Sunday, April 20

Gardening and An Award

The boys came over about 4 pm on Saturday to stay overnight. We had planned to do some gardening and I'd planned on taking photos to share. However, shortly after they arrived, Jordan became ill. So no gardening was done and no photos were taken. Plans can change in an instant when kids get sick. He is feeling a little better now that Grandma has doctored him up and possibly we will get to some gardening on Sunday.

Instead of gardening, we had supper (all of us but Jordan, he only ate a couple of bites) and then we watched Ratatouille on TV. It is the story of a rat who dreams of being a chef. I had taken the boys to the movie theater to see this when it came out, but we all enjoyed watching it for a second time. If you haven't seen it, be sure to take time to watch it. It is a delightful tale and your children and grandchildren will love it. Virginia at Small Reflections and Sacred Ruminations gave out this award to all who commented on her blog. I would like to pass this on to all of you who comment on my posts on a regular basis and to those who are commenting on today's post. Enjoy! And remember to pass it on to others.

It was a beautiful day here on Saturday and it was nice to get out into the Great Outdoors. The robins were calling for rain but according to the weatherman we are not to have rain until Wednesday.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone and enjoy the fresh air. Take a walk or relax on the patio. We all need downtime and it's a great time of year to take advantage of the nice weather. I'm hoping that I have photos to post for tomorrow.~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Hi, I got your blog addy from Hootin Anni. I have a grandson on the autistic spectrum, too, has PDD-NOS. I don't remember how I found momologue but it was through that website that I found out about blogging for autism this month. Best wishes to you, Cassie

  2. I mary,thank you for saying we can use the thoughtful comment award.I'm gonna use it on my blog today. I will also have a Friday's hug award up also so if "you want that one come and get"(swiped from a song by badfinger,thats why I put quote marks)

  3. Hi Mary..Glad Jordan feels better..we have some great weather
    here and I gardened a bit..

  4. Mary
    I hope the eye drops work and doesn't it feel great when you can step back and see how neat and organized your work has made things. I have been in the yard for three days straight and as soon as I come in I find an excuse to go out again.
    Hope Jordan feels well enough to play in the dirt tomorrow.

  5. I hope Jordan is back to his happy, healthy self tomorrow so y'all can garden to your heart's content. It's to be beautiful here for the next couple of days, then rain all the rest of next week. We'd better enjoy it while we can!

    Congrats on the award and thank you for sharing it with us. :o)

    Have a blessed Sunday, dear Mary and family.

    Love and hugs,


  6. Hello dear Mary!!!
    REMINDER: Use those eye drops!!!

    Sorry to hear that Jordan starting feeling ill. But glad to hear that he felt better by the end of the day.

    YES!! I enjoyed that movie too. It was adorable. Tho, I, as an adult, wanted more humor---but the story line was very good.

    I posted one photo for G T Sunday. But I think I'll go back out and snap a photo of the 'whole thing'....what was I thinking just taking one little tiny part of the entire bush...I'll get out there soon and snap another for the Green Thumb entry in a bit.

    I gotta catch up on my blog neighbors first.

    Hope your Sunday is great with the boys!!

  7. Jordan, nice to meet you too!!! I'm glad you like our little men in our garden. Come on over to visit with me any time.

    And Mary? Are you getting any of my emails now? I replied to the one that you asked for replies, and I'm not sure you're getting them. :o(

    That gardenia bush always grows like a 'weed'...gets top heavy with blossoms and then droops and hangs over everything else under it. It's a chore to keep up with it. And I planted a wisteria last week or so, and it's growing up the patio upright already! I hope I put it out where Bud doesn't go with the mower...he gets wild sometimes. Have fun.

  8. Hi Mary,
    Our grandsons both loved Ratatouille. We have it on DVD and they watched it in the van when we were on the road this week. Such a fun movie.
    Glad that Jordan is now feeling better. Hope you can get to your gardening soon. It's been lovely here.

  9. Hi Mary! Sorry Jordon was sick,but glad he is feeling better. Our family really liked that movie too! Nancy even watched most of it!
    Thanks for the Thoughful Comment award.
    You always have such thoughful comments for every one!!!
    I worked on my blog yesterday and put my 2007 awards on a page, really a post then over to the side bar! I had been over to Shorty Bears Place and that is how she did hers and I thought I could do this! I did but some were really far apart but Kelly and Karen fixed it! THEN I saw I had left out some awards, went in and added them and BINGO I messed it up some!! A few are far apart again but Kelly said, Mom I will take care of it later!!
    I didn't know how to get the post over to the side bar but Karen did!
    Karen and Kelly went to church and then had some where else to go. So I am out visiting!! Love and Hugs Grams

  10. Hey girl...... we are so busy but thought I would come and say hello....Dennis and I landscaped Mom and Dad's house yesterday and today..... will finish in a bit.... I am going to take pictures and post later tonight..Dad is much better... I look forward to my appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday....... I need to get this fixed......... sorry for the Saturday change of plans but that happens......... sunday here is beautiful, maybe it is for you also.


  11. Praying that Jordan is feeling better, and that the boys were able to spend some time gardening.

  12. I am glad you are getting some time with you young men and I am sure that Mom and Dad appreciate some times to their selves.:)
    Hope that Jordan is all better and you got some time outside today.
    It is beautiful here too. THe skies have been so blue and i nocitcet flowers blooming all over the place as we head out for church today. We went to a home service and I really enjoyed sitting on the comfortable couch hearing the preaching along with the birds singing-it was cool enough to have the doors open.
    That you for the award-I will pass it along tomorrow.
    Love ya girl

  13. Oh yes I love the Spring flowers!! So sorry your grandson wasn't feeling well. Hope all is well now. I have not seen the movie yet but heard it is very good,Well enjoy this great weather and your boys:)

  14. I'm so sorry Jordan isn't feeling well.
    I want to do some gardening but the weather buts a damper on things lately.

  15. Hi Mary,

    Sorry to hear Jordan was sick. I hope he is all better soon. I'm off to read your next post as I'm sure there is an update on Jordan there!!