Tuesday, June 9

Fun in the Yard

Everyday at noon, Dakota wants to go outside with hubby and spend some time romping in the grass. On the days it rains and he can't go out, he is much more hyper. He needs that exercise to keep him calm and in control.
Today hubby took him out with one of his squeaky toys. Dakota threw it down the terrace and hubby went to get it. In the photo above, he is getting ready to kick it to Dakota. Notice how the dog is crouched, ready to pounce.
He caught it and each time he did, he had to squeak that sheep before tossing it down the terrace again.

Finally, he decided that he would just throw it and pounce on it himself without any help.

Here he is squeaking it and taking it nearer to the stump. He wants to make sure that it is with him and that no one or anything else can get it. When he has this toy outside, he is very protective of it. It doesn't leave his side unless hubby is playing kick the sheep. lol (Notice the hole he's dug in the yard. Grrr!)

It's time for a rest. He loves laying on the clover. It's soft and cool. Even though it wasn't a hot day, Dakota is panting up a storm. He's done in and that makes him a much better companion for the rest of the day.

What would we do without our pets. Each has a special place in our hearts and remain there all of our lives. Dakota has worked his way into our hearts in the very short time he's been with us. We laugh at his antics and frown when he misbehaves, but he brings a lot of joy into our home.

PS. No sheep were harmed during this exercise. :-)


  1. Mary - I tagged you in a post tonight. Join if you want, but don't feel obligated!

  2. Hmm - my other comment didn't show up! I love the picture of Dakota on the bottom. He is really a handsome dog. We are probably getting another cat. It's lonely in the house since we lost Cleo.

  3. Mary,

    Looks like Dakota is having great fun. At least he is able to get out of the house and play 'some of the time'!

    Here, the past 2 weeks have been better, the sun has been shining. Finally, Sis' pool is warm enough to take a dip in. It's about time, I have been feeling so water logged. lol

  4. fun fun !!!!!!!! AND I love love love the beautiful plant growing out of the stump! I have got about 20 or so pictures on my blog and I had hoped to post tonight but ran out of time....... BUT will have it first thing in the morning!

    Miss you much and will get an email off to you tomorrow!

    Love the pictures of the boys at play!

  5. Well that was fun... watching Dakota play with the sheep... Love those purple flowers over by the pump...we live on such flat land... I enjoyed seeing the ups and downs of the area around where you live.. Have a good night Mary!! I'm heading off to bed...

  6. Loved this one...He is really getting better at his clumsiness and training it seems. Except for the hole in the yard...lol

    Glad he's doing so well

    Your hubby seems pretty attached to him!


  7. Mary I introduced my dear dog today to the world........what a great day to be bck visiting you to see the lovely photos of your two darlings husband and dog!!

    love visiting you wish It was more often I truly do.


  8. Our pets certainly hold a special place in our families.

  9. LOL....I'm glad to read that sheep were not harmed in the post making. Too funny.

    And I simply love the very last photo...he's so alert, yet relaxed at the same time.

  10. I'm confused Mary. Who took who out? :)

  11. Well, as to Dakota's hole in the yard -dogs will be dogs, huh? And when it comes to pets playing with their toys, who is getting entertained then -the pet or us? Maybe it is of equal portions but I know I always get a big bang out of watching them at play and I'm thinking you do too judging by these pictures.

  12. Whew, I'm so glad to hear that no sheep were harmed! LOL Oh Mary, I so enjoyed seeing these photos of Dakota, he certainly does look very playful and I can well imagine how much fun it is to watch him. Kind of makes you forgive the bad things he can do! lol

    Cloudy here and 13c...I've just come in from planting the rest of my stuff in my faerie garden, as well as putting down the mulch. I couldn't wait to come back in as I was being eaten alive by the mosquitos! This is perfect weather for them...UGH!!! Supposed to be much nicer over the weekend..guess where we're going?! LOL Not going across the border this time, though, since Steve hasn't gotten his passport yet. Will be a much cheaper trip! hehe xoxo

  13. Loved that last line. He is getting so big. When he is lying like that ready to pounce it reminds me of Smokey doing the same thing.
    Mama Bear

  14. I don't know what dog has but they do put joy in one life.

    Coffee is on.

  15. Oh, how big he's grown!!! They don't stay small for long, do they? He is one playful guy, by the looks of it! It takes a kitten between 2-4 years toi settle down. I still have a few in that age group yet! I'll be glad when they all settle down and act like little adults. LOL I know how much you enjoy Dakota....pets are wonderful!!! I couldn't imagine my life without one!!! (or 2, or 3, or 4 or more!!! LOL)

    ((( HUGS )))

  16. WOW -- Dakota has gotten BIG indeed! I enjoyed catching up with your various trips with the boys and loved the photos of Niagara Falls ... I've not been there in DECADES. I've not spent much time online in recent months nor have I done much writing lately, but I'm hoping to make some adjustments ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,