Monday, October 26

Midnight in the Pumpkin Patch

Tonight was my writer's meeting. It's always nice to get together with other people that have the same interests that I do.

Since Halloween is close at hand, our writing exercise tonight was a lot of fun. We were given six words and told to write a page and a half story using all six of them. These are the six words:

* Halloween
* dead
* rotten
* brave
* candies
* shaking
* choked
* green

I wrote a quick little story that took me about ten minutes.

Midnight in the Pumpkin Patch
It was midnight on Halloween and I was in the pumpkin patch trying to figure out why all the stalks and leaves were luminiscent green. I had seen them glowing when I looked out the kitchen window.

An eerie feeling slithered up my spine as I made my way down the rows. A pungent smell, like something rotten, wafted on the air. It smelled like something or someone had died. Should I venture forth or head back to the house? I decided to be brave and ventured forth.

As I moved forward the smell became so strong that I choked and gagged. Then I saw that a stink bomb had been set off at the end of one row. I sighed in relief because for a moment I'd wondered if I'd find a body.

A movement in the bushes caught my eye and I approached cautiously. Two boys were sitting, stuffing candies into their mouths and shaking with laughter. Beside them were two cans of flourescent green paint. Mystery solved!

It is kind of a silly little story, but it's what came to mind as I put my pen to paper. If you decide to use the six words to write your own story, be sure to let me know. I'd love to read it.


  1. Very clever! You must get the same enjoyment out of your writing class that I'm getting out of the community chorale.

  2. I always like it when you do one of your short stories. This one had a fun twist!

  3. Second times a charm. Blogger ate my comments. Thanks for taking us along on your walk and enjoyed the story. Peace

  4. Love it Mary!!!
    You're talents with words are fantastic.

  5. Hi Mary:-)

    Love the little story you made with those words, you have such a talent at writing! I would have drawn a blank! lol

    We were indeed very close to you and thought of dropping in but we had so many plans and not enough time to do them all!! We did enjoy our time over there, though, and would have loved to have had another day or so to stay. Next year for Halloween we should try to plan on going on one of those Ghost Walks together:-)

    I loved it that the Fall colours are still so gorgeous up your way...over here all our trees are bare. We had more snow yesterday but today it's back to rain.

    Take care my friend. xoxo

  6. Aww, that was cute! I like that idea of using the six words...I might just give it a try and see what happens. I'll be sure to let you know!

  7. It's a fun little story, Mary, thanks for sharing! I'm so glad "we" didn't stumble over a body in the pumpkin patch, just boys up to mischief.
    I bet your writing group is a lot of fun. Love your stories.
    Have a good day, my friend~

  8. I enjoyed your story, Mary. Our writing group met on Monday, too!

  9. I liked it alot!! It's not silly, it sounds like something
    naughty boys would do!!

  10. Mary-I loved the story-so well written and with a cute ending too.