Saturday, March 15

A Quilt Giveaway and Green Thumb Sunday

Do you love beautiful quilts? Would you like to enter a giveaway to win one? Dana at Old Red Barn Co., is giving away a lovely quilt and a lot of other goodies as well. Be sure and stop by and enter the draw.
There's not much news here today. I did a bit of grocery shopping and got some good deals on meat. A eye of round beef roast was on sale and I got one for $10. That is a steal here. Meat is so expensive. I wanted to buy a roasting chicken to cook in the slow cooker but the cheapest one they had was $22.89 and I wouldn't pay that price for any chicken. I could have bought a turkey for $4. more. So instead of buying chicken I bought salmon for $10. and we had that for supper. There was lots left over because the fillet was over 12 inches long and over an inch thick. Salmon isn't my favorite fish but it was good for a change. It is usually very expensive but was on sale this week, as were many types of pork. Ham was especially cheap at 79 cents a pound. That is because so many like it for Easter dinner.

I bought this snake plant in December 2006. At that time there was just two leaves about six inches high. I have always liked these plants and I think it was because Grandma had one. Hers was five or six leaves that were almost three feet in height. This looks like the same variety, but I'm not sure, as in the year I've had it, it's grown both tall and wide. The last time I counted there were 22 leaves in all stages of growth. Some were just babies and the others ranged in size from small to the large original two.

Last June I put the plant outside and it grew like wildfire. When fall came, I dug this old vintage smoked glass bowl that I've had for 40 years out of storage, added Miracle Gro soil and then the plant. While transplanting it, two small leaves broke off and I put them in a small pot and gave them to Brandon. His is also growing quickly.

I added the two little elves that the boys gave me last Mother's Day to the plant and brought it inside. It has really grown over the winter. I will put it back outside for the summer. It sits on my patio table on the porch and looks very nice there.

I love all kinds of plants but don't always have luck with them. This is actually one plant that's done very well for me.

Have a pleasant Sunday and take time to do something special with your family today.

~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I love sanseveria and it grows really well for me. The last one I had got so big that I had it in a huge 20 inch pot. It was so big that I didn't have room for it in the house and had to give it away.

    Be careful of your glass pot. When it gets potbound it can break your pot seeking room for its roots.

    Have a great Sunday, Mary. ;o)



  2. Have a lovely day sweetie, I love you.

  3. You have a way with plants Mary! Although I never knew it was a sanseveria (Thanks Diane!). I must say you shocked me with the price of chicken up there. Why is meat that expensive? It seems like a crime to me.

  4. Plants don't grow well in our house because we do not have good light for them. Oh well. I like eye of round roasts and buy a couple when they are on sale. I sometimes cut it up as stew beef. I use good cuts of meat but mix with lots of vegetables so the meat goes further. My husband gets roasting chickens from a Mennonite farmer a couple of times a year at a good price.

  5. Over $22.00 for a chicken? O be still my heart!! Never...I choked when I read that!! We had salmon also last night, but I made salmon patties. And I made enough to last for leftovers so I wouldn't have to cook tonight. LOL

    I love that plant too. I had one in Colorado that actually BLOOMED, but no...not here. And my hubby calls them "mother in law plant"...guess that's what HIS mom called 'em. Dunno where that came from, but I too know them as "Snake" plants.

    It's cloudy and gloomy here, I haven't walked my walk yet...kinda lazy today for some reason. But, hopefully when we go out for our Sunday brunch, I'll convince hubby to walk along Ocean Drive's pathway today. Nice scenery. LOL

    Have a terrific and quiet/peaceful Sunday Mary.

  6. A $22 chicken? What did they do, kill the hen that laid golden eggs?

    OH OH you let your age slip. Having a bowl in storage for 40 years hints you're no spring chicken :)

  7. I've thinking of putting my Sanseveria in the garden, if I can find a good spot. I understand the color bleaches out in full sun, but I wouldn't care. I just want to experiment. Happy GTS,

  8. We call Saseveria 'Mother in law's tongue' - that looks like a healthy specimen you have there Mary.

    I nearly choked when I read they wanted $22 for a chicken - that's just ridiculous!

  9. Meat prices are out of control! Salmon sounds yummy... I'm making a chicken and broccoli casserole tonight.
    Happy Sunday!

