Sunday, April 20

What a Weekend!

If you read yesterday's post, you will know that the boys came to stay overnight. I forgot to mention that their parents were going away to celebrate their wedding, as they couldn't go last month because Michelle was still healing from her surgery. Anyway... Jordan became ill shortly after he arrived and we had to postpone the gardening we had planned. I got him settled down and about 10pm, he began feeling ill again. It took me to 3am to get him settled, but finally he fell asleep. We were both exhausted. The boys were up when I got up at 7:30am.

Jordan still wasn't feeling good and to top off the visit, Brandon had a migraine. He gets these twice a year, spring and fall. His right eye became very red and runny and he laid around with a cold cloth over his eyes to keep the light out. The boys were both very quiet today and the gardening is still not done. Their parents picked them up at 4pm and they went off home.

This afternoon the boys were resting and I decided to visit a few blogging friends. Jordan came into the computer room while I was visiting Hootin' Anni. He wanted to know what the pretty flowers were and I told him gardenias. Then he spied Anni's garden gnomes. Now Jordan loves garden ornaments and right away his demeanor brightened. He asked me if he could leave Anni a note and I told him yes. He wrote:

This is Jordan, Mary's grandson and I'm going to come to your house and get your elves because they would look great in my garden. LOL Nice to meet you. Jordan.

Anni took this all in great fun and replied to Jordan in my comments. He was ecstatic to think that my friend would actually leave him a message. Thanks, Anni, you sure brightened up this little guy's weekend. Jordan also asked me to thank everyone who commented on his not feeling well. He was quite surprised at all the attention.

Anni also told about the shirt that was planted in the foundation of the new Yankee Stadium by a Boston Red Sox fan. The shirt is on ebay and still has cement on it. I looked it up and told the boys the story and they came to see. At the time the high bid was $67,000 dollars and it will all be donated to charity. As it stands right now, it's $69,500. See the auction HERE.

Last night when Meeko and I took our final walk of the day, the moon had colored rings around it and then color jutted out underneath it, making it look like it was sitting on a sunset. I had seen rings around the moon, which are caused by ice particles in the upper atmosphere, but had never seen the effect that was beneath it. I Goog*led moonbow, but that wasn't it and I kept searching until I found what I was looking for. The ring around the moon is an indication that there is a storm coming - either rain or snow. (I hope it isn't snow.) The effect that was under the moon is called a moon dog, related to a sun dog. It was a very interesting night sky last night and I really wanted to share it.
Friday afternoon, Meeko and I took a walk along the canal that runs through the park across the street. As we walked, this is what we saw.
First the canal itself and then we approached a little foot bridge that has a wooden floor and metal sides. This area is very pretty in the summer when everything is green.
The foot bridge is used for taking a short cut across the canal. People that live in this area often walk this way to go to the grocery store that is about two city blocks away.
This area is on the southeast side of the foot bridge. This is where Meeko and I often see red-winged blackbirds, finches and other bird species. Further to the east is where the blue heron comes for breakfast. Pileated woodpeckers, squirrels, garter snakes, groundhogs, raccons, kingfishers and other bird and animal species call that area home. I'm rather avoiding it right now because the garter snakes are basking in the sun after a long winter of hibernation. I am not afraid of snakes but dislike them intensley, so stay on this side of the path. Later in the summer the snakes will make themselves less visible and that is when I will visit there. Meeko likes chasing and catching snakes and last year was bitten. You'd think he'd learn.
That's about all the news from here for now. It was quite a weekend and though I would have enjoyed gardening with the boys, it just wasn't to be. Take care everyone and remember to do a random act of kindness. Everyone needs to feel that they are special. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Hi Mary!
    I received my friends phone number so I am going to tell her about your blog. I just know she is going to be blessed by it. I am hoping it will provide her some comfort, encouragment, understanding and support. Who knows, maybe the two of you will become friends. You'll like my friend. She is very sweet!

  2. So good to get caught up with you Miz Mary!

    I'm baaack!! ♥

  3. Oh believe me Mary, it was my pleasure to have a grandson of yours leave me a message. I made sure I reciprocated...that was fun for me too.

    The moondog is some apparition isn't it? I've seen them through our telescope in the past [in Arizona, at least in Tucson there were NO street lights out in the desert for that Kitt Peak --a huge mountaintop telescope for research was near us...and street lights were prohibited to keep the sky clear of glare]....anyway, it was phenomenal to see them through the 'scope!! Alas, around here, the city lights just blur our skywatching so much, it's almost worthless to set it up.

    I loved walking down the path with you...I bet that area is gorgeous. Snakes? Meeko chases and catches snakes? I would freak out, and run. Run for cover...lock doors and shut windows. I hate snakes. rofl And to have a neighborhood store......ah, I can dream. It's driving time for us. The closest thing to us is a 'convenience corner store'.

    Okay, I think I probably have written a novel here, I best shut up and let you read your other comments.

    Just call me Anni-HOG

  4. Hi Mary! You sure had quite a weekend with the grandsons. So sorry they weren't feeling well. You must have been tired being up till 3 am! Brandon must have seasonal migraines. I feel for him as I used to have them too.

