Saturday, October 31

Halloween Fun

The boys and their Dad had some fun this week after school. They decorated their house for Halloween. I think they did a great job.

The step looks very spooky with a tombstone, a grim reaper, Frankinstein's bride a pumpkin and a ghost.
The front yard has dracula, ghosts, a witch, cobwebs and a dead scarecrow. LOL Actually the wind was so strong it blow the scarecrow over. There are a couple more scarecrows in the front flower bed. Enlarge for a better view.

We've had about 15 kids at our door tonight, which is more than usual. Ordinarily we have eight to ten. It's nice to have more kids stop by. I love their costumes. The best this year was an inch worm, about 3 years old. She was adorable. Second best goes to a boy about 12 who was dressed up as a Wheaties cereal box. Third, was a girl dressed up like Daniel Boone. She even wore the coonskin cap. What were the best costumes that you saw.

Wishing all my friends and readers a Happy Halloween.


  1. What a fun thing for the boys to do with their Dad!
    We have had no trick or treaters tonight. We live on a country road and there are no young kids around. I did buy a bag of candy just in case.

  2. We are on a country road too... front porch light is on... basket of candy on table by the door and no trick or treaters... NONE.. so we have to eat the candy... I'm glad I bought the kind I like... Husband picked out a bunch of junk candy.. all his.. ha ha

  3. P.S. Loved the decorations... they did a good job getting ready...

  4. wow 15 people for Halloween. None here and that don't suprise me. I live to far out and the homes are far apart.
    I always buy goodies just in case.

    Coffee is on.

  5. G'day Mary!
    We had a wonderfully busy day yesterday and I'm trying to catch up on my visits to Bloggie Buddies!!!

    I love all the decorations in your grandsons' yard!!! How fun. I bet they had fun decorating with their dad too.

    We had so many 'treaters'...I can't tell you what was best.

    Have a glorious, peaceful Sunday.

  6. No trick or treaters at my house-I live to far out. Love the yard-the boys did a great job.

  7. We live in townhouses which the rural dwellers like to visit because they can hit a lot of doors with minimal effort. We gave out 250 treats ans had to shut down early.

  8. I think they did a marvelous job decorating! Me, I am lucky if I put a pumpkin (cheated and got a plug in one) and an old papermache skull out.

    God bless.

  9. Their yard turned out very fun!
    We got home late yesterday, so only ended up with a couple of trick-or-treaters. Some little firemen and monsters. My little grandson, Noah, was a Garden Gnome, though he lives far away from us now. Can't wait to see some pictures!

  10. What a fun thing for the boys to do with their Dad! Work From Home

  11. wellmy favs were this group of 3 little ghosts...oh wait...they were MINE! haha ;-)

  12. LOL you had me giggling over the dead scarecrow comment! hehe They really did do a great job decorating...hard to believe Halloween has come and gone already. We had 50 trick or treaters, really down from what we usually have. One thing I noticed, though, I didn't get any older kids (teens) at all this year, usually I get quite a few. The kids that did come were between 2 and 10 and some had awesome costumes. My favourites were a faerie (of course! lol), a transformer character, a bumble bee and an angel. Wish I would have taken pictures!! xoxo