Sunday, October 25

Around the Neighbourhood

I had planned on taking the car out this afternoon to do a bit of leaf peeping, but decided I didn't have the ambition. So I grabbed the camera and took a slow, leisurely walk around the neighbourhood.

Our front flower bed. The mums are making a great splash of colour here.
In the park down the street. I thought the red bush was so pretty.

This is along the canal where we used to take Meeko for his walks. I don't go there much since he died, but noticed this pretty bush and walked that way.

Along the canal is a house and this is in back of it along the path. There is another red bush in that area. I wonder what they are called. They certainly are beautiful in the fall.

The bridge across the little creek. I have other photos when there was much more colour there, but this year it is mostly browns and yellows. Still beautiful.

From the park toward the street. The sky was brilliant blue. Such a pretty colour.

This is in front of our house. The tree was just a sapling when we moved here and now it towers taller than the house. It is always a pretty shade of green and yellow in autumn. If you enlarge this photo, you can see Dakota in the bottom right, waiting for me to come home.

I hope you enjoyed strolling around the neighbourhood with me. It was warm and sunny and a great day for a walk.


  1. Hi Mary, I have enjoyed this walk around your neighborhood..the red bush is gorgeous and I love the bridge over the creek..I see Dakota waiting for you to return home..a faithful friend!!!

    Have a good week. hugs, Baba

  2. I enjoyed the walk with you. I walked around our neighborhood today too. We have lots of yellows this year and not as much red or orange as usual. Still beautiful though!

  3. Thanks for the stroll around your neighbourhood Mary.

    I am amazed that you still have flowers! Wish we did.

    God bless.

  4. Beautiful trees girl.. I googled the red tree in your picture but did not fine anything.. I also did not see Dakota in the picture but I still love the trip around the neighbors.. I guess you are still missing Meeko.. I so understand...

    Hugs to you girl and we will visit off and on during the week..

  5. I enjoyed the walk with you. The bright red bushes around here are called Burning Bush, and are Euonymus alata. I don't know if that's what yours are.

    We have not much color left - especially after the breezes this week-end. It's supposed to snow again tonight.

  6. My dear Mary I am so glad there were no blockages in your husband's neck. I am still praying for you both. I really like your banner....m..

  7. cool photos mary and such pretty colours

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, so so pretty!!! I loved going on the walk with you. What a perfect post.

  9. Hi Mary, Those are called burning bushes. We have 2 of them and I agree with you, they are really pretty in the fall

  10. PS....Mary, I posted today the walk around the cemetery if you'd like to visit. :o)

  11. Mary a quiet walk with Autumn is one of those simple things that brings us so much peace! I am taking in the glory of Autumn at this end too..everything changes daily. My was the 21..yours on the 12...the same age and the same numbers nuumbers share!!
    Next time take Dakota w/ you!
    Have a wonderful week my friend! hugs aNNa

  12. Colour here is almost done. Sadly.

  13. You know we have had more yellows this fall than red too. Some are saying that it is because we had so much rain this year. Still there are trees here and there that are showing off their bright reds and deep burgundies.
    I just love the hand of God that shows up at this time of year.
    I enjoyed your walk is always neat to see where others live.

  14. I had a lovely time strolling your neighborhood with you. I especially love that little bridge. Very pretty!