Wednesday, March 12

Prayers, Thankful Thursday and my Giveaway Win

Prayers are needed for the following people:

Nancy, who is Carolyn's daughter. Carolyn can be found at Talk to Grams. Nancy is very ill and the entire family needs your prayers.

Deena at Can I Be Pretty in Pink? Deena is fighting breast cancer and her husband came down with the flu. I got a very short note from Deena tonight and it seems she is down with the virus. She said she will be okay, but I'm very concerned. I had this last week and am still trying to gain back my energy and the cough lingers.

Cythia at Walking On needs urgent prayer for her and her family. Her 14 year-old daughter has been missing since March 10th. Please drop by Cynthia's blog and leave her an uplifting note. She has a photo of her daughter on her blog and would like us to distribute it.

Margarita "Magui" Martinez 4-19-1994 Missing: 3-10-2008. Cynthia's daughter is losing her vision and if she is outside, she will be wearing her sunglasses. Cynthia has more information posted on her blog.
Please visit these people and leave them a note of encouragement. We all need to be lifted up by our friends when we are struggling through dark valleys.

Today is Thankful Thursday and I have a lot to be thankful for.

1. For my hubby being safe while driving at night through the storms that hit this area last weekend. The roads were treacherous.

2. For Michelle's infection being taken care of by health care professionals. The incision is beginning to heal, though she is still having some pain. I am thankful she didn't have to return to hospital and is getting around nicely now.

3. For the fact that Griffyn, my great-nephew was given a clean bill of health by the doctor. Griffyn is only 81/2 months old and he caught this virus that was going around. I'm thankful that his immune system was strong enough to fight it off in a couple of days.

4. That I am feeling much better. My energy hasn't returned fully yet, but I am feeling so much better than I was last week.

5. For special blogging friends that mean so much to me.

There are so many more things for me to be thankful for and I am. This is my list for this week. I am truly blessed.

I am very excited. Lisa at An Apron a Day was having a giveaway for a vintage chicken scratch embroidered apron. Now I am a lover of vintage aprons because they remind me of Grandma. She had drawers full of aprons and a clean one always hung on a peg near the pantry door. If company came unexpectedly, she would quickly take off her dirty apron and grab the one off the peg and put it on while heading to the door. She had gingham aprons, embroidered aprons, cotton print floral aprons and even organdy aprons that she only wore for very special occasions.

Anyway, back on track here... I entered Lisa's giveaway and she notified me today that I had won the vintage apron. I am tickled to death. Thank you, Lisa.

If you enjoy seeing vintage aprons, be sure to stop by Lisa's. Tuesday she featured a souvenir apron. Remember those? I used to have one of Niagara Falls. I don't know where it ever got to, but wish I had it today.

Well, that is about all the news from here. It was a busy day for me today and I got just about everything done that I was supposed to. There is one small errand left that I have to do tomorrow. I even got a chance to do a random act of kindness while I was out and about. Not only did it brighten up the lady's day, but made me feel good too. Be sure and do a random act of kindness whenever the chance arises. Even a smile goes a long way to brighten up someone's day. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Dearest Mary,

    I was over at Cynthia's blog earlier tonight and I can't even imagine what she's going through...a parent's worst nightmare. I hope and pray that her daughter is returned safe and sound.

    I enjoyed reading your Thankful Thursday list...glad to hear that Griffyn was given a clean bill of health!! Doesn't it take a long time for the energy to come back after having had that flu? I had it almost a month ago now and I still feel that exhaustion at times.

    Woohoo, congratulations on winning that wonderful:-) I remember my gran and mom always wearing an apron...yet that's something I've very rarely worn!

    Take care dear friend. xoxo

  2. Oh, sweet Mary....DAD-BURN IT...I forgot, until you mentioned them, that I've seen Loretta and Conway. I just added a new posting about it, too.
    Thanks, dear!

  3. I've already visited Cindy, bless her heart.

    I'm glad you're feeling better, and that Michelle is healing now. That flu lingers so long, it seems.

