Monday, November 2

Well, it's been quite a week and I know a few of you found me AWOL. From the 24th until today, I've been having major computer problems. On the 24th, I was told by my ISP support tech that my modem had gone to modem heaven. He ordered one and told me it would be here on Monday.

Monday morning at 10am, the Purolator truck pulled up to our neighbour's across the street. I told hubby that was our modem. He said that couldn't be. However, three days later, the modem still hadn't arrived, so on Thursday I called my ISP. The guy tracked the modem and found that it had indeed been delivered to our neighbour's on Monday.

Hubby went to the neighbour's and they had already returned the modem because they didn't realize it was ours. It had the wrong street number on it. How can anyone get numbers mixed up since ours is 13 numerals higher than the house across the street.

That was just the beginning. I phoned the ISP and they told me they couldn't ship another modem out until that one was returned. Say what? It was your mistake. So, I talked to a supervisor who said she would ship one but it wouldn't arrive until Tuesday or Wednesday, which I told her was unacceptable, since they had made the mistake in the first place. She assured me she would rush it right out to me.

On Sunday morning, we lost all Internet connection. Until that time we had been able to get online infrequently. No more. So, once again (I believe this was the 8th time) I called my ISP tech. He said that there was no modem on its way. The supervisor had cancelled the order because I had said the delivery time was unacceptable. Grrr!!

By this time, I was fuming. It had been over a week and still no modem. The tech guy tried to get me online but to no avail. We rebooted, we shut down, we tried a million things but no luck. He told me to try again in a couple of hours. I go!

I phoned a store here in town that is owned by my ISP. Yes, they had modems. No, she couldn't let me have one. Only new customers could have a modem. I would just have to wait.

In the meantime, my writing deadline came and went, so no more submissions for October. Wonderful. That is perfect.

Anyway, this morning the modem arrived bright and early and we are now back online, but what a week. I placed a call to my ISP executive office to put in a complaint at 9am this morning. Guess what? They were too busy to take my calls. The answering machine said to leave a message and someone would get back to me. Nope. Never heard a word from them all day. Well, maybe tomorrow...

Wishing you a great week...this one will be better for us.


  1. I was just about to drive to Canada...... and I wonder why blogger did not bring your name to the top of the list.. Says that you have not posted in two days..... Guess blogger is going to mess up now... anyway.....sorry you have had such a deal BUT sooooooooooooooo glad to see you.....


  2. What a frustrating business! Glad you are back up and working again!
    PS - love the new header. Anni did great again!

  3. Part of Last week sucked for me.different reason.

  4. That's really stink service Mary, I'd change if it was me.

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh, what a pain! HUH? Well, I assume you got my email about me sending you a line with a life jacket!!

    Glad to hear it was all just a computer problem instead of a health problem that ....well, it WAS running through my mind!

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  7. Maybe it's time to vote with your feet.

  8. As my big Sis says "Nothing is easy any more." Life was simpler when you could call someone you knew and they would quicky come and help. Like the header but those lines in the background make it hard to read the post. Peace

  9. Wonder what the problem is... do the people working today just not have enough education or is it an I don't care attitude... I have found every thing you try to correct these days is just so difficult...I know your feelings of frustration... oh well... if you're like me there is only one way to get on the internet in my neck of the woods... no cable out my way... my phone high speed is my only choice.. so far they have been very good about explaining why something is not working and getting it straightened out in a matter of hours ...not days...

    Glad you are back... sorry about the missed deadline...

  10. Is there only one internet provider?
    That used to be the case here but now they have competition. I've never had a modem go bad and they usually send a tech out right away when there is a problem.
    I do know how frustrating it can be to have to deal with this crap and I am sure it didn't help your health any.
    I'm glad you are back online.
    Mama Bear

  11. Don't you just love such atrocious service from a company like that??? NOT! I would have been fuming as well, considering it was their mistake that they had the wrong address on the modem package in the first place. I haven't been online much the last couple of days so I didn't notice you were AWOL...I think some people thought I was too! lol I need to get on Facebook and get caught up on there too!! Glad you finally got your modem, though, and hopefully this will be a better week for you. xoxo

  12. Don't it just make you want to pull your hair out.