Thursday, March 13

Show & Tell Friday, Proud Grandma and Circle Journal

It's time for Show and Tell Friday. If you would like to participate, drop over to Kelli's at There's No Place Like Home. Seems like it was just here and can you believe it's the middle of March already. Time is flying by.

This week I'd like to show you my latest addition to my postcard collection. It is a beautiful card that is signed by the artist, Philip Boileau. It is as clean as the day it was made and has been taken really good care of. It is titled "Sweetheart" and I got it for a very good price. I love this card. Sorry that my scanner isn't working, so all I could do was take a photo of the postcard on the desk.

Let me tell you a little about Philip Boileau, pronounced Bwa-low. He was born in Quebec on June 7, 1863. Yes, he was Canadian, something that I found out recently. No wonder I love his art.
Boileau's father was a diplomat and when young Philip lived in Canada, America and France. He attended school in England and studied art in Italy when he was in his early twenties. Over the next decade he lived in various location throughout Europe. He moved to America in 1897 and it was here that his artistic talents were recognized.

Over the next few years Boileau painted the portraits of beautiful socialites. He opened a studio in New York City in 1902 and it was there that his work began to get the recognition it deserved. Before long, Boileau's portraits were highly sought after.

In New York, Boileau met Emily Gilbert, a young socialite about half his age. The couple were married in 1907. Boileau continued to produce images of beautiful women, as well as children for the next decade. He died in 1917 at the height of his success.

Postcards featuring Boileau's art were overlooked for many years. Today they are highly collectible. The Postcard Price Guide, Third Edition by J.L. Mashburn lists hundreds of postcards that were produced using the art of this talented man. They range in value from approximately $3.00 to over $200. A silk card titled "Fancy Free" produced by Wolf & Co. is very rare and is listed for $500 if in excellent condition.

One of Boileau's original 20" x 30" pastel on canvas titled "With Care for None," was sold by Illustration House Auction for $16,000. It was thought that it would bring around $8,000, but it far surpassed the expectations of the auctioneers.

In other news, I am a very proud Grandma. Today I took the boys out to do some shopping for their mother. She gave Brandon her bank card and told him to go and pick up a few things from the grocery store and the bakery. When we got to the bakery, he knew he wanted cinnamon buns. He had $15.00 to spend for baked goods, some of which will be frozen for next week's lunches. He got the buns, a wild blueberry pie, a dozen cookies and date squares. He bought all the things that he knew others in the family enjoyed. His favorite is cinnamon buns.

When he had gathered all his goodies, he saw an elderly man at the checkout. The man was on crutches and was fumbling for his wallet. He was having a difficult time. The clerk told the man he owed 60 cents for two hamburger buns. Right away Brandon piped up and said, "I'll pay for them." At first the man was going to protest. Then he thought better of it and accepted Brandon's act of kindness with a smile and a "Thank You, young man." Brandon was very proud and told his mother about it as soon as he got home. "Mom," he said, "I went 33 cents over my budget but I helped an elderly man who was on crutches by buying his hamburger buns. Mom was quite proud and so was Grandma. This is quite a feat for Brandon, who has Asperger's Syndrome. It's said that those who suffer from this disorder do not recognize others feelings nor feel empathy. Some may not, but we are glad that Brandon has overcome this part of his disorder and is able to recognize the difficulties of others.

Mama Bear at Bears in Exile is starting a Circle Journal and is looking for people who would like to participate. This would entail journaling in the journal for two weeks, adding recipes, newspaper clippings, stickers, photos or anything else that you would like to the journal and then mailing it to the next person on the list. They would do the same. After the journal has completed the circle of participants, it will be mailed around again so everyone can read what the others wrote. This is going to be a lot of fun. Please drop by Mama Bears and join in.

Please continue to pray for Cynthia at Walking On. Her daughter, Lady Bug is still missing. Let us encircle her with God's love to keep her safe.

Prayers are still needed for Talk to Grams daughter, Nancy, who has an urgent medical condition.

Deena at Can I Be Pretty in Pink? is improving a little, thanks to all those who are praying for her. Deena is fighting her way through breast cancer and caught a virus from her husband. Her fever is down but she is still weak.

Please stop by and give these wonderful ladies a word of encouragement. A kind word is always appreciated and sometimes that's all it takes to lift someone up. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Yeah for Brandon. No wonder you're proud of him. He did good!

