Sunday, June 7

Spring Beauties

My regular readers will remember the photo of the poppy buds that I posted last week.
This is what they looked like this morning when I ventured out with my camera.

And here is a closeup. These poppies came to me from the Earth a few years ago. One year they weren't there and the next spring they appeared. I absolutely love them.
Another look from a different angle. Too bad the weatherman is predicting rain because they will not last through a rain storm. Last year it was so hot when they came out that they turned black within two days. I wish they would bloom all summer long. They are my favorite flower in my gardens.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We tended the yard. I will have more photos tomorrow.


  1. Hi glad you are feeling better.

    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

    Be sure to get a shot of Dakota and how much he has grown!

    Lots of love to you
    Happy Sunday

  2. Oh my, those poppies are absolutely gorgeous! Love 'em! Can you get some seeds and get 'em to germinate or whatever you do to get seeds to grow later -you know what I mean, I hope. I've never seen them around here at all.
    Glad you're feeling better now. My poor old legs and back ached like crazy this past Friday from all the walking I did on Thursday in Pittsburgh and at the mall later. I was kind of worried that I would get them aching all over again last night after we spent the day at a Children's fair, but today my legs didn't bother me all that much but then too, the weather was decent yesterday AND today too and that does make a big difference in my old achy arthritic joints, ya know.

  3. They are beautiful! I love poppies and I also love the way these just started growing!

  4. Love your poppies, I have orange ones. I know what you mean about them not making it. A couple of years ago at our old place I sprinkled a box of mixed flowers. It was full of all kinds of poppies, all colors and they came back. Wish I could find some again. So glad you are feeling better, the flu takes so much out of ya. Our weather is so chilly, only in 60's and now rain, which we need.
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    Best to you

  5. They are very pretty! I just pulled all of my old poppies out from around my blueberry bushes. Mine were orange, they are now gone until they come up again next year.

  6. Knowing how they got there (or not knowing to be more accurate) must make this lot extra special.

  7. The are beautiful, but pity they don't make lasting cut flowers. Once, I didn't know they didn't last, I was walking on my way to work, I went and picked these wild poppies. By the time I got home, they were drooping. Teaches me not to pluck other people's flowers.

  8. oooh nice! these are my favourite kinds of poppies, aren't they called ladybirds?

  9. If you ventured out then it must mean you're feeling better. I sure hope so. The poppies are beautiful. I haven't seen poppies since I don't know how long.

  10. Really nice flowers. So happy that you are feeling better, love you.

  11. I so want some of those seeds this year!!! Red poppies!!! Awesome. Such a gorgeous, vivid contrast against the lawn...beautiful Mary.

  12. They are beautiful. My neighbor has orange ones that are enormous - about the size of a china saucer. They're hanging around for quite awhile - California poppies, I think.

    Kristen planted flowers for the first time and yesterday a flash of hail destroyed them - she's sad.

  13. Poppies are blooming. Check out the photos on "let the goodtimes roll" blog. I found out what happen to my poppies, I mulched the earth around them and I was told by a garden expert that is a sure way not to have any future poppies. Yours are so pretty, please do not mulch them. Peace

  14. Like you, I just love poppies and I had tons of them in my flowerbed at the back of the house (they spread on their own) and then a couple of years ago E went and pulled them all out without my knowing!!! Grrrrr! I've now bought pink poppies and he'd better not touch them! lol I also just found some of the seeds I had from those other ones so hopefully they're still good. It's 11c here today and cloudy...sigh! xoxo

  15. Mary,
    Your poppies are so beautiful. These are among my favorite flowers. I'm glad I just found your blog. Glad to hear you're a writer, also.
    Please visit my blog at: and leave a comment.

  16. Hello Mary, thank you for coming to my blog to see the pictures of my poppies :)
    The poppies in your garden are so wonderful! And they are so big! Mine are very small, I picked them on my walk along Donaukanal!
    Unfortunately they don't last very long, but luckily we have the pictures!
    Have a pleasant week!

  17. Love your beautiful poppies... I have never been able to grow them... though I've tried many times from seed...

  18. I think I would just cut them and take them inside to enjoy longer if it is going to be a short show.
    A friend of mine used to have a whole field full of these. Wouldn't mind some coming up in my bed. A blessing indeed.
    Mama Bear

  19. The poppies are just lovely. I've planted them before-but never had any luck with them. I love yours.

  20. They just popped up? I've been thinking about getting some poppies to go in my yard - I think they are beautiful.

  21. Oh, Mary, your poppies are beautiful!!!

    ((( HUGS )))