Saturday, November 7

A Fun Saturday

Yes, I do love fall. The sights, sounds and fragrances are soothing to me. It is a time for getting in the harvest and preparing for winter and today, that is just what we did.

Brandon and Jordan came over around lunch time. We had lunch, took Dakota to the dog park for an hour and then came home to settle into work. Brandon helped hubby put all the gardening tools away for the coming winter. They winterized the lawn mower and then put up the outside Christmas decorations. It will be too cold to do it later, as my deer have to be anchored in the ground. Today was a beautiful day to do outside chores. They also put the garden ornaments in the basement.

While they were doing that, Jordan painted the inside of my bottom cupboards. He was just the right size, as he could get right into the cupboard. He had never painted before and he did a great job. Now all hubby and I have to do is put all the cooking utensils back and everything will be nicely organized.

The boys both did a terrific job today and they felt good about themselves because they are learning. Brandon now knows how to winterize a lawn mower and Jordan knows how to paint cupboards.

It was a beautiful day out. The sun was shining and there was a strong breeze, but it was a great day to get everything organized and have some fun with Dakota.


  1. Sounds like a nice, productive day, Mary. It's been gorgeous here in Arkansas for a change. October was so soggy!

    Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend. :-)

    Love and hugs,


  2. where did you get those well trained grand sons?

    May be I can borrow them to show examples to my 13 year old son and my 21 year old daughter.

  3. I just love your header!! It is sooooooooooo cute! That Hootin' Annie is one smart lady!

    So nice that the boys helped you out and so good for them to learn new things to do. I love teaching my grands how to do things, T who is seven is much more into it then D who is 6. He would rather be playing on his DS! I'm teaching T how to cook and she just loves it and does a really good job.

    Good to get the garden things put away. We've had a bit of snow but not much yet. The lawn mowers are in the barn now on break for the winter. Almost time to get the snowmobile out!!!!! Take care Mary! xoxox

  4. How helpful those boys are. They will continue to be a help to you and Grandpa as time goes by. I recall how my nephews were always over at my Dad's house doing something. So, it is good to teach them to do these kinds of things, now.
    I was just thinking about Christmas decorations. It won't be too much longer until time to put the lights on the house. But we have to get the leaves up first. That is job number 1.
    Mama Bear

  5. Mary
    It was like that here in TN and I stayed outside most of the day helping Prince with leaves. We have just a few. LOL Peace

  6. So much accomplished!

    happy new week
    Love, Jess

  7. Hi Mary
    Thank you for praying for our family. Life has been challenging but prayer has been my savior to it all and my favorite peaceful time! Sending love your way, Lori

  8. As I wrote in an email....I admire your grandsons for being so helpful and learning as you teach them the skills of life!!!!

    You go girl!!!!

  9. You guys have been so ambitious lately! It always feels good to get those projects around the house done. Satisfying.
    Happy happy Monday!

  10. Mary,
    Thank you for always being the encourager...I'd appreciate your visits and your comments...yes, I want the button....


  11. It is great that your grandboys are such good helpers!

    I love fall so much, but we really missed out on it this year.