  10. I can not even believe your meat prices. I think that 4 or 5 dollars is what we pay for a good size chicken. If I catch chicken breast for 99 a pound then I buy up a bunch and put it in the freezer.Right now the freezer is filled with deer.

    I love the plant picture. My Mom used to have a plant like that but it did not twist. Cool.
    How you are having a beautiful day. Yesterday it was in the low 80's and today I think it probably did not get out of the 70's. It is beautiful!

  11. My son Bart and I took a trip to the next town, which is Sandpoint to get him a few items like a pair of jeans and some shoes.
    When I was in wal-mart I notice there was quite few cars from British Columbia in parking lot.
    I watch the sale like a hawk and everything is going up here and up.
    So as I was getting Bart stuff I picked up few sale items like strawberries they was less then $2.00 a pound so we are having strawberry short cake.

    I don’t have that many indoor plant as your site was loading (See he only have dial up were I live) to see how things was coming along in my patriotic flower bed and my hodgepodge flowerbed and things a very slowly peeking though.
    We stop a few minute in home depot and I notice there was some bulbs out.

  12. I've just come from the site. I found it through Friendship Quilts who is in my favorite.
    I always called that plant the Mother-in-law's tongue plant. They are easy to grow or hard to kill, whichever way you want to say it.

    We went to church, to the garden store to buy a new canopy for the garden room, and then picked up burgers and fries to eat at home. A splurge for me since I have been trying to lose weight. This whole weekend has been a splurge but we won't go there. I've had my nap.

    My, that much for a chicken! Your post reminded me that if we're staying in town for Easter as we've said I need to plan for our dinner. I'll buy some ham, make potato salad, slaw and baked beans.

    I haven't done anything about a St Patrick's day meal either. I think we'll have Reubens and beer.
    Mama Bear

  13. Mary I am feeling a bit better right now. I have trouble emailing people through their profiles. Something is screwy with my system and I need to get it fixed. My email is

  14. Hi Mary, I was thrilled to have you visit my blog. Aren't grocery prices awful? I came home fussing the other day because I paid $2.50 for one tomato. I had a hankering for a BLT and just had to have one. But no more tomatoes for me until they come off my own bushes this summer. My Mom has a great big snake plants for years. ~ Lynn

  15. Tee shirt contest is finished and a winner is announced and the design is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go and take a look and I will get out and about and get caught up on all my friends blogs……………….. I will try to read and find out what you gals have been up to this week…………..


    hey girl friend.. I will be back tonight to read and get caught up on your blog....... I love staying a while here.....

  16. Hi Mary,

    I smiled when you began talking about your snake plant. I had to take a second look at the plant as I thought you were surely talking about a diffent one from what I was seeing. We always called the plant mother-in-law's tongue. That's all I ever heard it called. They do grow fast, and I even had one to bloom once - white blooms.

    Have a good week.

  17. $22.89 for a chicken??!! Unbelievable. I have a turkey and a ham in the freezer - trying to decide which one to have for Easter Sunday.

  18. Hi, Sweet Mary....I love your plant. I don't have a green thumb at all, inside OR outside!
    I noticed in the article I googled and posted about the day of St. Patrick's Day to be celebrated that it said Ireland ALWAYS counts the 17th as THE day...if it's good enuf for IRELAND, it's good enuf for enjoy that lovely dinner you are planning. We don't celebrate this day at our house...not sure why except that none of us are Irish so guess it just never got started in our family.
    hugs, bj

  19. I love chicken but for that price i would want to bring it home and name it and give it a place at the table.....ahahhahahah mercy.... I am a meat eater and I am not sure what I would do if I could not have chicken...... Right now I am just doing veggies but most of the time I have to have meat......

    I have a green thumb.. got it from my Grandmother.... she was a growing little lady........

    How is Michelle? I pray she is much better...... things not going well with my back but I do not blog about it much.... but it is not looking good with trying to avoid surgery... Legs are very numb up to above my knees..... oh dear!

  20. Mary,

    Chicken is very inexpensive here, but salmon, which is one of my favorite fishes, is very expensive. Meat is very expensive and milk is crazy!

    I love your snake plant with the two little elves!


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