  2. Your card is very pretty. I love the old fashioned lady pictures.
    As for the young boy, wasn't that a sweet thing to do. No wonder you are all so proud of him.

  3. Mary I'm holding those that you mentioned in my prayers..Thank you for letting me know about Deena..praying hugs Ng

  4. Hi, Mary! Your postcard is gorgeous. I love that antique style of artwork.

    Good for Brandon! It's due to all the therapy and the way y'all work with him, I'm sure. I have a great nephew with autism but so far he's mostly uncommunicative. I hope he finds a way to be more social and communicative as he grows. Right now he's only 4 years old....

    Have a great Friday, Mary. ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  5. Keeping all of those you mentioned very much in my prayers sweetie. I am so proud of dear Brandon, that was so precious what he did. I am going to be involved in the circle journal, I am looking forward to it. Take care, I love you.

  6. That Brandon of yours made me tear up!!! Wow, what a precious kid. You just don't see that in the youngsters today....wish all of the children now-a-days was just like your Brandon!!!

    And the new postcard? What can I say...awesome.

    You certainly made my day with your loving post, as always.

  7. Mary, that is a talented artist! I hope you're 100% better now. How's Michelle doing today?

  8. What a beautiful post card!!!! I appreciated the information about the artist. The story about your grandson is wonderful. Fine young man indeed!!!!!

  9. I'm wondering if I have seen his work before? Did he do the picture showing the different stages of a young couple? It took them through Courtship, Proposal, wedding and on up until their child was born? That whole "Gibson Girl" look of the early 19oo's was SO feminine!

  10. Mary,

    That is a beautiful postcard, but a little strange for the day. I like it, I'm going to have to look up some of Boileau's work.

    Brandon did a gracious thing - and I'm glad that he is coping with his disorder - but there may be some aspects of Asperger's that he will never experience - hopefully.
    The human brain is still a big mystery - I think that's how our maker intends it to be.

    Have a good weekend..:)

  11. I’ve made notes of folks to add to my prayer list and will remember them all. I’m happy to know your hubby was safe on the road, that Michelle is finally healing, that Griffin and you have each recovered. I’m passing on any and all give-aways since I’m diligently working to simplify my life and get rid of ‘stuph’ …
    What a lovely anecdote about Brandon’s act of competence and kindness. It’s no wonder you’re proud.
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. Mary, l got tears in my eyes reading about your grandson. He has learned a lot of this from your giving ways! You must feel so proud of him. love and hugs Carolyn

  13. Mary,

    Your signed postcard is lovely! Thank you for the information on the artist.

    Brandon is a sweetheart. No wonder you're proud of him. But then, he has a great role model!

    Prayers for Lady Bug's safe return, Nancy and Deena.

    Have a blessed weekend.


  14. I loved seeing your newest postcard and learning more about the artist! So many times we fall in love with a print/picture but never have any idea of who the artist was.

    It brought tears to my eyes when I read what Brandon have every right to be a very proud grandma:-) What a wonderful young man he is!!

    My prayers continue for all those who need them...take care my friend and have a terrific weekend!! xoxo

  15. Me again:-) Oh Mary, thank you so much for the 2nd blogiversary button you made for me, I love it. Will put it on my sidebar right now!! xoxo

  16. Mary,

    That is a beautiful postcard. Boileau is a remarkable artist.

    Hooray for Brandon! He is wonderful. I can well imagine how proud Mom and Grandma must be. His act of kindness and compassion brought a smile to my face. :-)


  17. I don't know if any one ask you this but I like to know how long you been collecting postcard and how many do you have?
    She is sure pretty.

  18. I know you are proud of Brandon. I would be too. And it was a good experience for him to do shopping for the family.
    We now have 6 members for the journal. Hope we'll get more in the next week or so and then we'll get started.
    Mama Bear

  19. I love the postcard. I will hold all the people you mentioned in my prayers.

    God bless.

  20. What a wonderful story & postcard!

    Stop on by for a visit at Made some Kiss Me I'm Irish Beef & Cabbage yesterday & posted the recipe. Come on over, I'll fix you a plate!

  21. I love the postcard. The artist
    does beautiful work!
    Cheers for Brandon! Every step
    in the right direction is a good
    step, great social interaction!

  22. This was such a full post! The background info on the post card and the artist was interesting.

    And the story about your grandson - I am glad that you included a mention about him havind AS. It made the story EVEN MORE remarkable.

    Have a happy weekend.