandon and his friend in the library waiting for the ceremonies to begin.

As soon as the ceremonies were over, Jordan was quick to grab a cold drink and a snack.

Brandon and I outside the school after graduation. He is a little worn out. It was hot in the auditorium and he had three events within a week. That is a lot for Brandon. On Wednesday, the last school trip was to Canada's Wonderland and on Saturday his father's workplace had their company picnic at Marineland in Niagara Falls. He was quite the social butterfly last week.

It was HOT here today. 87 F, but felt like 96 F with the humidity. Tomorrow it's not to be so hot. Toronto opened their cooling stations today for those who don't have access to a cool place.

Looking forward to tomorrow when things will be a little cooler. Hope the humidity stays down as well. Stay cool or warm, depending on where you are in the world.


  1. It was nice to see more pictures. I think it's funny that Brandon wore a white shirt and a black tie, while his friend wore a black shirt with a white tie. Brandon should be proud - he worked hard for this achievement! Nice picture of the two of you also. You are a big part of his success!

  2. I'm glad Brandon made it through all of his events. Sorry it was so hot in the gym. We have been having warm days, with a bit of cooling rain in the afternoon or evening. Everything is so green and nice.

  3. Congrats to Brandon! I have missed a few days and I will take a look at the post before this one... He should be proud of his accomplishment.. He has had a lot of help from a sweet Grandmother.....

  4. Judging by your words and the great pics you've been posting of Brandon's graduation, I'd say he did quite well! Congrats and be proud of those accomplishments, Brandon. Ya done good!

  5. Ka Pai aka Good job in New Zealand, Brandon.

    What a proud mum and son pair.

  6. Well, even I would have been overwhelmed with that much going on in one week. I bet he was ready for some down time after graduation. But he looked so handsome in his tie and shirt. I know you're proud of him.
    Mama Bear

  7. These are fantastic photos!! I really like the pride you show in your face Mary...standing beside the grad! How awesome is that!! Did you ever think life would be so wonderful for you to witness this kinda event?

    Ya, we had a cold front move in...LOL....instead of 84-86 this morning, it was 78. rofl

    Stay cool!!!

  8. Brandon and you look so nice in the photo! I am proud of him too! A lot of hard work and went into this and he should be very proud!

    Today is Nancy's Birthday and she is up and going and ready for the Day!!! Hugs Grams

  9. I so enjoyed seeing more photos taken at Brandon's graduation:-) He looks great wearing a white shirt and the haircut as well! Considering he had such a busy time of it in the last week, he really did handle it all well and that says a lot for how much he's accomplished this year and how far he's come.

    I'll be glad when this heat breaks, I just can't function well when it's in the high 80's & 90's! lol Especially with a head cold! Ugh! Right now it's 28c and supposed to be 26c on Friday and 28c on Saturday before it finally goes back to much more normals temps!! xoxo

  10. My congratulations to Brandon!

  11. Congrats!!!! I went and took a peek at your last post too...lovely!

    I'm sure you are a very proud grandma!

    Love, Jess