    Hope the remainder of your week is good, Mary. ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  4. I enjoyed your thankful list, so glad that you, michelle, and griffyn are doing better. I am keeping all of those dear ladies in my prayers. Congrats on winning the apron. I love you.

  5. What a great list of thankful thoughts Mary. And, congrats on the apron win! How cool is that? I recall seeing it on her blog --the red one, right? Life is sweet. I too recall my grandmother and her aprons. Such fond fond memories of our youth, huh?

    Isn't that wonderful to have such a strong, healthy child amongst the family members? Way to go Griffyn!!!

    We're all happy here in blogland to hear that Michelle is on her way now to recovering fully...and to hear that your strength is coming back!!!

    Have a great Thursday.

  6. Good Morning Mary,
    I have been praying for those you have listed and even been by to visit them as well. I have posted about Cynthia's daughter on my post for today. It's such a sad thing and a parent's worse nightmare for sure. I enjoyed reading your "THANKFUL THURSDAY" list. "PRAISE GOD" that Michelle is doing so much better and that Griffyn got a clean bill of health. "PRAISE GOD" for you feeling much better as well. We all have so many things to be "THANKFUL" for each and everyday. "CONGRATULATION'S" on winning the Vintage Apron. I can't wait to see it when you get it. I remember my Grandma wearing aprons. I remember in Junior High School taking Home EC, making my first apron. I have no idea whatever happened to it. My Mom may have it stashed somewhere at her house. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  7. Great thankful list!
    Yesterday at Walmart, the sales clerk gave me too much change twice. Guess she wasn't used to dealing with cash. I finally just took what I was supposed to have and left the rest in her hand.

    We have another journaler.
    Mama Bear

  8. Mary
    I think we all should be thankful for our health and the good health of our loved ones. I am also thankful that Eddie, Hazel son, is doing so well with his new kidney. Mimi, MIL, vein surgery went well yesterday and she seems not to have slowed down any. Laser are a blessing.
    When you get the apron, we will want to see it on the blog and on you.
    It was 72 yesterday and will be warmer today so guess where I will be most of the day? Peace

  9. Hi Mary, Thanks again for your prayer request for Nancy.

    I am so glad that Michelle is doing better and Griffyn didn't get to sick. This stuff that went around was really bad!
    I was over to Cynthia's and left a note.... Oh my, how heartbreaking this is, I am sure praying she will return home safe and sound.
    Love and hugs Carolyn

  10. Mary,

    My thoughts and prayers are with each person you named.

    I'm glad there is so much good news on your thankful list!

    Congratulations on winning the vintage apron! I will have to take a look at them. Both my grandmothers wore aprons. They wore the kind that had bibs, Ithink they are called. I don't think either had quite the collection your Grandma did. I love reading about her!

    I hope you get your full strength back soon. :-)

    Love and hugs,

  11. Hi Mary, I just did a new post and in it I did the meme you gave me. I posted about Cynthia's daughter too. Love, Grams

  12. so glad you are feeling better...and the good news on Michelle...
    I'm also glad for you that you won the vintage are such a sweet thoughtful and kind person to you really deserve to win a nice sweet prize for yourself...

  13. Oh, I'll definitely keep these people in my prayers! Thank you for sharing the requests.

    Sorry I haven't been around. I've been super busy and have had computer troubles too. But I'm good to go now!


  14. I, too, read about the missing teenager today. She's been on my heart since then. Mary, I love blue jays and bluebirds as well. I like your clip art of them on the side. Sweet. Glad everyone seems to be feeling better. This is a terrible year for all the junk going around.

  15. Congratulations on winning that adorable vintage apron - I was hoping to get it, but am glad someone I know did!

  16. Glad that your husband was kept safe. I worry about mine, too, when he's driving at night. I'm afraid that he might hit a deer or even fall asleep. But God keeps him safe.

  17. Thank you Mary for posting the prayer requests of your friends on your post. I will head-on over after I left my comment.

    I am glad that you are feeling better. The flu that has been going around has been really hard on people.
    Glad that you husband made it home safely through the storm.

    Thank you so so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this past week.

    Blessings to you and yours...