Friday, March 14

A Day at the Farm and Friday Flea Market

Well, this is the last day of the boys' March Break. They go back to school on Monday. We have done a few things, but not like we usually do. I haven't been very energized this year and then there is Michelle who still is not allowed to drive, so any shopping she needs done is up to me and the kids.

We did manage to get to the farm today. We have not been in about six weeks. First the boys were sick with colds, then Michelle's surgery, then I got the flu and so on and so on... The boys were glad when it was a nice day and we could go. I took along the camera and this is what we saw.
Chickens and a rooster perching in the rafters over the chicken pen. I love the beautiful colors in that banty rooster.
These are the chickens that were baby chicks only last fall. They do grow fast and are full sized. They are moulting at present.
Matthew the lamb has really grown. He is fat but oh, so cute. He seemed to remember the boys, as he came right to them.

This is Rosie. She is Matthew's mother and as you can see, she is expecting any day now. I do believe she might have twins. She is over 13 years old. I'm wondering how long sheep continue to produce. If anyone has knowledge of how many years a sheep can have lambs, I would be interested in knowing. We were surprised when she had Matthew last year and now she is pregnant again.

This is the only goat that is left at the farm. They sold all of the rest because there was too much in-breeding. They are not getting more goats as first planned, but are planning on getting more sheep instead.

We left the barn and started toward the horse arena. This week was March Break Camp at the farm and some of the kids were riding in the arena. The horses were in the barnyard eating some hay.
The little horse in the center of the photo is Majestic Miracle. He was born last May. He has really grown in that year, but such a handsome boy. Beside him is the calf that was born last fall.

The little horse in the photo above is Yankee. No, he is not a pony, but a miniature. He is an adult horse and will never get any bigger than he is now. He is a friendly sort.

I'm not sure of the name of the horse above. I should know but just can't think. It must be a Senior Moment. Ha! I seem to be having more of them lately.
Above is Arrow. He was at the other end of the barn in front of the other window. He was almost dozing while waiting to be ridden.
Quiet Riot is a very calm horse that all the kids love. He was also waiting patiently for the ride to begin. While we were in the riding arena, the boys ran around and expended some of their extra energy. They had a lot of fun.
Before we left, the boys wanted to go and see the goat and sheep again. Above the goat is trying to eat Brandon's coat while he is petting him.
Matthew came to bid Jordan goodbye and quite enjoyed Jordan rubbing his nose. The animals are always anxious for the boys to pet them.

Before heading for the car, I got the boys to stand still long enough to get a photo. They both look tuckered out and they were. Jordan called tonight and said he was really tired and that Brandon was already in bed.

It was a lot of fun going to the farm and seeing all of the animals again. Brandon is wanting to go back to the farm on Tuesday, which is his day to go just to find out if Rosie has delivered. If it isn't raining, snowing or freezing, we will be there.

Something new has been started here in blogland and I've decided to participate. It's called Friday Flea Market. I decided not to offer things for sale on this blog, as it is not a selling venue. I have started a new blog for my Flea Market sales and it's called Mary's Vintage Flea Market. Only vintage items will be offered for sale and all will be at discounted prices. Be sure to check it out for some great bargains.

Well, that is about all the news for today. Jackie at In the Land of the Living Skies needs prayer. She has come down with a bad cold and please continue to pray for Deena, Nancy Carolyn's daughter and Cynthia. Cynthia's daughter has still not been found. Her photo is on my sidebar and if you visit Walking On, you will find out more information. Cynthia of course is frantic and really needs to be lifted up to the Lord. Please stop over to these lady's blogs and leave a kind word or two. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I am glad that the boys got to go to the farm, I know they enjoy it. I love the pictures, horses are so lovely. I am going over to check out your flea market blog sweetie. I love you.

  2. I think I enjoy your days at the farm as much as the boys! I so wish there was a place close enough that I could visit to see the animals, especially this time of year when all the babies are being born.

    I'll check out your flea market blog....

    Have a great weekend, Mary. ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  3. Looks like you all had a great day at the farm, love the photos!

    Good luck with your new venture. :)

  4. When I first saw Arrow the first tought that came to me is that I wanted to go for a ride. She's a beauty! What a day. Farming! Now there's a life!

    You're looking forward to Spring, yes?

  5. Maybe I should have another cup of coffee before I post. I meant to say "thought" not "tought" and He's a beauty. Don't tell him I said she, k?

  6. What a wonderful day at the farm. Thanks for sharing as those chickens brought back floods of memories of my Grandpa. How special he was to me. Sounds like they did not keep the goats seperated. The goat too also reminded me of my childhood. I keep telling Prince I need to get some chickens and a goat. MIL is opposed to having them. I sit an dream each year that I get the McMurray Hatchery catalog. Peace

  7. What fun at the farm. I grew up on a farm and this brings back good memories. The boys do look tired out!

  8. It me again Mary, I just wanted you to know I have thankful tears rolling down my cheeks concerning Brandon's act of kindness. What a blessing he has overcome. Of course, I loved the history and thank you for sharing. Peace

  9. what a fund day at the are truly a good grandmother to the boys...and I hope the weather is good enough for you to go back on Tuesday to see if Rosie has delivered...
    farm life has such good lessons for the boys.

  10. First, I have to comment on Matthew and Rosie! I love sheep...Matthew is so sweet! And Yankee? That is a horse? I thought at first sight it was a dog. No kidding.....well, color me perplexed! LOL

    Then, good luck with your flea market blog. I couldn't do that at all...everything I own, I want to keep. LOL Keep us posted on how it goes for you tho.

    Have a great day. It's 95°F here, and too darned hot to do much outdoors like I had planned. Oh well.

  11. Oh Mary, how great that you and the boys got to
    go to the farm.. It sounds so bonding..

    I hope YOU didn't tire out too much..if the boys
    did OH MY!!

    Going to check you new blog..
    love ya ..bunches, Deena

  12. I so love the farm! Glad you had time to get there. Our baby chicks are growing so fast and today when I went to feed them, and across our back field came strutting the most handsome rooster.

    Prayers and Blessings,


  13. Mary,

    I love the farm pictures! I'm glad you and the boys got to go again.



  14. Mary,

    This is wonderful! I love the photos. I'm so happy that you and the boys got to visit the farm!