Friday, June 12

A Surprise Visit from Pea

I was standing on the side porch about 4 pm today talking to the boys on the phone when a car pulled up across the street. The man driving looked very familiar and as he stepped out of the car, I saw the female passenger. It was Pea from Pea's Corner and her friend, Steve. They were on their way to Niagara Falls and stopped by so we could go for coffee. I was delighted.

Hubby was out doing an errand. While we were waiting for him to return, I gave Pea and Steve a tour of the garden.

The photo above is of the side garden. Excuse the empty pots. Hubby, Brandon and I were working in the yard today and I hadn't got the pots picked up before I took the photo. The mini carnations are in bloom and the balloon plant. We've added hollyhocks and blanket flowers to this garden. Hubby's bears are in there and my rock, along with a little alysum. We now have a fixture on which to wind the hose.
Brandon designed and created the pot above. He has great taste in color. He liked the contrast of the red begonias and nicotina and the green and cream ivy. I think he did a super job. (Excuse the weeds along there. It takes time to get everything done.)

The front garden is still looking pretty sparse, but we have added a foxglove along with the purple flowers that Michelle gave me last year. I'm thinking they are some kind of lillies, but they are roots and not bulbs, so I could be wrong.

This is the other end of the front garden. I'm not sure what the pink ground cover is. It was given to me by my neighbor many years ago. She calls it Hungarian geranium, but I have no idea if that is the true name. It grows like wildfire and every year I have to dig some of it out. I've already given some to Michelle and my friend here would like some. Never fear, by the end of the summer, it will be trying to take over the bed.

I love the yellow daylilly and the cosmos back toward the porch railing. I want something in there to hide the dirt and rocks under the porch. Cosmos grow tall and spread and I've also planted some hollyhock seed in there. We will see how it does.

Unless something comes up, we are planning to meet Pea and Steve in Niagara Falls tomorrow afternoon. It should be fun. Pea got a photo today, but I neglected to take my camera to the coffee shop. If we do head out to Niagara, I will be sure to take it along.

Enjoy your weekend and the company of family and friends.


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  2. How cool is that. Have fun Mary!

  3. I think it's great that you and Pea have become such good friends through blogging!
    The flower from Michelle looks like something in our garden called Spiderwort. Ours just started blooming. Here is a site with some info:

  4. I'm loving how your gardenis coming along Mary and equally cool you got a visit from a blog friend :-)

  5. Oh how fun! Now it is time for me to drop in! I want to walk around and tour your garden PLEASE!

    You have a wonderful time with Pea and Steve! You so deserve it.........

  6. That may be a Johnson's Blue Geranium (aka Cranesbill). I had some in Sarnia, hated them, and could never seem to get rid of them.

  7. I am so jealous that you and Pea live close enough that you can visit occasionally! But happy that you can get together. Think of me when y'all meet in Niagara Falls. :o)

    Your mystery plant is spiderwort, or tradescantia, the horticultural name. Google it to compare. I love them, and they come in such vibrant colors!

    Your pink ground cover does look like a geranium but it won't enlarge for me. It looks like Crane's Bill geranium, and you can Google that one as well to compare.

    Happy weekend! :o)

    Love and hugs,


  8. What fun to have a surprise visit from Miss Pea! The garden is looking terrific.

  9. After I published my comment I read over the other comments and realized that your other visitors had already addressed your flower issues. Sorry. :-/

  10. Have fun with Pea... your yard and gardens look pretty... and Brandon did an excelent job planting the pot... I just love it!

  11. I love your garden. How nice to get a surprise visit from Pea.

  12. I too am very envious of your beautiful flowers in your garden. That's because I have that old proverbial "Black thumb" and not the green one needed. I did however plant a veggie garden this year. My SIL dug up the kids old sandbox, filled it with mulch and top soil and I now have leaf lettuce, beets, carrots, peas, two kinds of green beans and cucumbers coming up! I was a bit late starting it and even later when I planted some seeds for green onions as well as what will hopefully be a nice row of corn too. I'm a bit blow away right now to see everything in my first plantings are coming up and wonder if I can manage to keep them all alive to get a little bit of a harvest from this venture!

  13. How fun to have a surprise visit from Pea!!!!! And then a planned trip to Niagara with them, too.

    Love your flower photos Mary. Enjoy the time with friends.

  14. What a wonderful surprise and now a visit to the falls. Can't wait to see photos. It is so much fun to watch your gardens grow. Please continue to give us updates. Peace

  15. Neat that you got to visit with a fellow blogger. Your flowers are looking just lovely.

  16. I enjoyed the tour. I have a problem with my hose, especailly in the front. The faucet is behind the boxwood. I have to lean over them to turn it on. Then I try to bring the hose over and around so I don't crush my flowers. It is just curled up back there when not in use. I would like to have something closer to the front to keep it on so I could jus pull what I need around but haven't figured that one our yet. The hose is yellow. I think I'll go back and get a green one so it will at least blend in with the boxwood.
    Mama Bear

  17. So glad Steve and Carole came by!!!

    How exciting!

    Love, Jess

  18. Your garden is a lobor of love, no doubt about that!!! It will be so beautiful for you to sit and enjoy! Loved all the pics!!!

    And that Pea! What a great surprise, huh? Know you were happy to see her and Steve!

    ((( HUGS )))