    Loved all your pictures of your area where you walk. No I don't think I would want to run into the basking snakes either. I'm not scared of them but they aren't my most favorite thing especially when I am working in one of my gardens and one pops up!! :o( Yuck!

    We're having lovely weather here finally and really enjoying it. My horses are shedding their old winter hair and starting to look half way decent again. It's so nice to be out riding again and soaking up some sun.

    Thanks for always reminding us to do our random acts of kindness!

  5. What sweet boys..I hope they both feel better..and hope you feel good enough to get out to garden..I'm resting this AM.

    THe moon is was a bright clear moon here!!

    I'm coming to take a walk with you and Meko
    looks awesome..
    now over to anni's to see the elves before
    the dissapear..LOL

  6. I pray that Jordan, and Brandon are feeling better. I enjoyed the pictures.

  7. Hi Mary,

    I'm sorry that Jordan and Brandon were not feeling well, but happy to learn they are better now. :-)

    What a wonderful exchange Jordan had with Hootin' Anni. Now, he has piqued my curiosity about the garden gnomes. I will have to drop by to see them.

    Great photos. You already guessed my favorite is the moon dog. Excellent capture! But I love the other photos, too. It looks like a lovely area to go walking!

    It was a beautiful day here. It's so nice to be able to walk around!!

    Take care and don't forget your eyedrops!! :-)


  8. I am glad your daughter was able to go and take her honeymoon trip-sweet memories.
    Julia likes to get involved in my blogging ever once in a while too-she has asked about staring her own but I think we will leave that till she is older.
    Loved the tour of your neighborhood.
    All is green here and blooming which does tend to bring on the migraines for me too.Love the flowers but not the effects of the pollen.:)

  9. Sorry the boys were sick and your gardening plans will have to wait. What a fun walk that Meeko and you take. The moon picture was great. Prince and I were still outside working on the ivey removal, when it came up here. It was a deep orange when It first appeared. It is after ten here and the painter were suppose to come today to start painting outside but alas they have not come up the driveway yet. Workmen work at their own time and not yours. Peace

  10. What a weekend you had!! Glad the boys are feeling better! I loved seeing your pictures of your bridge in the park!! I am like you only I am afraid of snakes and I hate them!! Ok I just read Anni comment!! I would run for cover too!!!!
    You would think the Doggie would learn!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!! Love Carolyn

  11. I'm sorry your guys had a rough weekend - they were probably looking forward to coming too! I love the bridge. It looks like such a pretty area to take walks.

  12. Mary,what canal is that?????my wondering mind wants to know.

  13. Hi Mary,
    I enjoyed seeing the photos and reading about your walk. It is great that you have this area right across the street.
    Tomorrow is Earth Day here in the States. There had been some shows on the weather channel about it. I loved the one about the earth worm farm and the business this 20+ man started. He sales the dirt that the worms produce in recycled milk and soft drink jugs.
    I asked my grands last week if they had been studying about earth day and doing anything special for it. They said no. This makes me sad. If we don't educate the children about keeping our planet green and all that it involves, what will happen to it.
    I am behind on your posts but wanted to visit at least today.
    Mama Bear

  14. Dearest Mary,

    Oh dear, I do hope both boys are feeling much better today! It's a shame the plans for gardening had to be put off but there's always another day:-)

    I can just imagine how thrilled Jordan was to have Anni answer him back in a comment:-) She's a special lady, our Anni, and I just love her to bits too!!

    So the moon DID look different the other night!!!! I happened to look out the window that night and noticed that the moon looked kinda first I thought it was because it had clouds over it but then I noticed there were no clouds in the sky!! So, I was actually seeing a moondog and I didn't know it! lol You sure did get a great shot of it. I almost took my camera out to take a picture...I should have!!

    Love the pictures you took along the looks so peaceful there and I love it when you can find a place like that to listen to all the sounds of nature.

    I must apologize for not commenting on your last few posts...I was so enjoying being outside, I'm afraid my blogging suffered because of it! Hope you're having a wonderful day:-) xoxo

  15. Mary, It so good to see he is feeling better!! And yes so glad your daughter was able to get away finally. You are such a great mom and grandma:) Dont worry about the garden, there is always work waiting out there for you I am sure:) Tomorrow is another day my friend:)

  16. I've never seen a moon look like that. That's absolutely gorgeous!

  17. Glad to hear the boys are feeling better.

    I think I have fallen in love with the foot bridge. It is just so peaceful looking.

    God bless.

  18. Hey girl..... trying to find time to get out and about.... I love your pictures and that moon is wonderful. and I hope and pray that it means rain for you and not snow.......... and I think that the chit chat back and forth between Hoot and Jordan... was so fun......I am betting he loved that..... and I am so glad that Michelle was able to get out for her honeymoon trip..... I love the pictures of you adn Meeko on your evening walk....... Your blog always makes me feel at home there.....

  19. I am so sorry the boys' week-end with you turned out so unexpectedly. I hope their folks had a good time! I hope you're caught up with your rest.

    That's neat that Jordan got to blog with Anni. This blog world is a wonderful place.