Friday, April 25

Show and Tell Friday

It's time for Show and Tell Friday. If you would like to participate, drop over to Kelli's at There's No Place Like Home.

This week I'd like to show you a picture of my mother when she was a baby. Mom was born in September 1927, so this picture is approximately 80 years old. It is still in its original frame and it is in excellent condition. Wasn't Mom an adorable baby? This picture and frame is very precious to me. I will, of course, be passing it down to my daughter and then, since she doesn't have any girls, it will go to the oldest son, which is Brandon. It is a real family heirloom. See the detail on the frame. This is from the days when things were made well. It has been handled with loving care since the day it arrived at my grandparent's home.

A few weeks ago, I posted about my rooster that sits on my porch railing during the spring, summer and fall. Hubby was to take it to the basement last fall and he told me he hadn't done that. The rooster was no where to be seen, so I figured either he had taken it to the basement and forgotten, or the rooster had found a new home. Aha! Just as I suspected. When I went to the basement and checked, there was the rooster sitting on a shelf, right where hubby said he hadn't put it. LOL So, Monsieur Rooster is safe and will be sitting on my porch railing sometime soon.

In other news DH did see the specialist today. He is sending him for blood work and other tests. However, he did do one thing that made me rather upset. I have been pressuring DH to have a prostrate test for some time. The specialist told him it wasn't necessary. Grrr! Any man over 50 years should be having prostrate tests. Maybe he just wants him to wait until the other tests are done but my reasoning says, get them all done at once. Sometimes I just don't understand doctors. What was he thinking? Or maybe I'm just over-reacting. However, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers. As soon as we have any word on the results of the tests, I'll be sure to let you know. Your prayers are much appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend and remember to do a random act of kindness when the opportunity arises. ~Blessings, Mary~

Today is also the day for Friday Flea Market. Be sure to visit Mary's Vintage Flea Market to browse through all my bargains this week.


  1. Dearest Mary,

    My apologies for having been such a terrible commenter lately, I hadn't realized I had missed so many of your posts. The days are just whipping by, aren't they!!

    Such a precious picture that baby picture of your mom is! Just the other day I asked my mom if she had any pictures of her as a baby and she doesn't remember ever seeing one. With 16 children, I guess taking pictures wasn't something they could afford!!

    My prayers are with your hubby as he awaits the results of his tests. I agree with you, he should have been sent for a prostrate test at the same time.

    Your tulips are a bit ahead of mine...I noticed today that the bud is coming up from the leaves so another week or so and they should be opening. I have a daffodil that's partially open:-)

    It's 12c here right now which isn't bad for 11:30 at night! Only supposed to go up to 14c tomorrow with rain and that's when the cold front Wednesday it's only supposed to go up to 4c!! Ugh!

    I ended up going shopping after I emailed you and that's why I'm late with my visits! lol Take care dear friend!! xoxo

  2. Lovely picture of your mother! I am just now getting some pictures of my ancestors, and I will treasure them.

    I don't understand either why the doctor didn't do the prostate test at the same time - it is a very important one!

  3. Usually, things are just the reverse of the scenario you described with your husband's doctor. Most doctors often have to virtually drag patients kicking and screaming to have tests done and you would think this would be something the dr. would WANT to have done, wouldn't you? Hope all goes well with his tests though. Oh,and I loved the "friends" picture in your other posts -so I saved it and will be posting and tagging with it too perhaps in the near future.

  4. Your mom was such a lovely baby, I love that frame. I will keep praying for your husband, asking God to take good care of him. I love you my friend.

  5. Good morning Mary!
    It's the waiting that is the worst, huh? The mind plays all kinds of scenarios and it can be frustrating. With all that you have to deal with, you are quite a remarkable woman. It's easy to tell where you get your strength from!

  6. Ohhhhhhhh, dear Mary. I love this! What a wonderful show n tell. I can only imagine being able to touch this and knowing it's your mother in the portrait. Amazing. I have only snapshots. :::sigh::: At least of when she was a baby. Wow, this brings a warm feeling of love and family. To think it's now in your possession. Awesome.

    I will keep your hubby in my thoughts today.

    Oh....and happy to hear that your rooster will be back in his spot for the season. ;o)

  7. Hi Mary,

    I enjoyed your Show and Tell Friday. And what an adorable picture of your mother as a baby. A precious family heirloom, indeed! And I'm glad your rooster has been found and will be back on your railing soon.

    Prayers that the tests your DH will be having today will go well.

    Our weather has been beautiful, but cooler weather is returning Sunday night and Monday.

    Have a wonderful weekend. And now, I'll be going to check out your Flea Market offerings, and check out all the goodies you have for today.

    Hugs and Prayers,


  8. Good morning Mary,
    I decided to join show and tell Friday.
    You would think if they doctor did blood work up, the PSA would be routine after 50. For a long time, I couldn't get my hubby to ask for the results. I kept wanting to know the numbers. Luckily his GP now tells him. I know this is worrisome to you. I've had 2 friends whose husbands have had the prostate cancer in their 50's so make sure one of these Drs does the blood test.
    Mama Bear
    Oh, almost forgot: I like the photo of your Mother, and in color no less. It would have been expensive at the time, I'd think.

  9. I love the photo of your Mother! I know this is very dear to you.
    I am glad you found your rooster!! I have a collection of a few roosters and hens. Not as many of them as my snowman collection.
    When you have Grand kids and you tell then you like something it is not long before you have a collection!!! LOL
    I will be praying for your DH that he gets a good report back from his tests. Love and Hugs, Grams

  10. Great photo of your Mom.If I had a flat scanner Id post a few phopts that I have one would be of me as a baby with mt curly haid.and that Mom and Dad on their wedding day standing outside of the church were the married.

  11. Mary
    If Doctors only knew how hard it is for us ladies to get the men to their office, they might complete all the test. What is the use of having all this wonderful technology if they are not gonna use it.

    Thanks for the award and I am so happy you got to play in the dirt for the day.

    After seeing the beautiful picture of your Mom, I scrolled down to the picture of her and Evan to check out the change. Tell her she hasn't changed very much just a little taller.

    Glad to hear the grandsons are better and I am not one for pestisides either. Now brush kill to eliminate the poison ivy, I am all over that.

    I cannot understand how weeds and grass will grow where you do not wish them.

    I sat on my kitchen counter peering out the window trying to get a photo of those illusive red breasted grosbeaks. I guess I will have to keep trying.


  12. Your mom's picture is ADORABLE
    and necessary or not according to
    the doc..he could do a PSA

    what's up with docs these days??

    love ya

  13. What a beautiful family heirloom!

    I'm glad you found your rooster.

    Sometimes I don't understand doctors at all!!
    Hope everything works out for your DH.

    Have a great weekend! ☼

  14. Mary,

    Your mother was a beautiful baby, now a beautiful lady! What wonderful photo in a lovely frame. It sure is a precious heirloom.

    DH is in my thoughts & prayers, my friend.

    Love & hugs,